Spending My Retirement In A Game Chapter 471: Bow, and Pillar Prep


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"Argon." Eisen said with a smile on his face as he approached the Paladin Half-Dragon with the items in hand, and swiftly handed them over to him, "The boots are supposed to support your movement through increased speed and agility, and you can actually stop your movement with them more easily as well. The Guantlets should let you fight like you normally do, just with a bit of extra punch, you know? For once through the fact that they're made of metal, and then because they're made to increase the flow of your Holy Energy." The old man explained, before Argon looked at them rather excitedly.

"These seem quite amazing... I will try them out right away!" Argon exclaimed, although Eisen managed to clam him down rather quickly, "Or how about you wait until you all have your weapons, and then your spar a bit in the Dungeon?" The old man suggested, since he didn't want Argon to just go ahead and use his proper Holy Energy-based moves inside of this actually rather tight smithy.

"Oh, that sounds even better!" He replied enthusiastically, and with a slight sigh, Eisen turned toward the next one of them. "Selena, I'll need your help next." Eisen told her, and the Silver Half-Dragoness swiftly stepped up toward him.

"Yours might take a little longer to complete because I need to prepare the special materials first. But it's going to be worth it, trust me. Do you have a specific element yet?" The old man asked her, and with no hesitation, she nodded her head.

"Yes, I do! It's a rather common element for those that grew up on the Island... 'Draconic'." She explained, and Eisen raised his brows in response when he heard the name of that element, "Is that so..?" He asked, and then placed his hand onto the Dragoness' arm, slightly surprising her.

"Wh-What are you..?" She asked nervously, and Eisen looked back at her surprised, "I'm trying to ability-enchant this gem with your element to make a material-infuser." Eisen pointed out, so Selena quickly nodded her head embarrassedly, "Of course, of course, go ahead!" She exclaimed, so Eisen just slightly sighed and did just what he said he would, although there was something else he wanted to ask about as well.

"Other than for your Staff, could I make use of your element for another project of mine? I will be working on it in a few days from now, but it would be great if I could. It would be an amazing addition." The old man pointed out, although he was still hiding what exactly that 'project' was all about. It was rather obvious that it had to do with Eisen's new skill, and since it was a pretty mysterious skill in itself, everyone was rather curious about what kind of project he wanted to gather a 'Draconic' element for, including Selena herself, of course.

"Y-Yes, go ahead... If you need my help with anything else, let me know!" She exclaimed, so Eisen just greatfully nodded his head in response and then started to construct the proper infusion system, quickly starting on creating the different materials he wanted to make use of for the staff. Luckily, Denmir allowed Eisen to do this here as well, something that the old man was rather happy about, since he didn't want to do all this somewhere where just anyone would be able to see.

"Now, Rudia." Eisen said next, looking over at the Red Half-Dragoness, who was patiently waiting for her turn, although it seemed like Morgus was a bit annoyed that he would be getting his own item last out of the group. Even then, at least he knew how to stay silent sometimes, so that was a good quality for him to have.

"Alright, tell me, what kind of Archery are you focused on? Long range, short range, mobile..?" Eisen asked curiously, and Rudia slowly thought about it for a moment before scratching the back of her neck, "I would say I'm most confident in short range archery... I'm also confident in my shooting speed... Like, dynamic archery while in actual combat, you know?" She asked the old man, and he swiftly nodded his head in response.

"I get what you mean. A Shortbow it is, then." The old man said with a satisfied smile, and then grabbed some of the wood that he asked Sigurd to leave behind before leaving, before starting to plan the actual bow out, trying to figure out what enchantments might be the best to be put onto this bow, and then he just got started with the carving.

First things first, Eisen created the rough structure of the bow's body using a stiff, but at the same time relatively elastic, piece of wood, and then used some threads made using a metal-crystal mixture as the base, the crystal of course having been enchanted with Rudia's Archery Skill.

And using this bowstring, Eisen then started to test the flexibility of the bow to carve away at some parts to make sure it could really be used properly, before then starting to enchant the bow with different important enchantments.

Of course there were the basic ones that were supposed to help with the drawspeed and the speed of the arrow itself, but then there was also something else that Eisen wanted to test out with the help of Sal's Marionette element.

He enchanted a gem with it and placed it onto the center of the bow's body, right where the arrow would travel by, literally touching the gem while at it, and then started working on a little bit of a system for that.

Basically, the gem, when mana was pushed inside of it to activate it, was supposed to create something like a small crosshair, that Eisen created using the similar system he came up with for the setting-menus, in front of the user's eye.

And then that crosshair could be used to mark the next target that the Marionette-threads would be able to use. Because what they were supposed to do was pull the Arrow directly toward the target that was 'marked' using the crosshair.

Just like that, the Arrows would hopefully end up being literally guided toward the target, something that should be able to help with the mobile archery especially.

Of course it wouldn't replace the need for proper aim, since all the Marionette-Threads should be able to do is slightly 'fix' the arrow's trajectory.

Either way, it should help a little bit at least, that's what the old man was hoping for. And so, within just a few hours, a high-grade shortbow was finished that the Half-Dragoness could make use of from now on.

It actually became rather late in the day, now that Eisen thought about it. He would probably be able to start with Morgus' item if he hurried up now. Or at least, he could be able to start setting everything up to be able to make Morgus' item tomorrow morning, so that he could then make Selena's staff with the finished magic materials and make use of the rest of the time he had to try his very best to rank his Magic Craftsmanship skill up as much as he could by creating different items that should help him level up more quickly in the future, while also making the trip to see the next Ancient Dragon a fair bit easier.

"Rudia." The old man said as he pulled on the bowstring a few more times and handed the shortbow over, making the Half-Dragoness look at the item more than just excitedly. "This is truly incredible, Eisen. Thank you!" She exclaimed, although she seemed to be quite eager to test it out as soon as she could.

"Parc and Rouge will make some arrows for you to test it out in the Dungeon during that Spar tomorrow, so don't worry." Eisen said with a smile on his face, before Rudia quickly nodded her head and then joined Argos in admiring their new items to fight with, before Morgus came up to the old man.

"So, you're making my item now?" The Black Half-Dragon asked in a deep, rough voice, and Eisen just smirked back at him, "I'll get started now. It's getting a bit late, and making your weapon is going to take a little longer than what I made for Argos and Rudia. It will be done tomorrow, don't worry." The old man explained, before Morgus sighed deeply, seemingly a bit annoyed, and even a little jealous, at the fact that the other two got their things before he did, but Eisen reassured him.

"Don't worry, the wait will be worth it, just like it will be for Selena." Eisen pointed out, and then held his hand outward, "Your arm, please." The old man said, and Morgus sighed deeply as he stretched his arm out, letting Eisen take the 'Pillar Combat' skill from him and enchant it into a fair amount of mana crystals, gems, and other crystals.

"Why do you need so many from me..?" Morgus asked with a bit of concern, and Eisen looked at him with a frown, "You've been fighting with a log so far, the item I'm making for you will be similar to that, just far, far better. It's going to have a fair bit more volume than their items." The old man explained, before Morgus simply slowly nodded his head in response.

"Err... I guess that makes sense." He replied, so Eisen just nodded, "Of course it does. Now, come on and help me grab the materials." Eisen told him with a sigh, and before making his way to the material storage, made his way over toward Denmir who was getting ready to finish up for the day himself.

"There anythin' I can help ya with?" The Dwarf asked curiously, and Eisen swiftly nodded his head in response, "Yes, actually. I need to use a large, large amount of metal. It's too much for me to say that I'm taking your offer to have it for free. So I'll pay you for the materials in advance." The old man explained, before Denmir raised his brows and then looked at the old man curiously.

"Ye're gonna use that much..? What materials do ya need?" Denmir asked, and Eisen quickly explained the two main materials he wanted to make use of, "Mostly it's Steel, maybe 80 to 90% of it, and the rest is silver. Well, Mythril, but my own type of mythril, so I'll be needing silver."

"Hmm, then I get ya. Alright, just show me how much ya need and then we'll speak 'bout the price for everythin'." Denmir suggested, quickly wiping his hands and forehead clean from dirt and sweat before following the old man and Black Half-Dragon into the material storage, where Eisen immediately started grabbing immense, truly immense, ammounts of steel and silver at the level that Denmir didn't really expect, nearly taking two thirds of Denmir's storage of either of those metals.

"Wh-Why do ya need that much?" Denmir asked, and the old man just smirked, "To make an incredibly heavy metal pillar, that's why."
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