Spirit Realm Chapter 759: In the Limelight


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Chapter 759: In the Limelight

Eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood hung high above Qin Lie’s head like eight heavenly pillars.

“Reverse Gravity! Thread-like Electricity!”

As he circulated the spirit energy inside his meridians with specific purpose, gravity inside the magnetic field instantly decreased by dozens of times.

The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood that were supposed to weigh at least a few tonnes suddenly grew dozens of times lighter as though they were timber in the seawater under force of buoyancy.

Wisps of dazzling electricity turned as thin as threads before shooting out of every part of Qin Lie’s body.

The thread-like electricity wrapped around the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

His thoughts changed again.

Under Qin Lie’s control, the eight flying Thunderblitz slabs changed positions as if someone was manipulating them with their own hands.

Very soon, the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood aligned to form an octagonal shape.

Tendrils of electricity quickly knitted and formed a web of lightning amidst the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood were positioned in the exact same way as the eight stone pillars that he used back when he was still cultivating inside Herb Mountain.

This was the formation his grandfather had helped to arrange when he started cultivating the Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

When he was trying to unleash the power of thunder in full, an idea had fleeted across his mind as a film of memories.

Dazzling electricity streaked across the vast space inside the third layer of the Soul Suppressing Orb where the ancient diagrams were aligned to form a gigantic web.

The innumerable threads of electricity crisscrossing in between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood were just as dazzling.

They looked a little similar to each other.

“A spirit diagram is the world’s network made up of lines of laws. It is the most primal orbit of power!”

It was a line his grandfather used to repeat to him many times in the past. Today, it suddenly entered and rattled his mind in a spur of enlightenment.

As if the chains on his intellect were suddenly torn apart, Qin Lie subconsciously looked at the intersecting threads of electricity between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood and manipulated them with his soul power.

The dense web of electricity moved swiftly under his mind and soul’s command, looking like millions of wriggling spirit snakes.

Brilliant divine light erupted from his eyes.

The third stage of Heavenly Thunder Eradication was called the Thunder Lightning Soul Refinement. Back at the Forbidden Land of Thunder, thunder and lightning had entered his consciousness, tempered his Soul Lake and struck his True Soul. It gave his Soul Lake, his soul tendrils, and his True Soul the power of thunder and lightning.

Every bolt of thunder and lightning he released contained his soul aura. Every one of them could be manipulated by his soul.

Lightning was one of the fastest powers that existed in the world.

The electricity swimming in between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood transformed into a complex but rigidly structured compound spirit diagram.

The base of the spirit diagram was made up from Spirit Gathering, Spirit Storage, and Amplification spirit diagram. It was then embedded with two middle grade spirit diagrams of Materialization and Realization.

They were all ancient diagrams he had learned inside the Soul Suppressing Orb.


Violent thunder and lightning began to emanate from the center of the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood after the compound spirit diagram was completed. It was as if it was gathering strength to unleash a world destroying power.

He looked up at the eight hovering Thunderblitz wood slabs and the compound spirit diagram at the middle. He trembled with emotion.

With lightning as the network, and his soul as the guide, he had drawn a gigantic spirit diagram in just dozens or so seconds.

The spirit diagram’s structure was clear and stable. It was obviously a successful creation.

This was the first time he successfully used a spirit diagram in combat!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Sky reaching killing intent permeated across the world as the martial practitioners of the five great Silver rank forces clashed against the three great ghoul races.

The curtains of a bloody battle were immediately lifted.

Dazzling spirit diagrams, colorful spirit energy lights, and different spirit arts flashed between the two parties at the same time.

Luo Chen, Du Xiangyang, Chu Li, Tian Yu, Yu Men and many more Fragmentation Realm, Fulfillment Realm, and even Nirvana Realm martial practitioners attacked the three great ghoul races’ clansmen before them.

Many crushed bodies of flesh and blood fell powerlessly from the sky just like that.

Many crystalline war chariots, carriages and spirit birds exploded into smithereens, becoming flaming fireballs falling from the sky.

“That guy!”

A lot of clansmen of the three ghoul races stared at Qin Lie like he was the only enemy before them. They charged fearlessly towards him.

“It is completely irrational for you to remain here!” Shen Yue shouted beside him.

Qin Lie utterly ignored her advice.

He didn’t detonate the spirit diagram amidst the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood. Instead, he carefully controlled the slabs to approach the three great ghoul races’ clansmen alongside the Heavenly Sword Mountain martial practitioners around him.

Shen Yue was incredibly anxious, but could do nothing to change Qin Lie’s mind.

Dozens of seconds later, Qin Lie arrived at an especially bloody war zone. Dozens of enemy martial practitioners immediately shook off their enemies and madly charged towards Qin Lie, hoping to wound him at any cost.

“Don’t let any Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners approach us!” An odd gleam flashed across Shen Yue’s beautiful eyes.

The nearby Terminator Sect martial practitioners charged unhesitatingly towards the enemies to stop them in their tracks even at the cost of their lives.

Six Fragmentation Realm outsiders who reached them first had no choice but to stop their charge when they were caught by the onslaught of Terminator Sect practitioners.

Therefore, although dozens of enemies still managed to reach Qin Lie, they were all just Netherpassage or Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners.

Shen Yue let out a secret sigh of relief and prepared herself to kill all the outsiders who were charging at them.

It was at this moment she suddenly sensed something and looked up to the sky.

A brilliant gleam abruptly blossomed in her eyes.

A rainbow of thunder and lightning flew out from above Qin Lie’s head and slammed into the electrical web in between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

At first glance, it looked like a thunderous waterfall was pouring into the center of the Thunderblitz wood formation.

“Thump! Thump thump! Thump thump thump!”

Qin Lie made a strange hand gesture with both hands and held what looked like heart in between this two palms. Powerful heartbeats were emanating from inside the heart.

At the same time, a mysterious ripple abruptly spread out from amid the Thunderblitz wood slabs where the dense compound spirit diagram was.

The Spirit Gathering diagram began displaying its effect as it devoured the world’s spirit energy around it like a whirlpool. Worldly spirit energy surged fiercely into the center of the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

All of the world’s spirit energy within five kilometers of Qin Lie was sucked to the last!

The martial practitioners fighting nearby couldn’t sense even a trace of world’s spirit energy around them. Plenty of people stumbled and almost dropped from the sky.

Even the three great ghoul races’ clansmen were the same!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A lightning whirlpool gradually appeared at the center of the Thunderblitz wood formation. Whether it be ghoul or a human, the terrifying suction power emanating from inside the spirit diagram could scare them witless.

Five kilometers away, even more spirit energy was being sucked into the spirit diagram. It transformed into milky white light that flew towards the whirlpool.

The Amplification spirit diagram inside the whirlpool was activated as well.

The whirlpool spun at extreme speed.

The tremendous spirit energy circulating inside the whirlpool gradually grew turbulent causing the whirlpool to expand, ready to explode at any moment!

The world’s spirit energy was being amplified again and again!

The Spirit Storage spirit diagram came to life and absorbed the excess spirit energy. The whirlpool was like a bottomless abyss.

The Materialization and Realization spirit diagrams at the center of the compound spirit diagram were the last to activate.

“Thump! Thump thump!”

Three earthshaking thunderclaps abruptly erupted from amidst the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood. The thunderous rumble caused every Fragmentation Realm and Nirvana Realm martial practitioner to shudder.

The dozens of Fulfillment Realm and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners who charged towards Qin Lie instantly clutched their hearts and spat blood the second the thunderous boom erupted from the Thunderblitz wood.

In fact, the hearts of a dozen or so Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners seemed to have exploded immediately after the rumble. Their bodies swiftly followed right after.

The whirlpool that absorbed the world’s spirit energy just now vanished and transformed into a gigantic thunder lightning ball.

The thunder lightning ball was brilliant and dazzling, and even stranger was the fact that it was beating continuously like a human heart.

Every time it beat with that terrifying tremor, ghouls of the three great races felt as if their hearts had been hit by a hammer.


An even more powerful rumble appeared from the thunder lightning ball, and the dozen or so three ghoul races’ clansmen near Qin Lie saw lightning bursting from their hearts.

“Bang bang bang! Bang bang!”

They were all Fulfillment Realm enemies. The heavenly thunder detonated their hearts and caused their bodies to explode into bits of flesh and blood.

The dozens of Fulfillment Realm and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners who charged at Qin Lie first were all killed in action.

“The Profound Thunder Heart!”

“The Forefather’s Profound Thunder Heart!”

“There’s finally a second person in the Land of Chaos who can conjure the Profound Thunder Heart besides the Forefather!”

“His spirit artifact has increased the Profound Thunder Heart’s strength! It caused the Profound Thunder Heart’s power to become dozens of times stronger!”

The martial practitioners of the five great Silver rank forces turned back to look at the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood floating above Qin Lie’s head and the gigantic beating thunder lightning ball inside it, even while they were battling the three ghoul races’ clansmen.


Another explosion appeared from inside the Thunderblitz wood and was materialized by the Materialization and Realization spirit diagrams.

Indiscernible thunderous ripples spread out from the thunder lightning ball and reached even more three ghoul races’ clansmen’s hearts.

The face of a Fragmentation Realm Earth Ghoul clansman looked completely flushed as he spat out a mouthful of blood of unknown color.

Another dozen or so Fulfillment Realm and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners who were further away from Qin Lie swelled and exploded like a ball.

Blood rained from the sky.

The martial practitioners of the five great forces felt stinking blood splatter across their faces, bodies and spirit artifacts.

They stared blankly at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie continued to urge the Profound Thunder Heart in between his palms, and then created an even bigger and more powerful Powerful Thunder Heart high above the clouds through an inexplicable amplification process, and caused it to erupt again and again like a heartbeat.

Every time there was a “thump”, dozens of three ghoul races’ clansmen died horrible deaths. Corners of dozens of Fragmentation Realm outsiders’ mouths were stained with blood. Having lost the power to fight, forces of the Land of Chaos swiftly killed them.

In the sky, Qin Lie looked like a grim reaper who was sounding a gong, causing dozens of outsiders to die from their hearts exploding. .

“Open up a path for me! The closer I am to them, the faster I can detonate their hearts!” Qin Lie said solemnly.

After a moment of confusion, martial practitioners of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain gave him way.

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t hide the fear and respect hidden within..

At that moment, Qin Lie was no doubt the shining star of the battlefield…

…basking in the center of the limelight.