Spring Blooms When I'm with You Chapter 91: It Wasn't a Big Deal


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Tsubaki led Satsuki to her floor. Once again, Satsuki was amazed when he stepped out from the elevator. This entire floor was their apartment unit? How big was this?

Tsubaki key in the password. She invited Satsuki to come inside. She brought out a pair of home slippers from the shoe box near the door. It was in mint colour and there was a pair of googly eyes on them. Satsuki frowned when he saw the childish-looking slippers that were in his size. He looked at his smiling sister.

"Don't tell me that Brother prepared this slippers for me?"

Tsubaki laughed out loud, Satsuki's guess was spot on.

"He said that the slippers suit you." She recalled what Ren had said when she saw him brought home a pair of new home slippers a few days ago. "They are yours. Tell him yourself if you want to complain."

"Yeah, right. I'll definitely complain." Satsuki grunted in dissatisfaction.

Tsubaki asked Satsuki to make himself at home. Ren had prepared a room for him if he wanted to stay the night. Satsuki didn't take the time to idle by, he quickly went into exploration mode. He eyed the duplex apartment unit carefully. The design and decorations weren't too much. It indeed was the style of his sister and brother in-law's.

"Sis, are you okay living here?" Satsuki joined Tsubaki in the kitchen. His sister was brewing a pot of flower tea. "I mean, you look good but... you haven't remember Brother yet, right?"

Tsubaki chuckled, it seemed like her brother was being a worrywart. She let the leaves steep a bit longer. Opening the freezer, she brought out the ice cubes to make iced tea. She took two glasses from the cabinet and poured the ice cubes into them.

"I still didn't remember anything, only that he felt familiar to me." Tsubaki answered after pondering. "Ren has told me, he doesn't care whether my memories come back or not. We would focus on the future rather looking back to the past."

"If you guys both agreed on something like that, I don't have anything to say. It's your life." Satsuki leaned his hip against the marble top of the kitchen island. He carefully scrutinised his sister's face. She looked happy. Satsuki smiled mischievously.

"Does it mean... you have fallen in love with him? Even without the memories? No way! It's really the power of love!"

Tsubaki froze, she didn't expect that her little brother would ask such a question. Heat had started creeping up her face, making her face looked flushed. She pursed her lips and glared at him. She shoved a jar of biscuits in his hand. Satsuki was baffled, he quickly grabbed the jar before it fell on the floor.

"Go wait outside. Switch on the TV or anything."

Satsuki laughed heartily. He knew this sister of his would always act bashful when he asked her questions regarding her love life. Did her act this way too around his brother in-law? He would pester him later so he would get the full story. Knowing her sister, she wasn't one to fall in love with a random man. So, how could she accept Brother within a short time?

Tsubaki sighed helplessly when Satsuki walked to the living room. She glared at him. How could he ask her that question? Actually it wasn't really embarrassing, but the way he sounded when he asked her really made her feel like pinching his cheeks till they hurt.

She calmed down. It wasn't a big deal. She should just act cool.

Tsubaki placed the glasses on a tray. She cut two slices of raspberry mille-feuille and brought them together with the iced tea. Satsuki was selecting a song from the music files in the drive of the TV. He settled for Moonlight Sonata.

"How's your job? You said you are working at a small studio?" Tsubaki put a glass of iced tea in front of Satsuki. She sat down on a couch opposite him.

"As a special helper. I could say my job is basically a runner." Satsuki took a sip of the tea. His parched throat felt relieved. Even though the air was still cool outside, he was thirsty since he hadn't drink water since leaving his apartment. "The pay is okay. I could save up for my school fee. And my seniors are always helping me if I want to learn from them."

"If you're okay with your current job, I have nothing to say about it." Tsubaki smiled. "Tell me if you need anything, don't keep it from me."

"Okay, Sis."

Satsuki put the glass on the table. He reached for the mille-feuille. Ever since the doctor said he could eat anything he wanted as long as he was being moderate, he had indulged himself in eating delicious food. And his sister's desserts was one of them.

When Tsubaki saw Satsuki was enjoying his dessert, she felt reluctant to bring up the matter concerning Miss Hinata. If she wanted to ask someone about her late mother, it would only be Satsuki or her missing uncle.

Satsuki sensed something was off when he saw his sister's expression. She looked deep in thought. Her brows knitted together and her eyes dimmed. Satsuki waved his hand in front of her.

"Sis? Are you okay?"

"I'm okay..." Tsubaki weakly answered. She sighed. "Satsuki, do you know anything about Mom's past?"

"Mom?" Satsuki didn't expect his sister would mention their mother. "Why? It's rare for you to suddenly bring up Mom in our conversation."

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"Yeah. But... something happened."

"Something had happened?" Satsuki was confused. "Why? Could you tell me?"

Tsubaki pursed her lips. She was still contemplating about telling Satsuki or not. She didn't want to alarm him with anything suspicious. But she felt like she had reached the dead end.

Tsubaki returned Satsuki's gaze. She opened her mouth and said quietly, "I met someone who looked like me. A lot."

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