soulmate; life after death Chapter 30: Bidding.


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Am I? she questioned while wearing naive appearance.

"Yeah, you are. Don't show such a decent look, it will not effect my view. However, tell me what you craving to do with that large amount?" He tounted.

"The auction." she muttered.

He didn't hear whatever she said. "what?"

"Nothing, you will know tomorrow." she answered.

"Fine," He evoked. How could she leave another person in poundering to think what would come next. Why she has became so secretive he questioned himself.

"You really love to keeps conceals." he naffed again.

She need to focus on the program moreover he continues disturbing. "Jack, if you do not want to work then please let do." She ragged.

He laughed out loudly. being feeling satisfied to watch her annoyed face. He muffled "Don't you like to held secrets and I love your this expression."

YunSu pissed from his bobbling. Right now She want to concentrate but he is continues fingering on. She coldly looked at him.

Assuming her sharp gaze he raised his both hands and said. "Alright..alright. See I'm working now."

Jack gathers his PC. Since she has formatted program's route apparent so it will be facile to code now.




It's almost hour to pick up Little One. She observed the time. She shutted all computers and pc which was operating.

"Are you leaving?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to pick Little One." She answered with collecting her staff.

Listening his name Jack gets agitated. "When you gonna let me meet him. it's occurred age till I haven't played with him."

"Soon.'' she replied.

"You will never gonna change you attitube?" He nagged.

"Nope. Anyway we will meet tomorrow." She

answered straightforwardly Then recognized him information about left work and suggest him, If he dangled at any feature then contact her at any time.


Auction's day.

YunSu texted address to Jack. She also dressed and lead to the auction's place.

Later, she reached at the spot where the auction will be organized.

A branch of bidders appear in front of her vision. As bugs flies around sugar, they were floating nearby the house. All of them were busy to analyzing how much profit that burned house can bring.

The wood items had totally burned with expensive things including painting. There was few remnants which were saved from the fire. They were still inside of house. So bidders couldn't able to calculate the proper profit.

However, the area was pretty worthwhile where the villa was situated. so burn things didn't matter because the location of the residence moderately great. Since the property has a high selling standard. That's why collectors are showing their high enthusiasm. Despite of it, most of them are millionaires hance the bid of the auction expected pretty high.

Observing their activities. They all were trying tossed each other. In the order to make the house their own name. After examining them, sore filled in Yunsu's eyes.

She turned and dashed towards the hall, where the auction was going to be held. She has informed Jack that she's in the hall. After some minutes he came and sit besides of her. It was only 5 minutes left for the auction to commencement.

Later, Auctioneers have proceeded with worn cowboy hats and a ringman steeped front.

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Since all furniture and other item convert into ashes, So in auction, they included items and who wins the auction will take the leftover as well.

Calculating the value of property and damage auction was start with 10 lakh dollars.

Afterwards the Atomospare turned quite dynamic and the game bidders had stated from here.

The bid was insanely rising.

A bidder hitted up and it reached at 1 million dollars.

YunSu crashed last hit up and outbid. "1.2 million dollars."

A second bidder overbid: "1.5 million dollars."

"1.7 million dollars." Another one bidded.

Her face turns pale as she heard last bid. Drops of sweat emerged over prow. It was the final chance to win. But what if she loses...."2 millions dollars." Possessed in apprehensiveness she played her ultimate card.

It was the highest bid which she had made. She ganna skittles away her house if the bid raised more.

Her head starts sweating continuously. She crossed her palms and shut her eyes and start waiting for result.

The head auctioneer words echoed in hall.

Go going ....

Suddenly a voice resounded. "2.5 million dollars."

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