Spring Blooms When I“m with You Chapter 93: Use Them as Our Extra Entertainmen


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Manager Konda arrived with two male attendants. They brought a platter of fresh fruits and cheese. Manager Konda arranged the utensils on the table and poured a bottle of red wine into the glasses. Once he was done, he stepped aside and bowed to Ren.

"Please call me if you need anything, Master."

Ren waved him off. The middle-age manager and the two attendants left the private room. Akashi picked up the glass and enjoyed the smell of the wine. He took a sip and sighed in relief.

"Even though I'm a beer person, I couldn't deny that this wine tastes so good!"

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Toshiro scoffed, he eyed Akashi judgmentally. "Everything that comes free is tasty to you, you computer freak."

Akashi grinned. "Thanks for the compliment."

Ren shook his head, he could stay silent for hours while this two would argue back and forth without stopping. He opened his messaging app while those two was bickering over something silly. He sent an emoji blowing a kiss to Tsubaki. He had called her earlier before coming to this hotel. She said Satsuki had just going home.

Her reply came within seconds. Apparently she was online.

It was an emoji of a smiling face with hearts floating around its head.

He quickly replied without paying attention to Akashi and Toshiro.

Love the Red Camellia: It's so boring without you. These two are bickering again. Miss you sweetheart 💗

Camellia of the Spring: I miss you too 🌸 ~ do you want to come home now?

Love the Red Camellia: Unfortunately I can't 😓 I'd just deal with them and come home ASAP

Camellia of the Spring: Don't drink too much! See you at home 💞

Love the Red Camellia: Wait for me love 💗

Ren curled up his lips. His smiling face made him appeared more handsome than usual. When he finally looked up from the screen, he was met with two face of men gaping their mouth like fish in the aquarium. Frowning his face, he asked, "What now?"

"Toshiro, when an ice block falls in love it was indeed a magnificent view." Akashi turned his head and clinking his glass with Toshiro's. He gulped the wine down and sighed.

"I never thought I could see him smiling like that," Toshiro added. "And did he just use emojis? The heart ones? I saw it from the reflection!"

"Yes, he did," Akashi answered. He hit his chest continuously and wailed, "Whenever he texts me, it would be so curt and emotionless! I always think that he treats me as a robot!"

Ren rolled his eyes. These two were talking as if he wasn't there. He put his phone back inside his pocket. Ren reached out for the wine. He swirled the glass before taking a sip. The sweet taste spread inside his mouth.

"Enough with your silly talk. Akashi," Ren directed his gaze towards the man in casual outfits. "Have you read what I've e-mailed you earlier."

Akashi nodded. Playing time was over. Ren meant business now. "You want me to investigate about the woman who looked exactly like your wife, right?"

"What? What did I miss?" Toshiro felt something was wrong. "You met someone who looked like your wife. And... looked? Doesn't mean..."

"She's dead."

Toshiro gulped. What did he hear just now? Was it a prelude to some soap opera?

"I haven't start but Ren, you haven't tell me why you want to stop investigating the matter from five years ago? We finally found a lead and you suddenly decided to end this?" Akashi grumbled. He sprawled on the long couch.

"I don't want to end it. I just want to stop it for a while."

"Tsubaki told you to?"

Toshiro didn't have to guess. Ren was a determined man. Once he wanted to find out about something, he won't stop even though it would cost him high risk. A man so resolute like him couldn't be swayed easily. So he guessed Tsubaki was the one who had changed his opinions.

"She's worried if what we would unearth from the matter would bring harm," Ren answered truthfully. His eyes darkened. Shadows cast on his face. "So, we agree to stop investigating the accident unless something happens. Something that could be relate to it, or if the mastermind behind the accident reappears."

"She does has a point." Toshiro saw eye to eye with her. He had always felt that whatever Ren wanted to expose, it would bring great danger to him.

"But, don't you think that this Miss Hinata could really be linked to your wife?" Akashi popped a grape into his mouth. "It's actually a miracle for two unrelated individuals to look exactly like each other. Besides, they are the same age, right?"

Ren pursed his lips. Tsubaki was born in April, when spring was in full bloom. According to Grandma Nagao, Miss Hinata birth date was May. It was only a month apart, so it didn't mean that the deceased woman's birth date wasn't altered. Furthermore, for someone who was left in an orphanage without any official documents, their given birth date would vary from their actual birth date.

"We'll see."

Akashi and Toshiro exchanged a look. They shrugged, they knew that it was time to drop the subject. The three friends started enjoying their leisure times. Toshiro and Ren had a battle in chess which Toshiro had lost miserably. Akashi was singing for the loser beside him. He clearly enjoyed the look of grievance in Toshiro's face.

Knock! Knock!

The sound of knocking turned their focus from the game to the door. The attendant from earlier entered with a troubled look on his face. He timidly looked at his boss who was sitting on the couch. Ren nodded slightly, allowing him to speak.

"There are guests that want to meet you, President."

Ren frowned. Displeasure was written clearly on his cold eyes. "Tell them I'm busy."


"Just let them in," Toshiro grinned at Ren. His eyes held mischief. "Akashi and me could use extra entertainment. It's boring with just us two. You only know how to be like an ice statue. They'be great source of entertainment."

Ren sighed. These two had gotten some crazy idea and wanted to involve him. He waved his hand to the attendant. "Just do what you see fit."

"Let them in." Akashi smiled mysteriously. His brain was actively searching for what he wanted to do to the group.

"Yes, sir!"

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