soulmate; life after death Chapter 9: I really missed you. .


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at the same time in yunsu room. .

little one slept next to yunsu and she patted his head..
little one with a slow voice and sleep eyes "thank you sister, for come back. .I really missed you"....
yunsu heard and look at him, he looked like a little teddy bear. cute and pure. .

she must have hurt him a lot
yunsu felt and guilty and sad at the same time. .
before that she could say anything to him, little one slept. ..
she touched his face gently and kissed his forehead. . " I'm sorry champ, to hurt you" yunsu mumbled . ..

yunsu close her eyes. .
there is pin-drop silent in the whole room...
"it was a murder" "it was a murder" ...
every of her nerve screaming that. was murder. it's someone plan to kill dad ..
there is really something..and it's not that simple that it looks. a perfect plan to destroy someone perfectly. .

suddenly yunsu opened her eyes. and picked her laptop. .
she searches all news about regarding accident. ....
a lot of news showing up on the laptop screen. ..
there some photos were also there. ..a drop of tear suddenly drops up on screen.
there was a burning house photo. .. yunsu touched screen,, "m-my house".... mumbled than she saw another photo. .
A burning house and four firemen holding a burned body, it was covered with a white tog, and they are taking it in the ambulance.
yunsu feels like hell after saw that, she shuts up the screen, and cried a long time . ..

dad, ,, yunsu mumbled and continue crying. ...

o..our house burned,, mom burned. .
you design it with your own hands every corner of our house and everything that you choose yourself. .it burned mom .our memories were burned. ..

after some time she calms and started reading the news again...
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