soulmate; life after death Chapter 39: Don't be so numb.


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There is no particular reason to me to help those two kids. We don't share any kind of affection it was for Yun Fan what I did. But it's turned out she is worth for obtained redound. Not because she is granddaughter of Yun Fen but she's contained a scenic personality. It seems as her departed affliction didn't effect her present demeanour. Grandpa thought and smiled.

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"Silly child, You don't have to take any burden. What we did was our devoir." Grandma said. She didn't aware from her intentions to making food. YunSu was carrying such a deep allocate and all she thought that she was cooking just for passing time.

Her thoughtfulness lighten every person's heart who was present there.

Suddenly Jack moved close to her and whispered. "Hey listen. Are you sure, you don't know this guy. He is staring at you from the moment you arrived."

YunSu turns her head towards at Feng You direction. He was looking at her. And as her stare catched his gaze he bended his head. Obrseving him she perceived as he accidentally sighted her.

Afterwards, She noticed jack who has started enjoying his meal after pinching her. 'Geez this guy.' She muttered.

A moment later, He shifted forward again and babbled. "You know my perecptions never goes wrong he was staring at you with weird way."

He isn't even pronouncing words probably, a meat cantle was still inside his mouth. YunSu saw him and jeered in low voice. "Shut up Jack."

" You have to believe me. I.....''

"So, You don't want to eat more Huh." Before he could complete his nonsense she said and proceed her a hand to take his plate.

As soon as she raised her hand Jack slapped it and with a electronic speed he put his plate aside.

"Hey-Hey-Hey You are not allowed snatched food from Innocents."

She was about to reply him but in the middle of conversation a deep sound resounded. " It's delicious, Miss Yun."

Yunsu's eyes automatically swung towards him. "Thank you" as well as her words came out without her conscious. and Inspecting his plate it seems like he took his first bite.

A corner of his lips lit up as he saw her dumbfounded reaction. He was annoying because her friend who was sitting peacefully beside of her and contiunously fingering. However he didn't understand how to continue conversation. He said without thinking anything.

"Thank you Mr. Feng." She infested same compliment but didn't denied rather accept it with a small smile. Although, what he said was already grandpa aforecited.

"Hey YunSu, I talling you this guy definitely approaching you. I know you never take a boyfriend before but don't be so numb. You still has you girls sense." Nowdays even small girls has this type of ability and She almost grown a girl is not getting which way a man staring at her, seriously where her that rationality has gone. To graze the gross?

YunSu heard some blabbing beside of her. She picked a meat piece and placed it on Jack's plate. Looking at his eyes she replied. "Jack eat well, Maybe it would restrain your tounge to split nonsense.''

"Hey... Don't be so rude." Jack muffled. Abruptly he Sensed a deadly gaze which caused his body hair to stand up.

Jack look at Feng You who was showing a murderous expressions. There was clearly simple line written over his face. 'Don't steal her attention.' After watching him Jack deemed if he doesn't stop here, then he could be murdered at any time. He swollowed his next step with morsel.

It been long and Jack didn't committed any activity and stay silently eating. Suddenly this monkey why stopped his tounge. She attians suspicion over his taciturnity. This time she moved little further and asked. "Did you get a electric shock. why do you become mute ."

Jack look at her and answered. "I wonder if you are my previous YunSu. Why do you becomes dumb."

He answered a question with question and It drives YunSu quite annoyed over him. Her left eyebrow raised and she was about to speak but suddenly she felt soft touch.

She bended her head and saw her little banny who was poutying his mouth while looking at her. Ignoring her left side monkey she focused on right one and asked. " What happened, You don't like food."

"Feed me." Little One nagged.

"So, You are showing this angry face to me only for feeding with my hands."

He nodded.

"Ok then, let me feed you." She said while moving chopsticks near to his mouth.

Jack apprehended same vibes from Little One, From which he suffered a while ago. 'Are you really my friend YunSu. How could you leave me between devil and depth sea.' He cried in his mind.

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