soulmate; life after death Chapter 36: Are you sure?


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Jack's father and mother both were orphans. When he was in his fifteen his father was dead in an accident hence the responsibility had came on his mother's shoulder.

She was busy to fulfil her obligations. To stow their needs, she used to work a lot. Due to it, she missed most of the festivals or many moment with her children. Since he never received affection by elders so he knows the value of them and he always tries to make good a bond with them.

He slides a little further from the coach with the purpose of reconcilement: "what are you doing, grandma?


He spoke in English. Furthermore, Grandma was not good with it. if he spoke slowly the she would able to understand however he accosted fluently. it's annoyed her even more. "Nothing." she responded in Chinese with a dry tone.

YunSu sensed the excitement of Jack and roughness of grandma. Could it be she is uncomfortable with English? she deemed.

Jack comprehend her rube tone as well however he managed his cheeriness because he has no intention to go backwards; "Can I saw your embroidery."

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Due to his action and gaze Grandma notified that he is asking for embroidery hoop moreover the word which he just said. She did not catch even a one However She turned and uplift the embroidery hoop and passed it to him.

Jack hold it and touched the design what she had woven. " Amazing, gold thread on a gognots (apron), it's similar to 19th-century embroidery. and the pearls are stitched with clarity in the apron. clean and skilful".

What he said went five feet above From Grandma's mind and her pupils visit to YunSu for translation.

YunSu coughed and wishpared; "Jack, you are not in the UK. so can you please think before speak."

Jack looked at grandma blank face and realised his mistake. He bites his tounge. "sorry I forgot!" with his chappy Chinese he responded.

YunSu translate all to grandma what he said.

His reply make grandma supperised. How he know so much about embroidery, She carefully looked at him up to down. Then she closed her eyes and with pure Chinese she answered; "we are decorating fabric for generation. this art we have got from our ancestors. we have few factory's where working these kinds of needlework".

Now her statement went six feet high from Jack's mind. She spoke all in pure chinese plus not mentioned a single word of English.

How suppose to he understand with dumbfounded expression his gaze dashed towards YunSu for let him what she accosted.

YunSu sighed and described him what she said.

"Boy! you have a such a good knowledge in this field. Mordern generation is busy in laptops and mobile, for learning creativity, where do they have time." grandma tonted.

"Grandma, I'm really interested in embroidery, I always do it in my free time."

Jack explained.

And once again YunSu worked as a dragomen. Why do I feel like a translator here? she thought.

Little One, who was remaining his silence all this time and sitting beside Grandma stood up and dashed towards of her and hide his face in her lap.

YunSu moved her fingers on his head and looked at Grandma, "Today I'm will cook grandma."

" Are you sure? you can! " in a agonize tone she asked and thought, From the day she stepped out from her room she always bring a new surprise everyday. all of sudden why she wants to cook?

YunSu can sense her worries for her. She put a small smile on her face and gracefully answered. "Yeah grandma I can."

This person who is sitting front of me really that whom I saw two months ago. It seems like I'm seeing two different characters. The girl whom I saw ago different from this girl.

How mature and liveable. After see her bright face who can able to say that she has suffered so much anguish. After thinking while she agreed.

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