soulmate; life after death Chapter 29: k virus..


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help? what kind of help you want ? Jack asked surprisedly.

yunsu handed over him pendrive and documents..

Jack connect pendrive in his laptop and read carefully all the documents...

it's a basic of any software. he added and looked at her face than he pointed at documents and nagged, are you want me to work on it?

yunsu nodded and tree week.

definitely, that devil is thinking of doing something insane again. if she not, then there was no reason she makes me came here in such hurry, he thought; in the tree? what in tree week?.. he sceptically asked. this time, we have to complete it..yunsu replied calmly..

in tree week's jack laughed really...

AHH... for a moment I forgot it's you!!..

but recently you just prove it, that it's you, only you can said that something insane..

yunsu remind her silence only gazed him..

you not going to say anything again?..alright

if you did not think it important to explain to me than I don't think it's important to me do this, he stood up and leave...

after some minutes, he appeared indoor again and dashed towards the chair and silently sat on it.

yunsu touched the document and explained him;'s a basic of software, my dad was working on it for a long time, he almost completely it...but

she stopped on the way, and Jack looking at her face, it's rare to see her like that, she may serious for some moment but this time, the seriousness was written on her face is different from usual.

yunsu again spoke up and told him everything about what happened to her father and what's the current condition of his company.

the seeming atmosphere around her jack prefers to stay silent...

I told you everything, so will you work with me?..also I'm not forcing you if you want to leave, you can...

Jack snatched documents from her hand,

what are you babbling! I'm starting working on it and I need two desktop more..

yunsu agreed and picked her pc start working on some sites..

Jack full in serious from now, seeing her searching unnecessary site, his temperature went little up, and he miffed; we have such a short time to dig the mountain and wasting it for searching these needless sites?

I don't have money so I'm making it, she replied without changing her expression,

jack:- "_", are you kidding me? what you mean, you do not have money!, and you want to complete it in three weeks. are you serious, no what I mean?

shut up jack, let me focused; she snapped while looking at the screen.

that girl! one day she will definitely give me a heart attack, he mumbled.

sun wei, you owe from us enough, now it's time to pay back, she suddenly spoke up....jack! you remembered once I told you that I made a virus, and said I will show you when times come.

k virus? Jack unsurely answered her,

yeah, k virus; tomorrow you gonna see, it's marvellous performance.

anyway, you arrived just now, take good rest.

upcoming days are really hard for you,

of course, it's because I'm friends of a devil.

so how will my days not hard, he thought and smiled

now if you caused me enough, then I may take my leave...

jack; why not, vanish from here. I have lot of work to do,

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