Super hero Chapter 13: Meanwhile somewhere else part 2


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A monster appearing in the Neo land megalopolis was something unheard of before thanks to the constant efforts of the many organizations and especially the HGO, that is why, most news about monsters and monster attacks were from other regions around the world, therefore for the people of Neo land Megalopolis that were on the scene and especially those who refused to run away and escape the danger, they were thrilled to see a live monster attack the city live, which gave the police and the super heroes who prioritized the civilians safety a really hard time keeping them at a safe distance and even a harder time keeping an eye on those who seemed they might sneak from their protection to close the distance and enter the fight's range, in particular those that were holding their phones and recording despite the great distance separating them, amongst them there were many reporters.
Everyone was panicking from the sudden growth of the mud monster, the police and the supervising supers hurried to increase the distance even much more.
- A mutation!
Hearing that terrified scream from one of the supers that were engaged in the fight, some teenagers whom despite being afraid, kept taking pictures and somehow seemed excited, one of them in particular suddenly looked ecstatic
- Not just a monster! it is a mutation! can you believe it?
Said a teenage girl to a friend that was standing beside her
- I… don't know 'Sam', shouldn't we run away? Things seems to be getting bad.
The friend looked hesitant and sounded unsure unlike 'Sam'
Sam: "What are you talking about 'Jayden'? Look around, there are many supers around and there are even police around, what bad can happen? Relax"
Sam smiled trying to look reliable, however, truth is, she was actually looking for a chance to get closer to the battle scene.
Meanwhile, at the battle scene, vehicles flying or crashed, ground cracking, and buildings falling and destroyed, the mud monster was rampaging, and as time passed surprisingly more supers decided to join the battle but unfortunately, some of the supers who tried to fight it directly, ended up absorbed by the monster as the others were fast enough to retreat to be out of its range, but for those that went inside the monster, no one got the time to confirm if they were dead or not.
Quick man decided to run away, he decided that if he ends up losing his life then fame and achievements as a super hero were not worth it, Sting bird on the other hand, froze up in his place when he saw the failed attempt of directly attacking the monster and the supers who got absorbed, it was the first time he saw something like that, given his personality, their voices kept echoing in his ears as he kept replaying the scenes of their failed melee attacks over and over in his head, one thought kept repeating itself in his head "We are all doomed!".
Iron hammer kept dodging the monster's attacks or rather he was dodging the damage as each attack or move made by the monster seemed random without a specific target, as if the monster was just not aiming at anything just simply destroying things around not paying any attention to any of the supers around.
* batabatabata~*
A helicopter appeared, it was pink, custom modified and got many drawings and somehow shining even thought it was still daytime
A voice suddenly erupted as if trying to grab the attention of many.
The civilians couldn't help but turn their heads as their eyes opened wide and mesmerized expressions could be seen on the faces of the many that gathered as they recognized that melodious voice and many started to cheer
Following that, a female figure jumped high from the helicopter and seeing her the masses started to cheer even louder.
A full body latex suit that accentuated the curvaceous figure, the already glossy dark pink suit was also filled with jewels, ornaments and gold threads used for patterns to make the suit even more attractive thus made that lady even more alluring, and as if that wasn't enough to be breath taking, a large v-cut that showed her ample cleavage was more than enough to blow the minds of whoever looked at that female super hero.
Lady shine flipped her lustrous gray curly long hair the moment she landed on a tall building, that simple yet sexy move added to her figure, made the cheers even louder.
Lady shine looked at the masses then she winked at them as she sent them a kiss, then she looked at the monster few meters away from where she landed and lifted the golden whip in her hand as she cracked it once,
*Crack! *
That sound was too loud like thunder that it attracted the mud monster's attention.
The mud monster started to move towards where lady shine was standing.
The mud monster now was nearly 44 meters tall, more than tall enough to be bigger than many buildings in its vicinity and also strong enough to destroy any building taller than it.
Each step the monster took forward, those around it screamed as not all supers were of the speed type thus many steps of theirs would be easily covered by one step of the monster not to mention the mud monster while isn't too fast but wasn't slow either making it hard to be fast enough to engage in battle with it once within its range.
Lady shine kept looking at the monster approaching, then when she thought that the monster was close enough, she moved her arm up, lifting her whip up then within a moment, that arm moved so fast that it looked like it disappeared as lady shine lashed her whip at the monster.
The whip's sound this time resounded even louder than before that it sounded like a monster's roar and everyone who heard the sound covered their ears and instinctively, they shut their eyes.
For a moment the whip looked as if it extended for many meters as it split the air before touching the monster.
Finally, when the sound disappeared, everyone opened their eyes, the monster was split vertically into two equal halves, from head to bottom, the split even reached the ground bellow it.
Such was the power of a B ranked super hero 'lady shine'.
From super heroes to police and civilians, everyone was staring agape.
Lady shine laughed as she rested one hand on her thin waist and the other hand that was holding the whip on her mouth
Lady shine: "Ohohohohohoh~"
The onlookers were yet to recover their hearing from that booming noise that the whip made, but they could hear her laugh as she resumed such posture, it was lady shine's signature move to finish her opponent with her whip attack and then take such posture while laughing like that.
The lower ranked super heroes, the police and the civilians, all of them started applauding and some even whistling at lady shine.
Lady shine wasn't just a B rank super hero but also a very rich woman and she was also one of the supers with the HGO, she was famous for her sexy figure and beauty rather than her strength as a super hero.
However, their joy and lady shine's moment of glory didn't last for long, as the two halves of the mud monster started to move closer to each other and they merged together in a split second, everyone stopped as they were shocked
- It is not dead!
Screamed someone as they looked perplexed by the monster, the monster also seemed to have also gotten more bigger after recuperating from the whip's damage.
Lady shine: "How?"
Lady shine was the most shocked of all, she knew how powerful that attack was better than anyone, in fact she opted to use such flashy and destructive attack because she didn't like getting close to the creature not to mention a long battle with it would mean dirtying her suit and that she didn't like.
As everyone was still shocked, the monster who recovered within moments raised its large long mud arms and when they reached a certain height, they hardened looking as if they became made of stone and before anyone could react
Like a machine gun, the mud monster launched a barrage of stone bullets from its arms at everyone and especially targeting lady shine who moved her whip quickly to block the huge bullets from reaching her as for the supers they did their best to block or destroy the bullets midair before they reached them or any of the others as even the police wouldn't be able to break such things that looked like a waterfall of rocks.
The situations suddenly turned even more desperate and gloomier than it was.
Lady shine clicked her tongue as she mumbled "what kind of mutation is this?"
It wasn't her first time facing a mutation but it was her first time facing such mutation that could 'heal' itself and even grow stronger from the damage.
Lady shine couldn't help it but do her best to block the attacks as she couldn't move to help the others and especially the civilians as she was one of the supers who cared about the people, not to mention she liked others praise and cheering as she considered herself to be the star amongst the supers, thus, she got to care about her fans.
Suddenly, a loud laughter appeared, this laughter resounded wide and a bit maniacal
A golden shadow quickly flew, none could see the person but they all recognized him from the voice and the golden silhouette, in fact, only one super hero ever dressed in such color.
Time wise speaking, he was one of the new super heroes, however, ability wise he quickly stacked fame becoming one of the famous supers.
Castor flew so fast that the naked eye couldn't perceive him, with a speed nearing that of sound, he flew around the monster creating a strong wind like a tornado trapping the monster within and also cutting and slashing it.
Lady shine shouted "don't!", she knew that damaging the monster wasn't a good idea as she con-firmed that herself with her earlier attack, she didn't know what to do, she even suspected whether a rank A super could defeat that monster or not, let alone a rank B specialized in aerial attacks like Castor, fighting ability wise, even she wasn't sure whether she can defeat him or not but she was sure that Castor will die if he got the full damage from her whip attacks unlike the mud monster who not only 'healed' but also got stronger and bigger.
Castor however ignored her and only few moments later he stopped to look at her, and then a flirta-tious smile appeared on his face as he moved towards her, the mud monster finally released from that golden tornado, fell to the ground, cut and slashed into many small pieces that looked like puddles of mud once they hit the floor, leaving nothing of the previous huge monster.
The spectators cheered, some even cried, the surroundings looked like a war zone, there were even deaths despite the efforts.
Castor: "Lady shine, how are you? Are you alright?"
It was the first time Castor met face to face with lady shine, so he couldn't miss the opportunity to hit on such a beauty.
Lady shine wasn't exactly in the mood, if it was another time, there would be a great chance she might consider his obvious attempt to hit on her, after all, he was a successful man and quite hand-some and also few years younger not to mention the secret rumors amongst the supers and the agents about him being a playboy, she wouldn't miss such an opportunity to 'play' around normally, but considering the current situation of the people and buildings, not to mention the few deaths of course, lady shine was worried about the mud monster, she was afraid, it will regrow again and be-come even stronger, and if that turns out to be true, it would be a problem.
Castor: "Lady shine? Are you hurt?"
Continuing with the same flirtatious tone and showing his charming smile, Castor held her hand gently as he asked feigning a worried expression that somehow looked genius even with his stun-ning smile.
However, before lady shine could say anything, the ground started to rumble and not before long
The mud monster reappeared again as the puddles actually moved rejoining each other and forming an even much bigger monster that, this time reached more than three hundred meters tall, the mud giant this time looked more terrifying than ever, it was all within a split second, everyone was yet to react when the monster lifted a giant arm that looked as if trying to reach the sky, then with a thun-derous boom the building on which Castor and lady shine was no more and everyone stared won-dering what happened to the two supers.
Naturally everyone was panicking at that sudden sight and they started running around, Jayden grabbed Sam's hand and hurried to escape as the teenage girl seemed strangely excited looking at that destruction around and recording it with so much attention, Jayden was worried that his child-hood friend might have lost her mind seeing people dying and being in such a place with so much destruction.
The mud monster this time didn't pay attention to what was happening below as they seemed as ants, rather than that, the monster was looking at his hand and at the two that were stuck trying to free themselves.
The mud monster raised that hand high again preparing to smash it on the ground, lady shine and Castor who realized what the monster was planning to do, closed their eyes and unconsciously screamed.
But suddenly that hand suddenly stopped, as it was wrapped in threads of faint blue light.
- Looks like, this is the extent of your abilities, bugs
A voice suddenly called, the two feeling the hit never coming, opened their eyes to see what hap-pened.
Castor: "Who… is that?"
Castor was charmed, the woman that appeared was tall and wearing what looked like black skin-tight sport clothes and black sneakers, her figure was both voluptuous and curvaceous but unfortu-nately, the hoody she was wearing covered her head making it hard to see her face.
The mud monster was confused as to why his hand refused to move but then when he saw that small figure, he tried to move his other hand wanting to catch the hooded woman, but its body didn't move, looking down, the light threads didn't just wrap the monster's arm but went even fur-ther into its body.
Within seconds, the monster started to lose control over each cell in its body, as its body hardened and crackled then like a sand castle that got wrecked, it fell down turning into a mountain of sands.
Lady shine was being held by Castor like a princess at that moment floating in the air, but she didn't worry about that as she looked at the mysterious woman, she doesn't remember seeing any super hero like her before, lady shine wanted to thank her but before she could react
Castor: "Hey, you are new here…"
Castor didn't miss the chance to try and hit on the beauty in front of him, he even approached her nonchalantly somehow trying to touch her, but his attempt was cut short and interrupted as he felt a sudden pain in his shoulder and his arms seemed about to break, he didn't realize it but then he was suddenly on the ground with both arms broken and twisted behind him.
He screamed from the sharp excruciating pain, before he could understand what took place, his eyes met the glare of that hooded woman looking down at him with lady shine besides her looking stu-pefied seemingly not understanding what just took place herself.
It was fast, really fast, she was held by Castor more than three hundred meters in the air yet some-how, she was looking at Castor screaming on the ground with his joints weirdly twisted and broken.
- Don't touch me, bug
The hooded woman said those words with a disgusted tone as she suddenly disappeared just like how she suddenly appeared…
Some kilometers away from where that battle took place and ended, a middle school girl was resting in her room as she finally got back home, news about the mud monster's attack didn't yet reach the rest of the cities and suburbs of the neo land megalopolis, the girl was enjoying some music alone in her room till suddenly what seemed like crumbs of dusts fell from the ceiling, in fact the ceiling even crackled, the girl furrowed her brows as she thought to herself "What is he doing? Does he want to wreck the house?", the room above hers was the room of her older brother, but then she remembered that it was yet some time till her brother gets back from high school, the girl became concerned and couldn't let a certain thought out of her head "It can't be that he got bored and de-cided to come home again?", she didn't even consider the possibility of a thief or a robber as she quickly left her room, went upstairs towards her brother's room
*Knock knock*
The little girl waited a bit, but then as no answer came, she opened the door
Girl: "Leto, you know mom and dad won't…"
The girl stood flabbergasted at what she saw.
A young milf in what seemed like skin-tight black sports clothes was resting on her brother's bed as she was looking around the room, looking behind her, the window was shattered, and room's floor was messy as some decorations were broken, it was like someone barged into the room through the window and it wasn't hard to guess who.
The hooded woman who saw the girl suddenly seemed to be in a good mood as she stood up and hurried to the girl who was staring at her processing what just happened and why was a stranger in her brother's room, the hooded woman not giving the girl a chance to come to her senses, grabbed her and lifted her high as she said
- Liz! Look at you, so young!
Then she hugged her tightly as she twirled around with the girl still in her embrace looking com-pletely confused but then the hooded woman suddenly stopped and asked
- Oh right! where is your brother? Leto?
The girl raised her head as she pushed the woman away to release her, she felt a bit dizzy as she an-swered "At school, high school?" the girl was still confused
- Is that so?
The woman sounded surprised and as she turned facing the broken window, she disappeared leav-ing the girl staring in astounded
Liz: "Who… was that?"
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