Spring Blooms When I“m with You Chapter 16: His Guilt and Regret


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"Wow! The president of Fuse Corporation has graced my humble office with his presence!" The man in the doctor's coat clapped his hands.

Ren closed the door and casually seated himself on a couch. He crossed his long legs and unbuttoned his dark grey jacket before leaning back against the leather. He casted a judgmental look to the man behind the desk.

"Please don't look at me with those eyes. I know you're mocking me inside your head." The man laughed, as if Ren had just complimented him instead of throwing a cold glance.

Ren was speechless. How could this brainless chatterbox became a doctor? A specialist, even!

"Morishita Toshiro, please don't make me submit a complaint regarding your doctorate." Ren coolly said with one raise eyebrow.

"Okay, I'll stop here." Dr. Morishita made a gesture to zip his lips before he stood up and walked to sit before Ren.

"Have you take a look at Hanada Satsuki's recent file?" Ren didn't want to beat around the bush. Tsubaki might already have been waiting for him down in the lobby.

"I asked Dr. Sakaguchi about his condition. He looked a bit healthy than the typical patients with kidney disease. However, he is really in a dire need for a kidney transplant."

Morishita Toshiro was the chatterbox in Ren's circle of friends, alongside Akashi. Despite them always being loud, both of them were geniuses in their respective fields. Unfortunately, their handsome faces and high IQ couldn't compensate them whenever they opened their mouths.

"I'd exhaust all my resources to find a donour for him at whatever cost. So, just help me find the most suitable one." Ren was firmed with his decision.

Ren's intention in helping Satsuki wasn't only because he was Tsubaki's younger brother. The young man was one of the most important people in his life. He sincerely hoped to see him being healthy and living his dreams.

Satsuki had always wanted to be a director. He wanted to study film directing in one of the most prestigious film academy in the country.

"I'm using my connection too. As we speak, I've found two candidates for Mr. Hanada. Their blood typing and tissue typing are compatible with him but we need to wait for the result of their cross-matching."

"Have the team conducted the first test of cross-matching?" Ren remembered what Toshiro had explained to him. Cross-matching had to be repeated at least twice before they could rule in the possibility of having a transplant.

"I'm already waiting for the first result."

Ren lowered his head. His mind was filled with countless thoughts. He was ashamed of himself. For the sake of laying low in this five years, he didn't offer his help to find a donour for Satsuki even in secret. Regret would haunt him for the rest of his life if Satsuki lost his life before they met again. It that had happened, he knew reuniting with Tsubaki would only become a shattered dream. His guilt and regret would stand in his way, disallowing him to be together with her. He would...


Ren quickly slapped himself mentally.

Satsuki was still alive. Tsubaki was within his reach. He was given another chance to be happy with them. Again. He would do everything in his power to not let this chance going wasted.

"Where did you find the potential donours?" Ren had already entrusted all the matters to Toshiro.

"I found one within our country, the other one from Country B."

"Fulfill all their needs. If you need anything else, contact me directly."

Ren stood up from the couch. Toshiro nodded his understanding. Even though he himself had many connections in the vast medical field considering his family name, but it couldn't even be compared to Ren's resources which were very well extended. He could find the two donours because he has Fuse Family's name backing him.

"Remember to treat me to a drink!" Toshiro called out before Ren closed the door. His friend just waved at him without turning back.

Ren took the elevator to go down to the lobby. He glanced at his personal phone. There was no a single missed call in the call log.

He was certain she wouldn't stand him up. Was she still in Satsuki's room?

At the moment, the corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of a woman in a blue dress. He turned his head slightly and he finally saw her kneeling in front of a little boy dressed in the hospital issued pajamas. She was rubbing the boy's head in a gentle manner. Looked like she was coaxing the boy over something.

Seeing the way she looked at the boy brought warmth in his heart.

He took a step towards her. The intimidating aura around him dissipated as he got nearer and nearer to her. The saying of the ice would melt once the spring has arrived would forever be embedded in his heart.
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