soulmate; life after death Chapter 27: auction.


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in front of the door. a black Rolls-Royce sweptail was waiting,

rolls-Royce sweptil isn't this is most expensive car. it's about 12.5 million. his grandpa also went on Mercedes-Benz and that about 8 million, even the car we used is about under 2 million, although we are only their guests.

the point is not that they are wealthy, moreover they are extremely egregious. right now we are in a safest place in the country. albeit they are pretending as a simple businessman but no one has the courage to offered them. if anyone does, they will end in a terrifying way, even so they are managed their all clean image.

yunsu find out some information about her pleaders. To watching a rare thing, her thought is start coming one by one.

feng you and little one already went in the car, therefore she is standing in front of the door and completely in her world.

what are you thinking? a voice came from the car. she looked at him with a surprise.

" come, sit down" you* said.

yunsu sat beside of little one. as her habit of looking outside, she began to viewing outside of the window,

she is different, different from those hen's who are used to see me with hungry or greedy eyes. all I can see in her, emptiness and a blank face. it's rare to see any reflection however the confused look recently she showed was petty funny but more than cute.

feng you watching her while smirking, at the same time someone gloating at him.

you* notice the gazer, it was little one, who is gazing at him furiously.

the stare was an open warning to not look his sister with that smile. currently, his sister protecting attitude is gleaming.

you*, not mind his temper after all its a good sign of a protective brother. he coughed and turned his face.

later they reached to school, yunsu and little one gets out from the car. as always prior to walking away, she thanked him to dropped them. his car stops until they entered the school gate.

"Today's schedule" you* backed from his bossy from and asked.

ling, clears his throat before reading table;

a new diamond company tries to contact with us;

"their details" you* closed his eyes and asked.

diamond blue, a couple of days ago they entered in city. they are from s city, it will be first time they will do here any deal.

arrange a meeting with them; you* replied

about d city hotel project, mister ming wants to meet you, ling asked.

tell him we are not interested, you answered without taking time.

it's a huge project which can bring a lot of profit. even so when his word come out about to the business, ling has no doubt line in his mind. he is with him from his childhood and he doing like a dark horse from the day, he steps in the market. not matter how low success parentage a project has. if he takes it in his hand it will succeed for sure.

"I understand sir," ling said, without any hesitation. after all, he believes in his boss.

Sir you had a meeting with Mr. Chang Lee and we are about 30 mint late for it.

"it's fine" you* answered relaxily.

yeah, he is a lazy bird, who always make wait, another party however about yun house? it's not that important, but that girl is.

he waits for her till she comes. we even come to the opposite side of the office, ling takes a deep breath and spoke up; yun house auction.

you* opened his, and asked;" when"

see as I expect she is important. ling, you better to behave from now he states himself before answer; "it's tomorrow"

auction, you* mumbled and closed his eye's.


yunsu left little one with his friend.

atmosphere was Constance. Today the bee's are static maybe because leader bee already tastes acid instead of honey. so they are not zesty for sweet today.

yunsu come out from school. she went to a computer store and brought tree desktop.

then she heads her way.

Jack was completely busy in his pc. he doesn't aware that she comes.

yunsu placed breakfast in front of him. Jack upped his eye's and saw her.

what, he asked.

eat, she replied while opening her own pc.

don't you see, I'm busy right now. he ragged.

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