soulmate; life after death Chapter 31: It's not like her.


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YunSu observes the direction from where the sound was echoed.

A guy who was wearing a dark brown suit and jacket with a tenuous smile, amidst in two girls around him was standing in the middle of hall. Watching him, it seemed as he brought house just for fun.

In a short moment, Her eyes veiled by dullness, the image of them turned burls, like dust covered her kernel. Laughter and conversations are gradually buzzed inside of her ear then spun inside nil which was turning her into a statue. Her legs were dening to bear her weight, Unconsciously they started shuddering and she was about tumbled from her place.

As soon as Jack saw her falling he immediately picked her hand also make her set up on the chair.

A pale, dull face, as someone has snatched her delight. The sweat of the head and susceptibility her state was compelling him to think how important that house was for her.

She was behaving out of her character. Revealing her senility, converted frightened and steadily lose the control in hard situation. The vision of her which was emerging in front of him was inconsistent. It was not that girl who he used to know.

The character of her which he recognized was completely different. That girl has attitude like a diva, sensitivity like a saint and cheeriness like a child. However, her current state was squeezing her strong personality or maybe he misunderstood. The harsh juncture has turned her like this.

He was disapproving to accept that only losing a house in auction turn her this much underconfident.

Even if, she lost it during auction but it wasn't meant that she is incapable to grain it again. However things was making him not hard to wonder that there is indeed something from which he was unaware.

Although He never dared to ask her directly What actually happened in the past because he was scared to unwittingly snatch her wound.

"2.5 millon Dollars one, 2.5 million dollars two, 2.5 million dollars three.....sold"

Thamp.....the hummer sounds sounded.

YunSu trembled to overhear hummer sound and it awakened Jack from his thought as well.

I lost, I have failed to conserve home, failed to fulfill my promise. It's done. Why I claimed only two million. l should have demanded three million or four million. If l summoned he would definitely pay. Why didn't she solicit? she was regretting deeply for her action.

Auction had accomplished. Ones started moving. Some jutted with grief and some with rage.

The person who succeeded ( Lee Yang) was occupying blessing from the people. Barraging him they were admiring him for his wise decision. Saying him it will add profit in his hollow.

Later doing the paperwork. He was about to retire but swiftly two guards stopped him.

Lee Yang grow annoyed. What kind of behavior auctioneers are doing with the customer and He muffled: "How dare you two stop me?"

One guard replied: "Sir, You can't leave now. Our boss want to meet you." About seven feet high and

sandy- black suit with no tie wearing guards emgered in his vision who were covering his women like shape.

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However he was still in hangover of conquest not even analyzing whose guards they are. "How dare you bos....."

He was about ragged again but in his middle of sentence someone interfered.

"Mr. Lee!!"

Lee Yang angrily glanced at interferer and when he acknowledged him, his passion wings away in seconds. "It was, Ling Han."

Later on, A malleable reflection of a handsome face appeared in front of Lee yang. Perfect height and well-figured chest, stylish suit plus glasses and flawless outlook. Dominant personality of a man printed afore to him.

He was busy to watching glory but Ling opposed again: "Mr. Lee, you seems hilarious."

"Y-Yeah, No I mean, Mr. Ling? it's nice to meet you." His fickleness swollowed the word which he want to say. Their presence was driving him extremely nervous.

With a faint smile Ling replied. "It's nice to meet you too Mr. Lee."

Lee Yang about to fall at the moment when Ling gently responded. It's really hard to get their soft side. They are the ruling family in the country and the throne holder right now is Feng you. More than his grandfather or his brothers he is carrying copious power.

It's merely to get even an appointment with Feng You. however, Right now his assistant having a gentle conversation with him. It's making him arduous to believe what's the things going on around.

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