soulmate; life after death Chapter 7: we can't leave and why would we leave. .


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little one, who sated on yunsu lap suddenly said,

what's going to out of control, sister. ..

yunsu saw him. his big blue eyes go bigger and his little innocent face gets worried.

"old man know what yunsu mean. their condition not really good ..

yun song side business has been robbed by his younger brother and all the shares, which were in the name of yun fan have, she has given them him too, after the accident she wanted to take both of her grandchildren home with her but her younger son already got everything done by his name and nothing is left in her hand, if he is not with them then God would know what happens with those three. ..

and song software company is also going down. another group continues aiming them.

there is the only option for them and that's the, win the competition otherwise the company will close."...

first, both of you eat something, then go grandma said.

no..I do not want to go school little one said with an fury tone. .

yunsu :- why do not you want to go? did something happen?

little one made a pouty face and said I don't like this school, I want to go back to my school..

grandma :- your school? she become puzzled why all of sudden he is saying it. everything was fine, he daily went school without complaining.

yunsu :- so you are saying that you do not like school here and want to go back UK.

right. .

grandma :- why.....grandma become restless she did not want let her grandchildrens go again. what IF she agreed to going back.

she looked at first grandma than little one; he is not like other child who try to escape to going school than why he is making excuse, what happened champ, yunsu said with a curious tone. why are saying that.

sister, here's children's, they keep annoying me and all of they said as your parents left you, everyone would leave you like that, he said a slow voice. sister sister let's go back..I want to meet my friends..little one said with his teary eyes

after hearing his word, yunsu feels like an arrow hit her heart. she didn't say anything at that moment but keep looking him, how much he suffer when she was not around him.

what? siyu never said anything to me, in these days he becomes close to me but he never said that he is being bully in school, he is sharing this because his sister is here, no matter what, we really had lots of distance between us, grandma thought. .

sister, we are going back right, little one again said. .

yunsu put her hand on his head and said you want to run away, little one said nothing and keep looking her with a anxious face.

she try to convince him, it not a good thing to run away from fear of our problems and if we take a part in it, then it becomes a big problem in front of us. .

little one still not said anything but his eyes keep begging her to leave.

yunsu raised him up from her lap and stood in front of her. she touched his face with her both hands and said look champ, I know you are a brave boy, nobody is going to leaving you. everyone here with you. don't be scared okay, but we can't leave and why would we leave .it's our country our home ...

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