Spirit Realm Chapter 993: Latent Ability—Corrosion


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Chapter 993: Latent Ability—Corrosion

“Han Lei!”

Qin Lie suddenly yelled at the handsome youth he was looking at. His gaze turned as sharp as blades as his aura changed.

At the beginning, he appeared to be calm and collected. He obviously didn’t care about the human martial practitioners as he watched them while he hid inside the energy storms.

But when Zhuang Jing mentioned Han Lei’s name, his attitude suddenly changed like an unsheathed sword.

“Han Lei, do you know him?” Ye Yilan of Starry Hall looked surprised.

Ji Qi and Ao Jing subconsciously looked at him as well. They looked puzzled by Qin Lie’s reaction.

Han Lei himself looked confused. He shook his head in puzzlement after examining Qin Lie with a critical eye. “I’ve never seen him in my life.”

“But he’s coming after you…” Ao Jing said with a sense of schadenfreude.

Han Lei and the Ninth Heaven martial practitioners behind him reacted and turned pale.

The turbulent and destructive energy storms were like a giant demon’s maw that could devour the entire world and grind thousands of lives to dust as they rolled towards them.

Qin Lie’s figure flickered inside those energy storms. The iciness in his eyes caused everyone who belonged in Ninth Heaven to feel afraid.

However, they couldn’t recall when they’d offended someone like Qin Lie no matter how they tried to recall.

Back then, Qin Lie was still very young and tender. He had neither awakened his bloodline nor experienced life.

But today, Qin Lie was had weathered countless hardships, survived countless life or death battles, ascended his bloodline to rank six and cultivated to the Fragmentation Realm.

Be it in terms of appearance, temperament or soul aura, he was completely different from the old Qin Lie three hundred years ago.

That was why Qin Lie was like a stranger he never met to Han Lei.

Naturally, Han Lei was just as furious as he was confused to meet a stranger who thought of him as a sworn enemy.

“Profound Black Water Pearl!”

A pure black water pearl that looked extremely heavy was pushed up into the sky using spirit energy by Han Lei.


Black rivers of water suddenly flew out of the pearl and stabbed towards Qin Lie inside the energy storms like black water arrows.

Surprisingly, the black water wasn’t affected by the hazards of the chaotic streams of space and flew straight for Qin Lie’s chest like black lightning.

“The Profound Black Water Pearl is a Heaven Grade Two spirit artifact his elder sister, Han Qian, procured for him from Ninth Heaven for his protection. Since he possesses the bloodline of the Sea Race, he can draw out great amount of power from the Profound Black Water Pearl.” Zhuang Jing’s voice rang quietly. “The black water inside the pearl came from a sea region struck down by Ninth Heaven. It contains many microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye, and these microorganisms can devour flesh and blood at an incredibly fast rate. You absolutely can not let the water touch you, no matter what.”

“Unstoppable Thunder!”

Qin Lie snorted coldly, circulated Heavenly Thunder Eradication and summoned the lightning pool droplets from inside his acupoints.

Hundreds of thunder snakes wriggled into existence from his body.

Unstoppable Thunder gathered into one river of lightning and thunder and slammed directly into the rivers created by Profound Black Water Pearl.

The profound pearl contained countless unidentified microorganisms. When they were struck by thunder and lightning, they all let out a scream that only Han Lei could hear.

The shrill cries stabbed into Han Lei’s mind like sharp blades and caused him to clutch his ears in pain. He nearly crumbled from the retaliation.

The Profound Black Water Pearl was a Heaven Grade spirit artifact that Han Lei viewed to be as important as his own life. In order to refine this spirit artifact, he even used his own lifeblood essence to nurture the microorganisms inside the black water.

He was connected to the microorganisms by soul.

Han Lei felt what the microorganisms inside the black water felt when they were struck by the drops of water from lightning pool of the nine heavens.

The microorganisms in his spirit artifact died en masse and made him felt like he was going through countless death experiences. He couldn’t help but let out a bloodcurdling scream of pain.

“Han Lei! Withdraw your Profound Black Water Pearl!” Ye Yilan warned suddenly.

Right now Qin Lie was still hiding inside the turbulent energy storms. However, he was moving closer and closer towards the Profound Black Water Pearl.

He was afraid that Qin Lie would rob Han Lei of his Heaven Grade spirit artifact.

“Return!” While still screaming in pain, Han Lei hurriedly gathered all of his mind consciousness in attempt to summon the Profound Black Water Pearl back to his side.


Qin Lie suddenly flashed out of his hiding spot while accompanied by a dazzling lightning bolt.

He abruptly grabbed the Profound Black Water Pearl right before the group of young human martial practitioners.

Before Han Lei or the Ninth Heaven martial practitioners could react, he executed Blitz Thunder Escape again and slipped back into the center of the turbulent energy storms.

“The Profound Black Water Pearl is his lifeblood spirit artifact, huh? Perfect…”

Inside the whirlpool, Qin Lie abruptly squeezed a few drops of blood across the Profound Black Water Pearl with a savage look on his face.

He gathered his soul consciousness and did everything in his power to urge out the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s latent ability, corrosion.

The refined blood caused a lot of smoke to appear from the Profound Black Water Pearl.

The corrosion ability inside his refined blood unleashed many tiny Ancient Beast Race’s divine characters.

These divine characters contained the true essence of the world’s laws that governed the phenomenon of corrosion.

When Qin Lie’s lifeblood essences seeped into the Profound Black Water Pearl, the microorganisms inside the black water and the spirit artifact itself were damaged as if they had been submerged inside a pool of strong acid.

The Profound Black Water Pearl began to dissolve from inside out...

Han Lei clutched his ears and screamed. The suddenly surge of death screams caused black blood to pour out of his nose, ears and eyes uncontrollably.

Han Lei’s handsome looks turned even uglier than wraiths at this moment.

The wisps of black smoke in his pupils slowly dissipated.

The young human martial practitioners felt chilled from the bottom of their hearts. They stared at Han Lei with an expression of deep fear and shock.

They were all knowledgeable and experienced people. They knew from the reaction inside Han Lei’s pupils that his True Soul was being attacked by some form of terrifying power. His soul… was falling apart as a result.

“This person is too ruthless!” Ao Jing yelled with a feigned show of fierceness.

Ye Yilan’s beautiful face was marred by an expression of shock and fear. She looked helpless as her eyebrows became deeply wrinkled.

Everyone noticed that Qin Lie had somehow managed to threaten Han Lei’s True Soul directly by applying some sort of evil art on his lifeblood spirit artifact. As a result, Han Lei’s soul was on the verge of death.

Ye Yilan once benefited from Han Qian’s kindness in her life. Before she came in, she received a message from her to take care of Han Lei.

She was anxious and she wanted to help Han Lei, but Qin Lie was hidden inside the energy storms. Even if she wanted to regain the Profound Black Water Pearl, she couldn’t get close to him.

“Why is he able to manipulate the natural storms of the chaotic streams of space?” Ye Yilan directed the question at everyone.

“He possesses the Spirits of Void and Chaos.” Ji Qi gave the answer with a dark look.

“The Spirits of Void and Chaos!”

“You’re right! It must be the Spirits of Void and Chaos!”

“Only the Spirits of Void and Chaos can survive this environment like fish in water!”

These youths belonging to the Gold rank forces at the Central World obviously had a deep well of knowledge regarding all kinds of mysterious lifeforms. Many reacted after they heard Ji Qi’s explanation.

“How do you stop the miraculous power Spirits of Void and Chaos have over the chaotic streams of space?” Ye Yilan asked again.

Ji Qi didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he stared meaningfully at Qin Lie inside the energy storms before asking, “Which human force do you belong to, really?”

Although Qin Lie was eroding the Profound Black Water Pearl with his corrosion ability, he was paying attention to their conversation too.

Ji Qi’s question sounded like a final warning.

It sounded... as if Ji Qi had a way to suppress the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

“Save me! Please save me!”

Han Lei’s ghastly cries continued to resound intermittently and loudly amidst the crowd.

Qin Lie didn’t stop.

The foreigners who were getting ready to charge them from outside wisely came to a stop when they noticed that an internal strife had broken out within the humans.

They couldn’t wait for the humans to war even fiercer against one another.

Three wounded giant dragons that should’ve rushed into the spatial passageway didn’t hurry. Instead, they also watched the humans coolly.

They were waiting for the human race to start fighting amongst themselves to death.

In the foreign races’ eyes, the human race had always been a complicated race that was ripe with conflict. Internal strife could broke out within the human race at any moment… they had long since gotten used to this.

“I will repeat my question. Which force do you hail from? Who is your backer?” Ji Qi raised his voice.

Inside the whirlpool, Qin Lie stared at the talented youths of the Central World and grinned, chuckling strangely.


The Profound Black Water Pearl he was holding abruptly shattered as black wisps of smoke rose from its remains.

At Ninth Heaven’s side, Han Lei’s horrific screams suddenly came to a stop.

His eyes had lost all of its light.

“Han Lei!”

“Han Lei is dead!”

The martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven abruptly screamed with terror.

“How are we going to explain this to Miss Han?”

“We’re dead, we’re so dead. Miss Han will never forgive us now that Han Lei is dead!”

“Oh no!”

The Ninth Heaven martial practitioners who came together with Han Lei were engulfed in deep fear. They seemed aware that Han Qian would take bloody revenge against them even if they walked out alive.

Right now, Han Qian had become the brightest new star of Ninth Heaven and the youngest Imperishable Realm expert to ever exist. She had proven he abilities to the peak experts of Ninth Heaven again and again through countless battles.

Han Qian could kill them as easily as flies.

“This man is out of control!” Ao Jing yelled. “Ji Qi! If you have a way to suppress the Spirits of Void and Chaos then do it now! If he keeps this up the human race’s plan will definitely be disrupted by him!”

“We cannot allow him to escape alive!” Ye Yilan also said coldly.

Ji Qi inhaled deeply before nodding. “I understand.”

When he looked at Qin Lie once more, Ji Qi’s eyes were filled murderous intent.

A bronze mirror flew out of Ji Qi’s spatial ring. The spirit artifact glowed brightly with white light as a vast, unknown space suddenly spread out.

The unknown space grew larger and larger. It looked like it was attempting to correct the distorted law of the world inside the chaotic streams of space.

The surrounding energy storms slowly dissipated, the fractured rifts in space slowly healed, and the light beams stopped moving all of a sudden. It was as if the holes in the laws that drove the chaotic streams of space were forcefully healed by the bronze mirror.

However, only a small amount of area was affected by it.

For example, the place where the three giant dragons and the spatial passageway were located wasn’t affected by the bronze mirror’s mysterious power. It was still the most turbulent place in the area.

Qin Lie was fully exposed after the energy storms dissipated.

Cold gazes instantly showered his figure.