soulmate; life after death Chapter 25: nightmare1


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after searching her while, feng you..finally found her. she was sitting on a bus stop and unaware from the world around her...
but at the last seeing her sitting there, he felt relaxed..
feng you, slowly takes his steps towards of her. she had bowing her head down and playing with her shoes, she didn't notice him. he went near of her and he stands behind her.

this damm girl, why she is so careless, I follow her all the time, like a shadow, but she didn't even notice that she is begin followed. he thought. .

all of sudden, bus came..
yunsu steps in the bus, Feng you also went after her and sat behind her seat and staring at her, snappy cold air, touching her big wavy hair, her nose became little reddish,

stop came, she gets off from the bus and after walking some time she reached old residency.

feng you watch her disappearing in dark..
he stays still in his place and saw dark road for some time, his heartfelt bit disappoint seeming her vanish.

his car stops front of him. his driver followed him whole time. he gets in the car, and put his head on the back seat and signed; "what am I doing"...


yunsu enter in her room and saw, silence spread in all over room and little one, was sleeping in her bed freely, away from all the misery of the world, yunsu heartfelt soften,
for a moment her all miserable gone seeming her sleeping beauty,

she changed her dress, and picked her laptop, copied all data and read all the documents and basic of software...

after that, she came on the bed, and caressed his head, kissed on his forehead then sleep bedside of him.


Ha...Ha. big bro, you give us today most expensive gift...where did you found beauty like her,, she is smiler as white jade..tell us brother what did you do to her?..

I made her,to have some sweet sleep. I gave her medicine and that medicine help her body to not listened to her but her mind will properly work, ...a guy replied lazily. .

one of those guy wittily scoffed; oh bro, you are so kind, other two agreed with him,
three of them have evils smile on face and lust in their eyes. .

seeing, their faces, that laugh malicious glee... and remarked; three of you, remember that you owe me a favour, you have to repay to me. and I'm not requesting I'm telling. ..

of course big bro, we will give you our life, to returning your favor. ..a guy said licking his tongue to upper lip....

a husky voice bruised in yunsu ears, she observed around with her Dazey eye's....
where am I?...she mumbled..

suddenly a big hand came near to her face,
babe, you woke up?...someone Brittlily said...
a flash of light crossed yunsu mind, she became alert but petrified at the same time..
she tried to up from the bed but her hand and legs her not moved... she felt puzzled why she not have controlled her own body. ..

baby, are you struggling!... plzz do not make yourself suffer we are here to help you. .
a guy wishpered haughtily while touching her face..
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