Spirit Realm Chapter 1504: See Your Sincerity


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"If Young Master does not believe us, we can attack immediately."

Li Xin knelt, his eyes flashing with bloody light, his expression eager for a fight.

He clearly saw Qin Lie's thoughts.

Qin Lie frowned. "You have such ability?"

The human six forces and the Giant Dragon Race had attacked Shattered Ice Realm together and suffered a great loss.

Just the Evil Dragon Race could kill all the Profound Ice Family members?

"Haha, not just the Evil Dragon Race." Li Xin grinned cruelly and said, "Also my subordinates. They should be very satisfied with the blood of God Race clansmen."

At his words, he licked the corners of his lips.

"Another madman," Qin Lie thought inside.

He finally understood why Jiang Zhuzhe and Lieyan Yuan got together.

Li Xin might have been a reason that Jiang Zhuzhe had any importance. The two were practically the same!

Both were mad.

"Right now, in the Evil Dragon Race, each rank ten evil dragon is equal in power to a Great Lord of the Abyss," Li Xin snarled. "They have extensive experience on battlefields where enemies were on the same level as the Abyss Devils!"

Qin Lie was shocked.

The Evil Dragon Race had disappeared with Lieyan Yuan back then. With Lieyan Yuan's skill and power, it would not be difficult for him to completely transform the Evil Dragon Race.

Curtis and the others had fought in the Frost Desolation Abyss with Cadak for a while. Their strength far surpassed martial practitioners of the same rank in Boluo Realm. Why couldn't the evil dragons be the same?

From this, he could see that Li Xin, who dared to call himself Blood Emperor, was stronger than the eight-level Soul Altar experts of the six forces.

Also, according to him, he had many subordinates...

Jiang Zhuzhe and he had the same personality. Qin Lie knew the madness of Jiang Zhuzhe's Blood Drinkers.

He suddenly believed in Li Xin's words.

If Li Xin and the Evil Dragon Race really listened to him and attacked the Shattered Ice Realm, he felt that the Profound Ice Family would not be able to fight back.

"Why hasn't the patriarch of the Evil Dragon Race come?" Qin Lie said coldly. "If they are truly swearing loyalty, they should show more sincerity."

"If Young Master needs, I can immediately arrange for them to come." Li Xin's eyes lit up. He said, "The reason I did not have the evil dragons follow is because I feared causing misunderstanding here. Of course, now that Young Master has given agreement, I do not have to worry about that any longer. Should I arrange for them to come? His expression was a face of sincerity.

Qin Lie shook his head. "No need."

Li Xin hesitated and said, "What does Young Master truly think?"

"Do you really listen to me?" Qin Lie said.

"Of course." Li Xin was confident.

Qin Lie glanced at Hayley and Vanessa who were kneeling together and said, "What do you prepare to do next?"

Li Xin did not look at the two Sea Race women and answered seriously, "The Sea Race and Asura Race have been very unfriendly to the Evil Dragon Race in the past. The realms of these two races are fairly close. We are prepared to take it down as well."

Qin Lie rubbed his chin, thought for a moment, and asked Hayley, "Who do you want to see die from the Sea Race?"

"Bash, Edie, Charlene..." Hayley reported a string of names in excitement.

Qin Lie nodded and said to Li Xin, "Did you hear that?"

Li Xin said, "Yes."

"Then do it" Qin Lie smiled. "Let me see your sincerity."

"Alright." Li Xin grinned and moved to leave.

"Wait a moment." Qin Lie shouted and said, "I hope to keep our relationship secret."

"Of course." Li Xin nodded and disappearing, becoming a bloody beam.

Hayley and Vanessa were overjoyed.

They were shocked at Qin Lie's strength. They had not expected the person who had upended Asura Realm and caused them to be unable to sleep came to swear loyalty to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie's simple words let Sea Cloud Realm avoid a calamity and would also have the other Sea Kings that opposed Spid die.

Because of Qin Lie's words, the situation of the Sea Race would be reversed.

Previously, Hayley and Vanessa had been slightly discontent at becoming Qin Lie's soul servants.

Now they felt no discontent at all.

"Master," Hayley said first.

Vanessa hesitated and said warmly, "Master."

Qin Lie had no pride on his face. He frowned and looked at the two Sea Race women on the ground. He said, "When the Blood Emperor finishes the matter of Sea Cloud Realm, you will give me a thread of your soul and become my soul slaves."

The Sea Race women hurriedly nodded.

Qin Lie's expression shifted. He suddenly said, "What about Han Qian?"

Vanessa's face turned pained. She murmured, "Give, give me a bit more time..."

Qin Lie stared at her for a while, before wordlessly leaving.

"I-is he?" Vanessa became more uncertain.

Hayley frowned and said, "You’d better persuade that girl soon."

Vanessa sighed deeply.


Simultaneously at the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar just returned and learned from Miao Fengtian that the Cullen Family members wanted to see him.

After thinking for a second he figured out the reason and headed towards them.

He was in his human form.

The Cullen Family had several hundred members stationed at a corner of Cadak's territory.

When he came, Hester was immediately alarmed and immediately shouted.

Soon, Carey, Naji, Serine, and other Cullen Family members hurriedly came.

Facing his rank nine bloodline Blood Soul Beast avatar, Carey, and Serine did not detect anything unusual.

They thought that the Qin Lie in front of them was actually Qin Lie.

Serine had a soul connection for a time with the Dark Soul Beast skull, and had no connection the Blood Soul Beast.

"You wanted to see me?" Qin Lie said.

"We heard the Evil Dragon Race invaded Asura Realm!" Carey, the patriarch of the Cullen Family, was extremely excited. "Has the old patriarch of the Blaze Family returned to Spirit Realm?"

Qin Lie glanced at him and said, "So what if he has?"

Carey's eyes flashed. He seemed to be slightly worried and didn't speak nonsense.

Qin Lie immediately saw through his thoughts. "You want to lead the Cullen Family back to Asura Realm?"

Carey hesitated slightly but still nodded and said, "When the Blaze Family patriarch had been present before, the Cullen Family ruled Asura Realm."

"Oh." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, "So that's how it was. Then return to Asura Realm. I will not stop you."

Carey's eyes lit up.

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