Spirit Realm Chapter 357: Kill Them All!


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Chapter 357: Kill Them All!

Guo Hao and Guo Ying. One was in the late stage of the Manifestation Realm and the other was in the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm. The brothers had fought alongside each other for many years, and their teamwork was impeccable.

A green-colored spirit light filled with a sylvan aura was thrown out from between Guo Hao’s hands.

The emerald green light suddenly split into many pieces in midair.

At first glance, the spirit light resembled flying tree leaves. They were green and tender, giving off the feeling of being buried amid countless falling leaves.

Qin Lie, who was destroying the Feng Family clansmen, lifted his head and observed the green leaves falling toward him. He smiled disdainfully and shook his head, saying, “Is that all that a Dark Asura Hall martial practitioner has?”

Suddenly, a distorted gravity field erupted out from Qin Lie.

Distinct layers of bizarre, bright yellow ripples were in the air, and those ripples were caused by an increase in gravity!

Narrowing his eyes, Qin Lie channeled the power of geocentric magnetism and instantly felt a comforting suction force from the earth beneath his feet.

He knew that it was the power of gravity.

Traces of earthly energy flowed through his legs and connected with the gravity as if they had formed a strange connection.

When the gravity changed abruptly, he could clearly sense the weight of Guo Hao and Guo Ying through the faint vibrations beneath his feet. He could feel the strength of their every step on the ground.

“The power of the earth!”


Guo Hao and Guo Ying softly exclaimed at the same time.

The jade green leaves flying through the air suddenly fell into disorder due to the gravity field.

They were originally about to fly toward Qin Lie and bury him. The tree leaves, which were supposed to make Qin Lie helpless, suddenly became uncontrollable as if they were blown apart by a terrifying wind, scattering in every direction.

Many Feng Family clansmen suffered from the attack. Their bones were smashed to smithereens by Qin Lie’s gravity, then Guo Hao’s wood spirit energy descended upon them and elicited a cacophony of terrible screams.

Qin Lie noticed that the spirit energy that resembled tree leaves was filled with a sylvan aura, but they contained a most bizarre form of harm—the moment that the tree leaves landed on a person’s body, they would actually destroy their life energy!

The Feng Family clansmen were already dispirited. When the green leaves fell on them, they immediately became sluggish, as if their very life force had instantly been sucked from their bodies.

The green leaves, on the other hand, grew increasingly defined. They remained condensed and actually didn’t dissipate.

Shock appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

The wood attribute spirit energy had an unimaginable connection with the energy of life. A forest full of life and lush, ancient trees was often filled with the immense energy of life.

However, while the wood spirit art cultivated by Guo Hao might contain a surge of life energy, when it truly landed on a person’s body, it actually destroyed their life energy instead. It was an incredibly vicious attack.

The energy of life was the essence of a martial practitioner’s mortal body. It was even more profound and mysterious than spirit energy.

When a martial practitioner’s life energy was depleted, they too will have reached the end of their life.

A normal person would slowly grow old and die even if they had never experienced any sickness. This was because their life energy would slowly fade over time and decrease bit by bit. When their life energy was depleted, they would die from old age.

An ancient tree would not live forever. It would also wilt and die of old age just the same.

This was all because of the slow exhaustion of one’s life energy.

A martial practitioner who cultivated spirit energy and tempered their bodies would strengthen their own life energy, which was why their lives were much longer than the average person’s.

Yet even the most powerful martial practitioner would approach the end of their life, their body decaying if the life energy in their body was exhausted.

This Guo Hao obviously cultivated a wood spirit art, but he was somehow able to directly drain another person’s life energy with his spirit skill, which ended up greatly surprising Qin Lie.

Seeing the Feng Family clansmen becoming sluggish at a tremendous rate after being touched by the jade green tree leaves, Qin Lie grew wary in his heart.

Rings of yellow-brown light mixed with the aura of dust and earth swiftly condensed around Qin Lie.

At first glance, it was as though Qin Lie wore thick, yellow-brown clothing that entirely covered his body.

“This man is kind of difficult to deal with!” Guo Hao snorted.

Just as he finished speaking, Guo Ying gripped a bright silver sword and injected spirit energy into it.

Inside the blade, tiny dots glittered like stars, and as they were activated by his spirit energy, they flew out like fireflies and rushed toward Qin Lie as if they had a life of their own.

“Blood Boa Insects! Big Brother Yao, those are Blood Boa Insects that live by consuming human blood!” Liu Ting suddenly cried out.

“Lowly bitch! I’ll kill you if you dare utter another word!” Guo Ying glared hatefully at Liu Ting.

After the tiny dots of light flew out, they swiftly became the color of fresh blood. When they flew toward Qin Lie, he could actually smell the thick stench of blood on them.

“Blood Boa Insects, a poisonous insect that is bred from human blood. Heh, interesting,” Qin Lie praised while looking calm and collected.

When the crimson insects were about to reach him, he suddenly channeled his Blood Spirit Art.

Qin Lie had shared minds and thoughts with Xue Li before, and he had learned quite a few skills and secrets of Blood Fiend Sect from Xue Li.

The disciples of Blood Fiend Sect were quite capable in raising poisonous insects like Blood Boa Insects. They also possessed great knowledge of Blood Boa Insects.

Smiling eerily, Qin Lie bit his finger and sucked a little bit of blood out. Then he spat it into the air.

The moment his blood was sprayed into the air, all of the Blood Boa Insects began consuming it as though they’d seen the most delicious food in the world.

All of the Blood Boa Insects actually began to kill each other madly, gathering into one bunch, howling, and scrambling for Qin Lie’s fresh blood.

Guo Ying revealed and expression of great surprise. He had never seen the Blood Boa Insects become this frenzied before. He realized that the Blood Boa Insects were acting like they had gone crazy and did not follow his orders to kill Qin Lie.

From this Guo Ying started to look a bit worried and anxious.

Guo Hao’s expression also paled, and when he saw the severe look in Qin Lie’s eyes, he thought, “This is bad.”

At the same time, Qin Lie strode toward Guo Hao and Guo Ying with wide steps while gathering the power of the blood in his body and channeling the power of earth.


While he strode forward, Qin Lie did not forget to step on the Feng Family clansmen. The bones of every person he stepped on immediately exploded, and they died horribly.

Amid the Feng Family’s terrible screams, Qin Lie arrived in front of Guo Hao. After letting out a grin, he punched right at Guo Hao’s face.

Bright yellow light began to condense around Qin Lie’s fist. It seemed as if that light could attract gravity and distort magnetism. It was incredibly bizarre.

Seeing the fist that was growing in front of his eyes, Guo Hao was about to dodge out of the way when his head suddenly felt heavy and his feet felt light. His body lost control of its balance.


The bright yellow fist, carrying the toughness and weight of the earth, swung directly at Guo Hao’s face.

His face instantly bloomed with blood. His vision blurred immediately, and while he stumbled backwards in retreat, his legs sometimes felt light and sometimes felt heavy. The gravity around him was changing constantly.

“You dare!” Guo Ying lifted his sword and charged atd Qin Lie as well.

However, the moment he neared Qin Lie, Guo Ying also began to trip over himself as if he were drunk from alcohol. He couldn’t even stand properly.

He shuddered as he now realized that Qin Lie’s grasp of the power of earth was extremely scary. He was actually capable of continuously changing the surrounding gravity while attacking.

As the caster, Qin Lie was completely unaffected, but everyone else was unable to adapt to the changing gravity field as their own footsteps became chaotic, leaving them in a passive state.

Seeing that the Guo brothers were not even able to stand straight, Qin Lie gave no quarter and blasted the hell out of the duo. Liu Ting panicked and said hurriedly, “Big Brother Yao, they are martial practitioners from Dark Asura Hall. You mustn’t act recklessly!”

Wei Li and the others hurriedly moved away from the Feng Family clansmen, Guo Hao, and Guo Ying, worried that they would be involved in it.

“Kid! Dark Asura Hall will not forgive you. We brothers will also never forgive you!” Guo Hao, who was bloody all over, let out an angry roar.

“Then you will no longer have the chance to.”

Before anyone realized it, Qin Lie snatched the sword from Guo Ying’s hands, and amid Liu Ting’s scream, calmly stabbed twice.

The two stabs struck the necks of Guo Hao and Guo Ying.

Blood gushed out madly.

“Oh Big Brother Yao!” Liu Ting screamed in panic.

Qin Lie no longer looked at her and turned his head with a cold expression. Like a demon, he dove into the Feng Family clansmen and began slaughtering them senselessly.

One terrible cry followed the other, the fallen Feng Family clansmen, including Feng Bin and Feng Yi, were all slaughtered by Qin Lie.

In just fifteen short minutes, he killed all of the Feng Family clansmen in Ling Town.

Guo Hao and Guo Ying had holes in their necks and died even earlier than that.

Liu Ting looked extremely terrified. At this moment, she was completely out of her wits and only knew to cover her mouth and scream, not knowing what she should do.

Wei Li and the rest of the young Nebula Pavilion martial practitioners stared at Qin Lie like he was a monster. Shivering, they shrank away from him, terrified that Qin Lie would kill them as well if he hadn’t sated his bloodlust.

“B-Big Brother Yao, you’ve killed too many people. What should we do, what should we do?” After a long time, Liu Ting panicked, looking for a way to bury this matter.

“Just say that the Feng Family clansmen, Guo Hao, and Guo Ying were attacked and devoured by the spirit beasts from the Arctic Mountain Range.” Qin Lie had a plan from the beginning as he laid them it calmly. “Yeah, they all died in the Arctic Mountain Range and were left without corpses. Oh, toss all these bodies into Herb Mountain where the Feng Family dug a tunnel, then cover them with rocks and block the way completely.”

Qin Lie looked toward Wei Li and the others and grinned. His smile was unbelievably bizarre and terrifying. “Tingting, If you think that these people can’t keep a secret, I can take care of them as well.”

Wei Li and the Nebula Pavilion youngsters nearly broke out into tears when he said this. They all swore on their lives that they would never reveal what happened today.

“The Feng Family is not an extraordinary force, so Shattered Ice Manor may not necessarily care about them. As for these two Dark Asura Hall martial practitioners, they came here in secret. Dark Asura Hall probably hasn’t even realized that they came to this place.” Qin Lie glanced at Wei Li and the others out of the corners of his eyes and said to Liu Ting, who still wasn’t able to completely calm down, “Even if we discount Guo Ying and Guo Hao, Dark Asura Hall may not necessarily pursue this matter. They are only two missing Manifestation Realm martial practitioners. To Dark Asura Hall, this is nothing but a small matter.”

“B-Big Brother Yao.” Liu Ting looked at him pitifully.

“I’ll hide in the Arctic Mountain Range momentarily. I’ll come look for you at Nebula Pavilion after a while.” Qin Lie smiled at her and comforted her a couple of times. After her emotions stabilized, he then calmly left.