Spirit Realm Chapter 980: Past Grievance


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Chapter 980: Past Grievance

While Qin Lie did not remember the past, through his recent experiences he learned what Han Lei had done in the past.

Han Qian and Han Lei did not have any significant background in Ninth Heaven. While Han Qian's talent was not bad, it was not enough for Ninth Heaven to put any real effort into her.

Before that matter, Han Qian's family had only been a Silver rank force under Ninth Heaven.

According to Hua Yuchi, Han Lei had fawned over Qin Lie in the past in hopes that Han Qian would receive his favor.

Han Qian... he only knew her through Han Lei's deliberate introduction.

In front of him, Han Qian pretended to be proud and tried to put on a mask of indifference. She intended to make a connection to the Qin Family through him and hoped that their family and the siblings would receive the favor of Ninth Heaven.

He must have been enchanted to have been infatuated with Han Qian.

As the Qin Family grew stronger, the top Gold rank forces schemed against the Qin Family and used Han Qian as a chess piece.

Han Lei who fawned over him, and Han Qian who pretended to be virtuous agreed to entrap him after being persuaded by the elders of Ninth Heaven.

The person who told him to go to Han Qian's room was Han Qian's brother—his past "friend", Han Lei.

The result was that Han Qian said he had tried to rape her, and had accidentally killed him.

Not long later, the Qin Family carried out retribution against Ninth Heaven and caused the Gold rank forces in Central World to participate.

The Qin Family collapsed due to this.

Han Qian and Han Lei became stars in Ninth Heaven due to this, especially Han Qian. Ninth Heaven put their wealth and effort into cultivating her.

Han Qian lived up to their efforts. With the Ninth Heaven’s care, her astounding talent and ability were put on a display as she quickly soared.

Her beauty, the rapid breakthroughs of her bloodline, her increase in cultivation, and her way of conduct drew the attention of the old people in Ninth Heaven.

The old people in Ninth Heaven truly recognized her as an important talent.

She became the brightest new star of Ninth Heaven.

Her family rose as a well and had a place in Ninth Heaven.

Han Lei. Someone who was insignificant in Central World and couldn't enter the eye of Hua Yuchi and the others...

He also benefited from Ninth Heaven and his elder sister’s rise. With the help of Ninth Heaven, he reached the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

In the later years when Han Lei encountered Hua Yuchi, he was not so careful and clearly considered himself someone important.

But his talent was far inferior his elder sister’s. No matter how much care Han Qian gave him, his cultivation was stuck at the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm. He had not shown any signs of a breakthrough for a long time.

The reason that he came with the martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven to this place was in the hope that he would find an opportunity for a breakthrough to the Nirvana Realm.

Hearing that Han Lei, who had always followed in his steps and worked hard to befriend Qin Lie for his own selfish purposes and ultimately betrayed him, appeared in this forbidden zone caused Qin Lie’s killing intent to soar.

"You have past grievances with Han Lei?" Zhuang Jing's eyes were shocked.

"Oh, my hatred for him runs deep." Qin Lie snorted.

"I dislike this person greatly!" Zhuang Jing snorted. "If not for his sister, it would be impossible for him to reach the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm! This person flatters and fawns over people of higher status than him. But facing those lower than him, he is disgusting. This person is low and shameless!"

When Zhuang Jing mentioned Han Lei, she seemed to be speaking about a pile of dog shit, her eyes filled with undisguised contempt.

It seemed... she had suffered due to Han Lei.

Qin Lie looked amusedly at her. "What did he do to you?"

Zhuang Jing trembled and then shook her head. She said, "I don't want to say."

Qin Lie nodded in silence.

He stopped talking, and Zhuang Jing became frightened. She immediately realized that Qin Lie had obtained everything he wanted to know.

Logically, the next step would be...

"I... want to live." Zhuang Jing sobbed pitifully. "As long as I can survive, no matter what you want me to do, I... am willing." She gave a fawning smile.

Qin Lie looked a bit longer at her.

Compared to Lin Jie, her beauty was only middling. She seemed gentle, but when she thought she had the upper hand, her domineering attitude was shocking.

This was an extremely devious but extremely pragmatic woman.

"You want to live?" Qin Lie narrowed his eyes.

Zhuang Jing nodded. "As long as I can live, I'm willing to do anything!"

"Alright." Qin Lie thought and then said, "I will leave a mark on your True Soul with a secret art. Open your soul up to me and don’t resist."

"Alright!" Zhuang Jing briskly agreed.

Qin Lie's eyes gradually formed bloody ripples. A bloody light came out of his eyes.

The bloody energy slowly moved towards Zhuang Jing's eyes.

When those bloody lights were about to enter her eyes, Zhuang Jing showed an fearful expression. A moment later, she resolutely put away all of her resistance.

The threads of bloody light entered her mind without any obstruction.

"Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!"

As Qin Lie's thoughts moved, those bloody lights rippled like invisible threads that quickly wrapped around Zhuang Jing's True Soul.

The bloody threads quickly took root in Zhuang Jing's True Soul.

When all of the bloody threads disappeared in Zhuang Jing's True Soul, an invisible connection formed between her and Qin Lie.

Through the Blood Arts: Soul Shackle, he could control Zhuang Jing. If Zhuang Jing dared to betray him, with a thought, he could destroy Zhuang Jing's True Soul.

After doing this, Qin Lie said, "You are very smart. Maybe I will have use for you."

He took back the remaining half of lightning power he left in Zhuang Jing's body.

Zhuang Jing received her freedom.

"Alright, do what you need to. When I need you, I will mentally message you." Qin Lie waved her off.

"I, I want to temporarily remain by your side," Zhuang Jing begged. "Everyone from Lunar Temple is dead, this place is dangerous, that Asura clansman is chasing us. I'm afraid that if I separate from you, that Asura clansman will think of me as prey. Will you let me leave the next time we encounter a human force?"

Qin Lie frowned.

He had too many secrets. He felt it was inconvenient to keep Zhuang Jing by his side.

And the place he was about to go to could be connected to the secrets of the God Race.

"Don't worry, I will not obstruct you," Zhuang Jing begged.

Qin Lie was about to speak, and then his expression changed. He shouted, "Come out!"

"I finally found you!" Naji of the Asura Race roared with laughter as he flew in from the distance. Seeing Zhuang Jing alive, he seemed shocked. "You didn't kill her?"

Without a word, Qin Lie summoned the Thunder Soul Blade and prepared to kill Naji.

"Don't be excited." Naji waved his hand and said, "Are Crystal Moon Cores of use to you? I know a place with several Crystal Moon Cores, I can take you there!"

"Oh? You are so kind?" Qin Lie sneered.

"Of course I'm not." Naji snickered. "That place doesn't just have Crystal Moon Cores, they also have fragments of Crystal Sun Cores. however, a force you humans call Blue Flame Manor also found that place. I need to gather some Crystal Sun Cores, but alone, I’m most likely not a match for Blue Flame Manor practitioners. So..."

"Blue Flame Manor?! " Qin Lie's brow jumped. "Are you sure it is Blue Flame Manor?"

"I heard them talking. How can it be incorrect?" Naji said.

The biggest enemy of Ling Yushi on the Nether Continent was Blue Flame Manor. The reason her bloodline was obstructed was due to Blue Flame Manor.

If he hadn’t been pulled into this place, he had been preparing to attack Blue Flame Manor with the Vermillion Bird Race. Hearing that this place had Blue Flame Manor martial practitioners, Qin Lie, who originally wanted to ignore Naji, suddenly felt interested.

“I’m taking the Crystal Moon Cores, the Crystal Sun Cores are yours." Qin Lie stated his conditions.

"Splendid!" Naji laughed. "Come with me!"