soulmate; life after death Chapter 6: let me feed you.


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grandma extremely pleased and happy to saw her here with everyone...what happened to her it's really hard to her move on...hope that child move on soon.

But she is happy to think that her grandson finally able to bring her out of her room ..

grandma not really close to them... in some family events she meets with them. .when she is a child she visits her but because of her mom dad, grandma not really close to her..

what happened to her, grandma did not want that even in her wildest matter what she is still her granddaughter. .. grandma leaves a deep breath..

and with a soft voice:- yunsu "you come "

yunsu:- yes grandma. ...

old man:-how are you, child. ...

yunsu:- I'm OK Mr. Feng. .

old man:- Mr. Feng?? called me grandpa

yunsu, looked at him flabbergasted...

old man :- with a smile, child I'm a old Friend of your grandpa and called me grandpa, you like my own granddaughter. .

yunsu:- not think much simply said, yes ..

old man:- Hmm...

why feng you not come yet. ..

grandpa thought not even ling come.

he is about to say servant to called Feng you. .and Feng you come with ling. .

feng you sit beside grandpa and ling site besides of him..

servant serve food to everyone one. ...

everyone start eating but yunsu not even touch chopsticks. .

little one saw that she is not eating. ..

he picked a meat piece from his plate. ..and raised his tiny hand to yunsu direction. .

yunsu saw his hand and again see his face

little one with glittering eyes. .

sister you always feed, let me feed you today. .

yunsu about to cry again but she can't do it in front of everyone. ...

yunsu gulped up and eat the meat piece. ..

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