soulmate; life after death Chapter 6: you big fat liar. ..


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ling woke up from his daydream and hurriedly said:- yes sir, I have prepared everything, please take a look in these documents first. .

feng you :- Hmm..and what about UK project.

ling :- sir, all is prepared next month you have a meeting with them ....

feng you :- alright.

some time later they reached office. ..

at the same time , in yunsu room. she woke up late because she didn't sleep at night. .her eyes half opened and the whole room was full of sunlight. rubbing her eyes, she saw a little face. .

sister. ..sister. .

champ. ...yunsu said in sleepy voice. ..

little one :-did I woke up you? ?

yunsu :- no champ. ..but when you come and how long I was sleeping ..

little one suddenly hugged her and in a sweet voice:- goooooood morning, sisterrrr. ...

when they were in uk little one used woke up her and mostly slept with her.

sister, I'm sleeping next to you whole night don't you remember. little said with a surprised tone. ..

yunsu :- yes, I remember...

Actually at night. she was in her thought. she did not even remember that little one slept next to her.

little one:- sister you know I woke up early, and I want you woke up too but you were looking like an angel. I didn't dare. ..he said with glitter eyes....

yunsu hurriedly put him down on the bed and start tickling. you little monkey. you really good with words huh...

Ha..ha..ha. ..sister I'm telling the truth. don't do it, it's tickling. the whole room filled with his laughter. sister, please please. . yunsu became a huge fate liar...

no sister I swear,, you look like an angel.

OK...OK now stop planting butter and let's go for a shower. .

sister are we going together? little one asked with a shocked voice. .

so what if we go. ..yunsu replied.

noooo. .I'm a big boy now, How can I take shower with my sister. ..

yunsu looked at him dazzle just when did he become so big . she holds him in her arms and walked towards the bathroom. ..

no sister. .I don't want to shower with you. .

champ, I'm not going to take shower with you but lets brush your teeth with me. .

you really not going do, little one said .

no, I'm not. yunsu replied. .

and after taking shower both of them come down. ...

grandma and old man talking with each other. suddenly a sweet voice ringed in

their ears ..both of them turn around, they saw little one and yunsu coming near and yunsu is greeting them.

old man and grandma become astonished. .

yunsu grandma called her name with amaze tone. good morning grandma and Mr. Feng

yunsu, greeted them again. look man looked at her with the unsatisfied look..

no..I mean grandpa,good morning. .

old man with a smile. .hmm good morning, grandma quickly waved her hand and asked her to sit beside her. ..yunsu walk towards her and sat beside of her, little one sat on her lap. ..

grandma, hold her hand and with worry face child are you really ok. ..asked her.

yunsu pulled her hand in shock. and replied yes grandma I'm fine. .

she feels disgusted when grandma touched her hand, like she again going to touch by other. . but when little one hugged her she didn't feel anything like.

grandma amazed by her sudden action but she understands her situation, it's not that much easy for her,

that. .I ..I just. .yunsu tried to explain about her sudden action but grandma stopped her in middle and put her hand on her head and said; child I know you didn't do on purpose,

don't rush with your self, take your time we are always here for you. ..

yunsu eyes filled up, grandma comfort he by patting her head and repeat her words' it alright, it alright su. ..

she leaves a deep breath and herself clam, everyone stay silent for some time, after while she broke the silence and speak up grandma I'm going to get admission in MBA. .

grandma become dump founded. what happened all of sudden. she came in night for dinner and in the morning she talked normally, that the good sign but her recent action. ....

she disgusts if she gets touched by other than why all of sudden, she wants to go college.

is not your school today champ. .yunsu asked with a curious look. .

grandma and old man look each other, wait she is not asking for permission, she is telling us that she is going to college ..

grandma start worrying for her.

yunsu looks both of them face and saw their anxiety face. she don't wants to make them worry. she answered:-grandma, I'm fine...I can handle myself and it's already late if I take more time than maybe we going to lose everything ..yunsu said with a calm voice

grandma still not satisfied with her answer

it's good if she attends college but she still recovering, on the other side old man have small smile on his face

that girl, seeing in eyes her it like she has an poor soul but seeing to her action it like she have a strong spirit. it's good she said herself that she wants to attend college, I'm was also thinking of getting her to college, maybe it's fast but okay ....old man thought. .

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