soulmate; life after death Chapter 31: karma


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smirk was placed on everyone face's. all of them knew that the Hong min loved to hitting anybody weak point, but none of those dislike it as well, rather then the actions of her was causing tongues to wag.

yunsu turn arrond and looked Hong min grinning face and smirk on everybody face,
seeing them yunsu lazily smiled and went near of her; Mrs. Hong min, have you visit your old mother-in-law and father-in-law, you already got everything in your name after your first husband death, they are now worse than beggar's,

Hong min turned pale as dead after hearing her, after all some people are know about her remarry but how did she know,

yunsu again picked her line and speak up; and you know Mrs. hong a little brid told me that your second husband is also not have good health, are you planning to doing same with them too?..

all the women who had been with her a while ago were suddenly slaughter, the smile which were for yunsu trun into her. seeing those all Hong min desperately yelled:- you..

before that she say anything yunsu started from where she finished; AHH Mrs. Hong like you said karma will reveled itself, so one who should be careful is you, maybe one day your karma will be make you bugs in your body when you die.

Hong min brust out from anger; you.. just mind your tongue. is that how to you talk with your elders?.

then behave like a elder. yunsu calmly replied and left.

is it true Hong min?, you remarry?, some ladies tonted her in Croaky way.
shut up. Hong min furiously huffed, and hurriedly leave with her son.

she got trapped on her trip, a woman comment mellowily and all of them start laughing.
silence is in all over car. little one finally break it and speak up; sister.....
yunsu; ummm....
little one, who is karma?
yunsu looked his face, so he mind everything, she rubbed her chin and replied, karma like a judge.
little one comes to close of her and asked; like a judge?
yunsu keeped her hand on his shoulder and explained, yeah, it jagde humans with their actions, and works, And then gives them the same results as their deeds.
little one continue looking her without replying.
so you should always do good thing. yunsu added
little one argued confusily; but sister, what she mean like parents like daughter?
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