Spirit Realm Chapter 1091: Migrate


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Chapter 1091: Migrate

Under the ground.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar kept using its transformation ability again and again to familiarize itself with the skill.

“I’ll have to leave this place for a while.”

One day, the Soul Beast avatar muttered this to itself after it transformed into a human.

At the same time, his human self had just passed through the secret realm entrance and arrived at Boluo Realm. Then, he created a star door to the underground cavern and walked through it.

His human self and his avatar stood face to face inside the dark underground space and observed each other. They looked exactly the same as each other.

Suddenly, two identical smiles sprung on his human self and the avatar’s faces.

Nearby, a few Asura soul slaves cultivated quietly on the floor with their heads bowed.

They knew that both Qin Lie actually belonged to the same person.

However, they ultimately thought that the Soul Beast avatar was the primary of the duo because it was stronger.

In two days, Qin Lie would be leading an expedition made up of the Land of Chaos’ elite forces and entering the Abyss.

He could create a star door directly from Soul Summoning Island using Curtis as a medium.

However, that would deplete much of his bloodline energy.

Spirit Realm and the Abyss were impossibly far apart from each other. The amount of bloodline energy necessary to create a star door that linked the two realms was many, many times bigger than the amount of bloodline energy necessary to create a star door within the same realm.

Moreover, he needed to power the star door constantly to keep it open and stable.

The Land of Chaos entrees numbered around several hundreds to a thousand. It would take way too much bloodline energy to create a star door for all of them.

Moreover, he was only in the Nirvana Realm with a rank seven bloodline. At his current power, he couldn’t maintain the stability of the star door for long.

That was why this method was out of the question.

This meant that he could only borrow the white bone altar inside the underground space.

It would be better if the Soul Beast avatar went somewhere else while the Land of Chaos’ forces were entering the Abyss. It was too conspicuous otherwise.

“Let’s head into Boluo Realm’s space and get ready to attack Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s party. They shouldn’t be far away now.”

The moment he thought this, he used his soul consciousness to lock onto the Asura soul servant who had ventured into the outer space with Teng Yuan and his group earlier.

Then, he forcefully manifested a star door that linked directly to the outer space.

He could clearly sense his bloodline energy flowing out of him at a tremendous rate.


A moment later, a brilliant star door finally entered his view.

The Soul Beast avatar went through it instantly.

His real body then canceled the outflow of bloodline energy in a hurry. It caused the star door to suddenly explode and vanish.

Qin Lie’s face had obviously turned a little pale as he sucked in a deep breath of relief.

He had used up at least one quarter of his bloodline energy although the star door hadn’t lasted more than an instant.

He definitely could open star doors to places where his soul was present with the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline, but the amount of bloodline energy that was used vastly differed from the norm if the destination location happened to be very, very far away.

The cost to travel to a nearby location within the same realm using a star door was minimal.

But the amount of bloodline energy required to travel between realms would probably challenge the limits of his imagination.


The Demon Sealing Tombstone that was also called the Flesh Filling Tombstone heeded his mental call and appeared above his head.

Visible lines of refined flesh and blood energy poured down the Demon Sealing Tombstone like rivers of energy.

The refined flesh and blood energy went into his heart, head, and glabella.

As his depleted bloodline energy was being replenished, he slowly recovered from tiredness.

Meanwhile, he looked at the underground white bone altar and frowned slightly.

This underground space was completely sealed off. Therefore, he had to use a star door every time he came in and out of here.

The Land of Chaos experts had to go through the white bone altar if they wished to step into the Abyss.

Obviously, this meant that he needed to create a star door to this underground space.

Sure enough, the amount of bloodline energy required to create a star door within the same realm was far less than creating a star door directly to the Abyss using Curtis as a medium.

But what about the next trip?

In the future, the experts of the Silver rank forces would be travelling in and out of the Abyss. After taking out Lunar Temple and Sun Palace, Teng Yuan and his group would be travelling to the Abyss as well. He couldn’t possibly open a star door every time they wished to make a trip, could he? His real self would turn into a glorified and overused teleportation formation.

Obviously, this wasn’t a long-term solution.

“It’s either moving this white bone altar out of this place, or building a new underground teleportation formation…” He considered his options.

About eight minutes later, Qin Lie came to a decision.

He looked at the Asura soul servants and instructed. “Take the white bone altar apart.”

The soul servants moved into action after their initial surprise was over.

The altar that was made using the gigantic bones of many abyss devils was quickly taken apart under his soul slaves’ cooperation.

Qin Lie personally kept a frozen devil heart that could serve as a core of the teleportation formation in safety.

The heart came from a Lord of the Abyss. The Soul Beast and its soul servants had cooperated with each other and killed it at that icy level he went to earlier.

The reason the white bone altar was able to connect straight to the Abyss was all thanks to this Abyss Devil’s heart.

Since his fusion with the Soul Beast was progressing by day, he grew confident in his abilities to rebuild the white bone altar.

That was why he dared to take apart the all important gateway to the Abyss.

It took the Soul Altar experts six full hours to take apart the white bone altar completely.

Once they were done, Qin Lie contacted Zhuang Jing with his soul.

This time, he gave the other side of the star door a cursory look first before passing through.

“The Ancient Beast Race’s territory…”

After confirming his destination, he finally passed through the star door.

He was quickly followed by a group of dark-faced, icy-looking Soul Altar Asura elders. They were carrying the gigantic Abyss Devil bones.

Right now, Zhuang Jing was at a valley of the Vermillion Bird Race.

She was conversing with Lin Jie about something.

Qin Lie’s sudden appearance and the Asura elders’ unusual labor obviously caught her by surprise.

Lin Jie didn’t dare to say a word either.

After a few days had passed, Qin Lie no longer felt entirely the same about Zhuang Jing.

In the past, he thought nothing of her. The only reason he didn’t kill her was because he had made her a promise.

Even not long ago, Zhuang Jing was nothing more but a useful medium to him.

That really was all.

But after he had sex with Zhuang Jing in the bathroom, he couldn’t help but be tempted by her enticing appearance when he met her once more.

“Master, my, my bloodline just reached rank seven. You showed up before I got a chance to tell you...”

Once Zhuang Jing got over her surprise, she stood up and saluted Qin Lie beautifully and smilingly.

“It actually works, huh…” Qin Lie thought to himself before nodding, “Very good.”

“It’s all thanks to you, master.” Zhuang Jing pursed her lips as a seductive look appeared on her face. Even the tip of her brows seemed to be overflowing with charm.

Lin Jie looked back and forth between the horny-looking Zhuang Jing and Qin Lie. The hint of a blush suddenly colored her cheeks.

She had abruptly recalled the lecherous scene behind the bathroom door when Qin Lie left the place not long ago.

Today, Zhuang Jing was clearly inviting Qin Lie for more promiscuous action. It both surprised and disgusted her.

“This horny wench…” Lin Jie swore in her own head.

Suddenly, they all sensed the powerful soul presence of a Rank Nine Vermillion Bird heading their way hurriedly.

Tong Yan had just returned to Boluo Realm. She already knew that Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the others had secretly slipped to the outer space to ambush the martial practitioners of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.

While Teng Yuan and Nivitt were gone, it was her duty to protect the Ancient Beast Race.

Naturally, the Asura Race Soul Altar experts’ auras hadn’t escaped her perception.

Afraid that danger had befallen them, Tong Yan quickly flew out of her cultivation room and rushed over.

At nearly the same time, Carey of the Cullen Family turned pale with fright.

“I sense my kin! Several!”

Carey cried out and before rushing over too.

“Put down the stuff and head back for now.” Qin Lie ordered quickly.

The Asura elders threw down the gigantic Abyss Devil bones, bowed at him and returned to the underground cave on the other side of the star door.

By the time Tong Yan had arrived, the three Asura clansmen had vanished, and the star door had gradually disappeared.

Ten or so seconds later, Carey finally appeared with a look of confusion. Absolutely nothing was left by the time he arrived.

Tong Yan was going to ask Qin Lie something, but a frown immediately sprung to her face when she saw Carey. She scolded him without mercy, “You are in the Ancient Beast Race’s territory. We may have allowed you to stay in this place, but that doesn’t mean you can travel wherever you want to!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself because I sensed the soul aura of a kin just now. Please forgive me,” Carey apologized.

He was in the Ancient Beast Race’s territory, and the Cullen Family was currently relying on the Ancient Beast Race’s charity. Naturally, he had to act cautiously.

As the head of the Cullen Family, he didn’t want to cause the death of his family with his recklessness.

This was especially true considering how powerful the Rank Nine Vermillion Bird Tong Yan was.

She was so powerful he felt like he had zero chance of beating her.

“Please leave now!” Tong Yan snorted.

Carey shot Qin Lie an embarrassed look. He looked like he wanted to say something.

Qin Lie maintained an indifferent expression and kept quiet. He obviously wasn’t going to help Carey out here.

Carey sighed quietly and clasped his hands in respect. He had no choice but to leave them.

“Those Asura clansmen. Are they…” Tong Yan frowned slightly as she chose her words. “Are they your… tamed subordinates?”

She had obviously heard some news from the departed Teng Yuan and Nivitt.

“Yes, it’s them.” Qin Lie didn’t try to conceal the truth from her. He pointed at the giant bones at their feet and said, “We can build an altar that connects to another realm with these bones. Once Teng Yuan and the others have returned from the other realms, the Ancient Beast Race and the other races of Boluo Realm can gather their strength and go hunt in that realm.”

“Do you need my help?” Tong Yan’s eyes lit up.

“Please help me move these over there.” Qin Lie pointed at the seven continents floating nearby.

“Alright.” Tong Yan nodded.

She actually didn’t ask for any details at all.