Spirit Vessel Chapter 692: Disaster Strikes


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Liu Ruixin frowned, seemingly disappointed with Li Xiaonan.

These geniuses and elders were very enthusiastic when dealing with a vagabond like Yun Feitian. However, they held their words and fists when facing a behemoth like Qian.

They only knew how to bully the weak. Ye Siwan and Jun Sanqian whom she respected the most weren’t an exception to this. Same with her crush, Li Xiaonan.

Suddenly, she felt a dense battle spirit coming from the vagabond, Yun Feitian, and became very surprised.

“Cultivators from Qian are so shameless, go find Feiyun and deal with him instead of being so ruthless against this girl.” Feiyun loudly sneered; his battle spirit still intensified.

The Azure Dragon Bell issued sonorous ringing that could be heard for several hundred miles.

The old men from Qian turned red and glared at Feiyun as a warning.

“Vagabond Uncle…” Ruixin’s eyes flashed as she stared at Feiyun’s sharp eyes. Her impression of him became far better.

Li Xiaonan didn’t dare to criticize these old men but he showed no fear against them.

Some people could abandon their women and parents before the authority in order to survive. Only a few were courageous enough to stand up against absolute power.

This required incredible determination and decisiveness. This uncle was one of them!

“Feng Feiyun stole my spirit weapon so it’s reasonable for me to capture his sister in order to have an exchange.” Prince Hong Ye said.

“That’s because you were too weak and can’t get back your spirit weapon. No reasonable person would involve his sister in order to get it back.” Feiyun mocked.

Prince Hong Ye’s expression soured in response. His eyes narrowed, indicative of his rage.

“Say one more word and you will become Qian’s enemy.” Golden light emanated from his palm as he threatened.

“Bringing up Qian can scare someone else but not me.” Feiyun’s own golden glow erupted so he looked like a bronze avatar.

“Uncle, you’re very handsome right now, I support you!” Liu Ruixin became emotional, completely affected by this courage.

She seemed to one with him while raising her fists, wanting to fight Qian too.

Feiyun slightly grimaced. ‘This little girl is too bold and has a sense of justice, unlike other cultivators.’

He didn’t want to involve her and make her offend Qian. He untied the belt, letting her down and removing the seal on her dantian.

“Liu Ruixin, right? I will remember you since you’re a good girl. Just know that there are people you shouldn’t offend.” He tapped her shoulder and said.

“You’re letting me go?” Her eyes glimmered in a cute manner. Her sweet voice was as refreshing as a spring.

“It has nothing to do with you in the first place.” He said.

She didn’t have time to speak again because Ye Siwan landed next to her then took her away.

Feiyun had nothing to worry about now with her gone. He raised his bell and aimed it straight at Prince Hong Ye.

“Boom!” The bell became ninety-nine meters tall again, the size of a mountain.

Prince Hong Ye activated his Golden Sacred Dao and became massive just like a divine beast with incredible might.

The sky trembled as a result with golden shockwaves radiating outward. Each bell strike had enough destructive force to tear apart the ground.

This vagabond seemed to have endless vitality, becoming fiercer after the exchanges and forcing the prince back.

His sacred dao wasn’t enough to stop the heavy bell and faltered back continuously.

“Uncle is so cool, even the prince of Qian can’t take him on. That palm strike earlier from Uncle cracked his shoulder, look at the golden blood.” Ruixin was ecstatic, regretting the fact that Uncle has let her off. Otherwise, she would be fighting with him to rid herself of this feeling of indignation.

The other cultivators were surprised, not because of the powerful vagabond but rather Prince Hong Ye’s battle prowess. He wasn’t a Giant but could already fight against this person who had cultivated for at least three hundred years.

“That’s why he’s one of the five God disciples, strong enough to take on a Giant.”

“This vagabond is only relying on his years spent training to barely push the prince back. The prince only needs ten years to surpass him.”

No one felt that this was an exceptional feat and there existed a clear talent disparity between the two.

“Boom!” Finally, Feiyun stomped the prince’s shoulder, forcing him down to the ground.

The latter wanted to resist so his golden light surged. He activated his golden dao to the limit. His hands looked like gold as he punched straight at Feiyun's leg.

“Your Golden Sacred Dao is not the strongest physical art. That Goldstar Liquid is not enough to make your body stronger than mine.” Feiyun retaliated with a punch flying directly towards the incoming fist.

“Crack!” He crushed three of the prince’s fingers, causing the guy to scream.

His arm broke as well. The top physique art of Qian was as feeble as a piece of paper before Feng Feiyun.

People finally realized that something was wrong. This vagabond seemed to be using pure strength the entire time.

Remember, the prince’s body was comparable to a Super Giant. Alas, he still lost completely with broken bones. They began speculating this vagabond’s identity.

Feiyun suppressed the prince with his bell and declared: “People from Qian, heed my warning. Back off or I’ll crush your prince’s skull.”

The three old men dealing with Little Demoness sneered. They didn’t believe that this vagabond would do anything bad to their prince so they didn’t stop.

“You dare to threaten us by taking our dynasty’s successor hostage? You should know the grave consequences of killing His Highness…” One of them said.

“Pluff!” Feiyun ripped off the prince’s arm without any hesitation and crushed it to pieces, crippling the prince in the process.

“You!” The initially calm old man trembled with rage. His prince had turned into a cripple. This was an immense setback to a physique cultivator. Perhaps he would never be able to climb back to his peak now.

The audacity of this vagabond!

Remember, Prince Hong Ye was the number one genius of Qian, the pride of the royal clan.

He has been secretly appointed as the next successor by the upper echelon. Alas, he has been crippled outside of Bronze Cauldron today.

If news of this were to return to Qian, bodyguards like them would lose their head for sure.

The rest of the crowd couldn’t believe it. Qian would never let this go. No one would be able to save this vagabond.

“Still not stopping?” Feiyun looked undeterred, not minding the consequence at all.

The three old men had nothing but rage in their eyes. Capturing Little Demoness was no longer important.

They needed to take this vagabond back to Qian or they were dead for sure. Worst of all, their clans would be implicated too - a complete extermination. They recalled the three skeletons and condensed witch arts, ready to fight.

Suddenly, a strange atmosphere permeated the air, rendering everyone breathless. Most recognized this particular aura.

“What’s going on?” A pale spectator felt as if the sky was falling.

“Boom!” A ferocious claw spanning for more than one hundred meters appeared from above. It seemingly belonged to a prehistoric creature.

The three old men were horrified and wanted to defend themselves. This proved to be futile.

Two of them were crushed to death. The last one managed to escape for a bit but the claw came again and he suffered the same fate. Three Giants died just like that.

This sudden development took everyone like a storm.

What the hell is going on?!

“Ra!” The massive beast devoured the three bloody corpses. It was floating above the sky, only revealing half of its head and one claw. Its bloody jaw was big enough to swallow a mountain whole.

This was a beast king that had cultivated for more than two millenniums. Its eyes looked like two suns in the sky, brimming with murderous intent. It seemed eager to devour everyone here.

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