soulmate; life after death Chapter 7: what going on? ...


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grandma and old man are contented to saw those's really good that little one is close to her and had a strong bond with her. .

feng saw that girl again,...
he continues to gaze her than focused on his plat and some moments later again start watching her ...
ling saw Feng you gaze. .its little different when he usually saw other girls." what with this stare, could it be our single dog going to mingle.". ling thought ..

then he looked at old man. ."Is he also feel what he feels " ..old man saw ling and understand what's going on his mind.
ling saw old man face. .old man did not look happy but little worried. .than ling saw the girl. .she is looking down, for her like they do not even exist. ..

"what, what is going on "....ling whispered

yunsu stood up and is about ready to leave. .
little one picked her hand and said, sister, you forget me again? ?????
yunsu :- no I'm not. ...I'm leaving. . she looked at both grandparents and said in a slow vice. ..
grandma wants her to stay with them little more but old man agreed. ..
yunsu and little one left and Feng you watched her constantly disappearing ...
ling :-''_"....
grandma looked old man with a discontent look.
old man shut his eye's and continue eating. .

a moment later. ..
feng you and ling finished the dinner and about to leave. ..
feng you, asked old man "Is there any special matter to invite me "..

old man looked toward Feng you and said -"do I want to have a reason to invite my grandson to have dinner with me and spend some time with me"

feng you saw old woman and again looks toward old man and said calmly:- "no this not what I mean "

"it has been long since I saw you and spend time with you so I want you to come " old man said. .

feng you say nothing and stay silent. ..

you must be tried, go and have some rest we will talk in the morning. . old man said, ,
feng you :- yes, grandpa ..
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