soulmate; life after death Chapter 5: I will never let it happen .


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A notification showing in the side of screen. .

yunsu noticed" A big news about yun company" she hurriedly click on the news link and

news was opened;

Mr. yun song was dead two months ago in fire and now his software company was also going down day by day. if the company didn't able to win the competition, which is going to happen in this month, than their will be no name of yun corporation in market. ....

yunsu heart sink, their was no word in her mind like everything stopped at that moment. .

many related news appeared, yunsu read all one by one. .

No ,Never....that company was like a child of my dad, his alot of emotions connected to it , his own company what he build with his own, for it he gave his all. ..that software was like the ones we were for dad. .

no, it never happened, I will never let it happen, even God want that I'm will not hesitate to face him, yunsu said with a sore voice. yunsu got all the information collected form Internet as much as she could and than waited for the morning. ...

the night is really long for both of them,

not yunsu able to sleep nor feng you. yunsu planning to dealing with matters and on other side feng you thinked about her..


old man and feng you come back from morning walk. ....

ling and grandma sit on garden and talking with each other. old man and feng go near of them and sit besides of them. grandma serve them lemon water with smile and said... "good morning"

old man: " good morning fan "

feng you and ling shocked to saw grandpa soft side ,," after all ,when did grandpa become with someone that polite".

grandma looked at feng you and greeted him again but feng you is not replied.

old man gave a cold stare to greet her back.

feng you :- good morning. .

ling take his workplace attitude and inform him; sir, you have a meeting in morning we have to leave soon .

feng you :- ok

old man :- have breakfast first than go.

feng you agreed,

only oldman and grandma came, so when they having their breakfast, feng you was eating lazily and it was already 8:30am ...

ling again notified;- sir, you have a meeting at 9:00am...

feng you- Hmmm. ..

ling :- "_" haven't, he is the one of those people's who cares their time most than why he is playing now. it will take one hour to the reached office and he is still playing, even 30 min left...ling thought

after ten minutes later, ling again reminds him. ..

feng you did not say anything and kept up constantly . .

what are you trying to do huh? ...if you don't want to attend the meeting then do not do it's not me who will go to lose. .it will feng corporation, even it goes I'm the one who will get his salary every month regularly. .if you want to play like a child than play. .."ling cursed"

feng you; don't worry, we will not going to in losses and if we does, than the first employee whose salary is dudected will be your, . . you* said lazily.

ling:- what

he stood up from his chair and looked at old man to notify him that they are leaving...

old man nodded.

feng you went first and ling went after him.

in the car.. .

ling looks feng you face, why his cold aura becomes more colder, could it be because of that girl. our iron man will not be going melt for any beauty. so what if she beautiful, there are lots of girls better than her, no no it can't be..ling thought and again look Feng face. ..

you*:- assistant ling focused on your work, not in my personal life and stop reading my mood you get nothing. ..

ling:- yes sir, oh my poor ling, at which time you decide becomes an assistant of a devil. ling said in his mind, he thought

you* :- looked at him with a cold stare. ..

ling bawted; I did not say anything.

and he went again in his thought, wait Feng corporation going to get their lady boss, I'm really happy about it but what that devil going to do with us with that mood.

did you prepared for the meeting? you* said with a sharp voice. .

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