soulmate; life after death Chapter 41: Throw her like a trash.


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After spending a little time with father. She moved from there and reached at competition's place.

Flocks of people were crossing her left to right and right to left. Atmosphere was jovial and each next person was intoxicated by excitement.

Aside of it, Reporters were covering news. She focused on one who was reporting from sinistral. He overflowing due to stimulation. Adjusting his microphone he starts speaking rapidly.

"We are here, where this year's software competition has organized. You can see the enthusiasm of all competitors for this event.

It has screamed up even more after announcement of business king Feng You. The one who snatched today's contest, would get a chance to make direct settlement with Feng Corporation.

It's the first time when they made this kind of commandment. This is a golden opportunity which has arrived many centuries later.

With this declaration, Feng Corporation has stepped in teachology market as well." He described all matter with line by line.

YunSu heared his each word with her clear mind. Then she noticed the poster of Feng empire which was swinging above to all companies' posters and almost covered half wall of building.

It was kinda grotesque and stunning. The ruling company has no ties with technology. How could it possible. And if that's the case then Why they obtained so powerful empire?

It doesn't make any sense. This era was occupied by technology and computer. This is a most major field for making money and grow wealth. Furthermore, If they are satisfying the requirement of time, Then how they are managing their so called corporation?

His report left her in abeyance. Before knowing this all she thought their' roots has reached very depth in this offshoot but it's turned out they are newcomers too.

It was quite shocking. Nevertheless, all she learned from this undetermined information that she need to aware over current news and acquire more knowledge about business.

Then stepping forward she attianed near to Jack. He was standing his counter. When she arrived there she saw their name on level. Ensuing everything has done she takes her sheet front of computer.

Competition's athorities has systemized hackers sheet on first floor and the stage was maintained in center of the hall and it was surrounded by counters of hackers.

Half second floor was booked for VIP and another half arranged for VVIP. From the second floor all of they can clearly see activities of first floor. There was a LED hanging on wall as well.

Movement later, A host appeared on main stage with holding a microphone on his hand.. With huge smile on his face she started accosting.

"Good evening guys, How you all are doing, I hope your panic didn't swallow your confidence. I wished for all to do great. Even though, It's not possible for everyone. Haha.. sorry I'm kidding.

However The competition is about to start with in few minutes but before departing futher. Let me announced, Today's good news, No- No year's good new or you can count it as every volunteer luck.

Feng Corporation, Yeah You heard right, Feng Corporation has agreed to become trophy of this completion, So pulled you luck to toe and show talent and work hard to win this contest. Good luck everyone."

As he completed his announcement all room filled with screams. Although this noise was still extant when he was speaking. Comptitiors and audience were exclaiming from the back but after his conclusion the crowd become so aggressive as if it grabbed a entity for vociferating.

Suddenly a powerful appearances make crowd to go silent. A Glory figure appeared and walked middle of the hall. Abruptly someone screamed again.

"Feng You."

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Host quickly grapsed his microphone again. " So please welcomed our main guest of this evening Mr. Feng You."

Crowd lifted up once again with sound of claps. Feng You was standing at platfrom while receiving flowers from head authority leader. His arrival was helping girls' to tuned red from the start and now his minor smile killed a lot of heart in seconds.

He was enclosed by people and On the other side, YunSu was peering at him from the corner.

He was looking like a king, his aroma, his personality was completely unforgettable. Opposite of it, She was reflecting as a poor citizen of his nation.

A naive girl who's looking at sky from the earth.

Every time when she looked at him and an unspeakable ardor is arise growing up deep inside in core of heart. Especially after auction.

He renounced pleasing imfact with their each rondeau which making her unexpectedly happy. This new types of whims she sensing first time in life.

Or you can call it she is near to fall for him.

However each time she warned herself with firmness to occluded yielding this feeling because once he will accomplish about her past, He will throw her as a piece of trash in dustbin without any shrink.

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