soulmate; life after death Chapter 32: Are you pity at me?


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How can be he so stupid, not identified the stars of their pockets? Those three stars are the symbol that they are Feng's family guards. He causing for his foolish action. Then carrying the lines he spoke up: "Mr. ling it's my pleasure, I'm able to talk with such legendary businessemen's assistant. Order me, how can I serve you."

Hearing his syrup sounds Ling smirked. "Mr Lee, we need this house."

Deal with them. A precious opportunity withdrewed to Lee Yang washcloth. Here his chance come when he could make some money. Being greedy he thought he would never slip it away and nagged: "Mr. Ling, I brought it a moments ago. How I suppose to sell it so soon. I mean, it won't be a seminal..."

"Pay him double." Keeping His right hand was in pocket and eye was on him Feng you ordered from there.

His king like appearance, sharp gaze and deep thick voice switched Lee Yang blush on the spot, as well as those girls.

Inspecting Lee Yang's ear resorted reddish pink. Ling deemed in his mind, Alas..Why do you even have those two beauties aside you when you trying play their role. I wonder how would you satisfied them. poor girls!

Feng you looked at Ling coldly. Ling's caution bell ringed and it helped him to woke up from his throught and backed to conversation again: " five million dollars. This amount will be sure to enough. Right Mr. Lee?"

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Lee Yang's eye gleamed as he heard the amount. "I'm not being avaricious here, it just a business. The villa is your from now on, Mr. Feng." He answered while looking at Feng You.

After the deal. Feng You replaced Lee Yang's name with YunSu and did all requirements and paperwork.

Later they leads their way towards her. Lee Yang who was currently sitting in heaven greeted Feng You from his back. "Have a nice day president Feng."

Whatever president will have or not but he had the best bargain today. Not only he earned double but also He did a handy deal with Feng You.

She was sating there while bowing her head down with a guy who sat beside her and pampering her. Feng You dashed close to her.

He showed the papers and he said. "Miss Yun, is this yours?"

YunSu raised her head and noticed, he was standing opposite of her with holding the documents.

As she momerised her name written on those papers a wave sparkle ran in her hand to snatched those document from his grip. However it was stopped as fast as it was started. What he is doing here? he has came to help her? The questions start flowing.

Should I accept his help?

No, I can't. I can't obtain more courtesy from him. His grandfather has done enough for us. Now I can't utilize his grandson too. Failing in the auction I have collected sufficient guilt plus admitting his altruism! No my leg are already denied taking this weight of mine. If I accepts his charity I will die for sure. A thought has crossed her mind and forced her deem that what should she do.

Rivalling her eyes with his deep eyes she returned:

"Are you pity at me? You have done everything just how condolatory you are?"

Feng You remains his calm while looking at her.

And the atmosphere scooted in silence as if freeze chill has dissolved in air.

This is the first time when Ling was seeing someone to dare to talk with Feng You with eye to eye whoever did before was no longer exist in the world. His sense of red light was rolling insanely.

From the other side, Jack was seeing her to back to diva form, However the menace is that the dude was standing front of them was not looking someone easy to deal and this thing was composing him to worry.

''Are you talking us as beggars, aren't you Mr. Feng? " She spoke up again.

Miss, why are you hitting his soft point. Please don't awake the beast if he has been here to help you then let him do so. Ling prayed in mind.

Jack decided to stop her but exactly when he about to stop her Feng you spoke up: " What are you talking about Miss Yun, I not denying that I did everything to give you a hand but don't forget, I'm a businessmen and I didn't take any move outwardly calculating gain."

He sensed the deep obscurity in her eyes. As ever her pain caused his heart pounds. Although he had provided an excuse recently but all he wanted to her tightly. Unfortunately he had no right to do so.

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