Spirit Realm Chapter 1276: No Longer One of Us...


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The rays of purple soul threads flashed towards the three fleeing devils.

"Vicente! Do not let them escape!" Diga shouted.

The three high rank Abyss Devils were closest to Vicente, and two of them were clearly his subordinates.

"He does not need to act," Ling Yushi said coolly.

The soul threads under her control sped up, turning into needles that stabbed into the backs of their heads.


Wisps of light purple flame erupted from the trio's skulls. Their souls seemed to be burning as they screamed.

Three balls of green ghostfire, only as big as a thumbnail, flew out into the open.

When the three dots of ghostfire appeared, Thamur’s soul presence immediately appeared.

"Qin Lie! I will not forgive you!"

The dark green ghostfire gave a weak soul thought filled with fury and unwillingness.

Yet Ling Yushi's purple soul threads caught up to them and wrapped around Thamur's remnant souls.

The three remnant souls were burned by the purple fire.

Thamur's remnant souls roared in the dark purple fire and then quieted.

The three Abyss Devils who had been fleeing suddenly became silent.

Everyone could see that the three devils had become soulless a long time ago. They had been controlled by a thread of Thamur’s soul to move and act.

This meant that Thamur had been hiding in the shadows like a snake using the three Abyss Devil puppets and observed them.

Their fights, conversations, plans, and individuals strengths were all in Thamur's grasp.

The Abyss Devils who had doubted Qin Lie grew silent.

Enos and Vicente were also frowning.

Qin Lie looked in shock at Ling Yushi and said, "How did you... suddenly become so powerful?"

"Sister awakened a powerful bloodline latent ability in the Origin World, and one's comprehension of the soul grows deeper near the Origin Sea." Ling Xuanxuan came over and stood next to Diga. She said, "All of us have cultivated near the Origin Sea and it has helped our cultivation greatly."

Ling Yushi smiled slightly. "Entering this secret realm has been good fortune to us."

"While we did encounter some difficulties, each day we stay in this secret realm, we make new breakthroughs," Ling Feng said with a smile.

For some reason, seeing Qin Lie arrive, the Ling Family members relaxed.

Not long ago, they were filled with terror and anxiousness as they fought the God Race.

They did not have the confidence they could survive the combined forces of the five families.

Hao Jie, who had fused with Flesh Filling Tombstone, had almost endless bloodline power. He alone had killed a dozen high rank Abyss Devils.

Cang Ye of the Darkness Family, Ming Xu of the Light Family, and Xuan Luo all possessed extraordinary battle prowess.

They saw many high rank Abyss Devils die to these God Race experts.

If Diga hadn’t taken care of them and arranged for them to stay away from the frontlines, they would not have survived up until that point.

They felt that if the battle continued, they would not be able to escape.

Until Qin Lie came. They felt everything could change—they blindly trusted Qin Lie!

Especially Ling Xuanxuan.

For many years, each time Ling Family was in great danger, if Qin Lie appeared, even the greatest of difficulties would be resolved.

The miracles each time caused Ling Xuanxuan to believe Qin Lie had the miraculous ability to resolve all situations.

At this time, Qin Lie turned around and said to Cang Ye, Ming Xu and the others, "Oktan and Thamur fought the Spirit, Bone, and Winged Races just now. They should be taking their time to recover. Once they are done, they will come to the Origin Sea to fight you!"

After a short pause, he continued, "I suggest you all sit down and recover your bloodline power to prepare for Oktan and Thamur’s arrival."

"Oh, this is the wisest way." Ming Xu of the Light Family sat down with an aloof expression and ordered his subordinates. "Do not fight to the death. Recover your bloodline power. Soon, we will fight new enemies..."

When he said this, Ming Xu thought for a moment.

His eyes suddenly flashed.

He looked towards the Abyss Devils led by Ling Yushi and Diga and said coldly, "After defeating Oktan and Thamur, we will continue our battle."

Qin Lie's expression changed at this.

Ling Yushi also frowned.

Diga also laughed and said, "Yes, even if Thamur and Oktan are dead, we cannot avoid a fight."

Qin Lie suddenly stood up and said with a dark expression, "You have to fight to the death?"

He glared towards Ming Xu.

He had always felt the leader of the Light Family was the calmest out of the five families’ leaders.

Several times, Ming Xu had agreed with him and made the wisest choice.

He thought that after exposing Thamur and Oktan, these God Race clansmen would stop fighting the Abyss Devils.

He thought that Ming Xu would be the one to appease the God Race.

He had not expected that Ming Xu, who he thought was the calmest, would state they would not stop fighting the Abyss Devils after killing Thamur and Oktan.

"Do not feel you actually understand me." Ming Xu gave a strange smile and said, "Too many members of the five families have died by the hands of these Abyss Devils. Hong Kai, Levy, Yan Feng, and many of the Profound Ice Family members earlier. These deaths mean we cannot celebrate with these Abyss Devils. You don’t really think that your arrival can really change all this, do you? Also, there is only one Origin Crystal in the Origin Sea. Anyone who obtains that crystal can easily kill everyone else."

He shook his head and said seriously, "In any case, I will not allow that Origin Crystal to land in the hands of a foreign race."

Pausing, he looked at Qin Lie and said, "I only believe my own people. And you, from now on, are no longer one of us."

"Ming Xu is right." Nan Qi’s expression was cold as he said, "He has a Abyss Devil fiancee, he is not one of us!"

Cang Ye of the Darkness Family frowned and was silent.

Hao Jie of the Bloodthirst Family nodded slowly.

More of the God Race clansmen heard Ming Xu's words and nodded.

Suddenly, because of Ming Xu, Qin Lie was kicked out of the group.