soulmate; life after death Chapter 37: I'm his mother.


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YunSu grabbed her way to kitchen after sending Jack to Little One's room.

Afterwards reaching there she held some veggies. She was about to wash them but suddenly she heard grandma's voice.


She turned a little and saw grandma was standing there with wearing a sweet smile.


Adjusting her place right next to YunSu she said: "Let me give a hand." And from the one side, she picked those veggies which was washed and placed right front of her and from the another Side, she opted knife.

"But..G-Grandma!..You..." YunSu reacts with abeyance.

"But what..Su?'' Grandma replied while chopping veggies.

"Grandma, Why are you here? No I mean, you don't need to trouble yourself." While scratching her middle finger over her forehead she nagged.

"Am I troubling myself? No, rather I'm recollecting crucial memories."

Her smile widen from before. Obrseving her it seems like as if she was facing happiness and sadness at the same time. "What kind of good memories, you are recalling Grandma?" Although first she had decided to remain her silence but watching her while she couldn't stay stand.

"Some priceless memories which held the potential to produce rejoicing in portentous situation."

YunSu can sense how the vibes around her are growing impetuous. However she couldn't able defined how to identify them and it's driving her more curious to know what kind of memories she is remembering. "Priceless memories?"

"I wonder if your father ever mentioned that we used to do cooking together. He really loved to make food. And you know what, He had a weird habit whenever he was angry sad or happy. He moved into kitchen." She was speaking with YunSu but her head still bended and looking straightforward.

"You still love him grandma, don't you?" She asked while focusing her.

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"I'm his mother." after taking some time she replied.

"Then, are still blaming dad for Grandpa's death?"

As she asked this question grandma's hand robustly hitted that onion which she was chopping. The noise of knife was utterly strong enough to buzzed in every corner. "Yeah, he was the reason behind my husband's death." She answered truthfully. she truthfully answered.

Circumstances turned soundless.

She broke the silence and asked again:" Are you still hate him? or is it goes same with us?"

"Su! I'm not at the position to hate anyone. My abomination, my furiosity and vexation all has winged away with time. Moreover, the person with whom l had exasperation and the person for whom I was angry both has gone far away. They will never come back for me even if I love them or hate them." Grandma turned and looked at her and replied in sorrow voice.

"I'm sorry grandma, I didn't meant to hurt you." hearing her hurtful tone YunSu felt guilt to scuffed her sore because her thoughtlessness and she apologized.

"Don't apologized. I was not trying to make guilty wether talking to forget past." She holds YunSu's hand and said.


"Su, I know it's not easy to deluded past or love ones. But no matter how hard you endeavour, you will never able to change what has happened. Don't remember those vicious things which can only hurt you and me." Grandma tried to convince her with her aphorism.

YunSu nodded, However she solicited to conversate with her more because she has a lot for ask. But grandma has pinched sensitive point of her. She has become emotional now and if stay continue aruging then she might start crying right front of her.

Grandma raised her hand and moved over YunSu's head: "My brave child."

You are right grandma. If something lost once it would never return at any cast weather it is people or pride or dignity . But instead forgetting soreness of past, I'm gonna collect it's spiked threads sincerely and weave a incredible inferno for those who has helped to make it that much onerous. She remembered the promise which made prior with herself.

Both of them were focusing their work but on the other side, grandma dashed into her thoughts as well. With great grief she recalled how hard the decision was which had taken years ago. For a married woman to electing between husband and son is like making a choose to pick her own left or right eyes. Only remembering that time is enough to make her tramble from inside. She has already gulped bow of venom a long ago but the impact of that posion lasted until her son disappeared from this world.

She has nothing to lost now expect those two treasure which her son has left.

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