Spirit Realm Chapter 1491: In Danger


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Vermillion Bird Realm.

The volcano that had stayed active for countless years was still spouting lava and fire relentlessly. The thick, burning liquid formed many streams as they crawled down the body of the volcano.

The fiery streams gave off scarlet smokes, and they attracted the Vermillion Birds because they contained a rich amount of fire spirit energy.

Hundreds of low rank Vermillion Birds were playing or cultivating next to the fiery streams at the foot of the volcano. They looked like scarlet chicks at a distance.

The Vermillion Birds inhaled and exhaled fire spirit energy to improve their bloodlines as soon as possible

Tong Ying, Tong Yan, and Tong Zhenzhen were also standing at the mouth of the volcano.

They had shedded their human forms long time ago and were bathing inside hot lava in their original forms.

They too were greedily absorbing the rich fire spirit energy inside the lava.

After Qin Lie had ventured into the heart of the volcano, and after the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor had left Vermillion Bird Realm, the entire realm was undergoing a change.

All nearby volcanoes had been spouting lava and fire non-stop as of late. The fire spirit energy surrounding Vermillion Bird Realm had been increasing day by day as well.

Every Vermillion Bird living there, including a number of other creatures that could only cultivate the fire spirit energy since birth, was in a frenzied state as of late.

Everyone was excited to the core.

Curtis and the Lizard Progenitor were present at the mouth of the volcano as well. However, unlike the denizens of Vermillion Bird Realm, they spent their entire day resting with their eyes closed.

They could communicate with Qin Lie, who was currently at the bottom of the volcano. They knew that Qin Lie still needed some time to finish his cultivation completely.

Naturally, they were also aware of the terrible tragedies that were ravaging Spirit Realm recently…

Curtis suddenly broke out of his meditation and stared at the distant sky with a chilly look.

The Lizard Progenitor was growling as well.

They had both sensed a strange ripple of spatial energy spreading little by little from the sky some distance away.

Tong Yan let out a cry in her Vermillion Bird form.

“Who is it?” Curtis yelled in a low tone.

At the distance, scarlet clouds that looked like flames suddenly flew towards them.

At the same time, bright spatial rifts suddenly flashed out of the fiery clouds and cut the space around it to pieces.


A thin old man with treacherous features suddenly flew out of the spatial rift and stopped right above the mouth of the volcano.

The thin old man had black hair and black eyes, but it only took him three seconds to change them all back to blue color.

“The Spirit Race!” Both Curtis and Tong Yan’s expressions had changed at once.

They had both been fighting in the Frost Desolation Abyss, and the Abyss Devils had told them one way or another about the powerful transcendent bloodline races that controlled the outer realms.

Anyone who had blue hair and blue eyes was a Spirit Race clansman. That was how they had identified the newcomer’s identity immediately.

“My name is Narsen, I am the patriarch of the Satorius Family. The two of you may not know me, but I am certain that the man sitting at the bottom of this volcano will recognize me.” Narsen laughed maliciously after he had regained his true appearance.

“This is the Vermillion Bird Realm, the home realm of the Vermillion Bird Race. Why have you come here if you are a Spirit Race clansman?” Tong Ying declared.

“I’m here for business, of course,” Narsen said coldly.

“The Vermillion Bird Race is a part of the Ancient Beast Race. They will not forgive you if you dare cause harm to the Vermillion Bird Realm!” Tong Ying threatened.

Narsen shot her a look of astonishment, “Did a lowly rank nine being just threaten me? Who do you think you are?”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Dazzling spatial blades at least a thousand meters long suddenly appeared and flew towards Tong Ying.

Tong Ying screamed and tried to retreat.

Next to her, Tong Yan and Tong Zhenzhen were subconsciously retreating in terror as well.


Narsen declared quietly.

Suddenly, Tong Ying’s aged form froze in midair as if she had been shackled in space.

Both Tong Zhenzhen and Tong Yan seized the opening to dodge out of the way.


The spatial blades easily cut Tong Ying’s body into a dozen or so pieces.

Then, a pitch black light appeared where her corpse was and devoured everything in the blink of an eye.

The rank nine Tong Ying was killed just like that. She didn’t even leave behind a corpse.

“Ah!” Tong Zhenzhen let out a terrible scream.

“Don’t! We’re no match for him!” Tong Yan grabbed her tightly so as to prevent her from charging Narsen in a fit of rage.

“Move aside.” Narsen shot a glance at the Lizard Progenitor and Curtis before declaring indifferently, “The two of you may be slightly stronger than that red bird, but only slightly. You’re nowhere strong enough to stop me, so get out of my way while you still can.”

Neither Curtis nor the Lizard Progenitor had moved an inch from their spots. They kept communicating with Qin Lie with their soul thoughts while Narsen was speaking.

Qin Lie at the bottom of the volcano, the Dark Soul Beast avatar at Spirit Realm, and the Blood Soul Beast avatar at the Frost Desolation Abyss immediately noticed the attack.

Qin Lie’s submerged Soul Altar suddenly flew back up before merging with his real body once more.

Then, Qin Lie floated up to the surface and tried to use his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline ability to open a star door.


However, an unnatural ripple of spatial energy suddenly struck him like a giant wave.

He felt like his bloodline had taken a direct hit. He had actually failed to open his star door.

Qin Lie was stunned by this outcome.

“The Spirit Race had captured every last Demon Spirit of Space and Time that was born in the abyss passageway and brought them back to the Spirit World for research. We are familiar with its bloodline characteristics, and we are capable of blocking their bloodline abilities.” Narsen’s chilly voice came slowly from above. “I’d made preparations beforehand after knowing that your true body is hiding beneath this volcano. Your star door isn’t the only thing that has been sealed, you will not be able to use the Vermillion Bird Realm’s realm entrance to summon reinforcements as well.”

“From this moment onwards, the Vermillion Bird Realm is under my complete control!”

Narsen declared confidently.

Qin Lie slowly rose out of the mouth of the volcano. His tempered body looked like as red as hot iron.

“Did Oktan die at the Flaming Sun Abyss?” Narsen’s indifference expression was suddenly distorted by a wave of terrible sadness. “He was my beloved grandson. I had such high hopes for him. He should’ve been able to become the next patriarch of the Spirit Race.”

“Both Thamur and him had died at the Flaming Sun Abyss,” Qin Lie said coldly.

“No, he’s the only one who had died. Thamur wouldn’t have died so easily.” Narsen shook his head. “Thamur is a Soul Race clansman, and the entity that had shown up in the Origin World and the Flaming Sun Abyss was only his subsoul. If his main soul had never surfaced, if even I have no idea where his main soul currently is, then how can he possibly be dead?”

“That was just his subsoul!?” Qin Lie was absolutely shocked.

“Yes, that is correct.” Narsen nodded. “That is why my grandson is the only one who had died there!”

His eyes suddenly turned dark and murderous.

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