soulmate; life after death Chapter 24: I'm feng you;


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without taking a second yunsu explained:- she mean, like excellent parents ,like their daughter.

yunsu grasped that he is not satisfied with her answer. of course he will not, after all that women talk a lot nonsense front of him,

she asked; so what do you think about your sister?

little one, raised his hands on air and replied with no doubt: "best sister in the world"

yunsu chuckled seeing his adorable act; then as your best perants as your best sister,

little one nodded.

yunsu placed her hand on his head while looking outside.



they reached at home; to observing around seeming like, old man and grandma are not in home, and suddenly her eyes stopped at a young man who was working on his laptop.

a unknown man is sitting at home, like its his own house yunsu thought and immediately responded ; who are you?

feng you raised his head and looked both of them without replying for while.

watching him not replying yunsu temperature goes little up and she raged; I'm talking to you, why don't you repl..

before she could complete her sentence little one interfere in middle; "sister"....

yunsu lifted her head and saw him,

little one explained in a low voice; sister he is the grandson of grandpa.

yunsu becomes silent and turn her head at feng you side.

little one greeted him, and asked where is grandma and grandpa if he know.

feng you replied him. he didn't know, when he came they were already not at home.

yunsu remind her silence all the time when they were chatting, and stay stood without moving inch.

she finding a chance for leave, it's awkward to stand front of him, especially from his gaze, even he is chatting with little one but his all attention on her, he staring at her from the time when she ragged at him,

after some time she made a excuse and left.

feng saw their back's, he smiled and mumbled; so you don't remember even my face, how rude??.




yunsu left little on his room and went to her own room, she entered in room and directly picked her staff and start working on it without ruining her time.

1:30 am, she looked at watch. it's have been 5 hours since she continually working but now her stomach start making sounds and her thought dry as well.

yunsu went downstairs and walked towards kitchen. she checked everywhere in the kitchen but there was nothing to eat and all maids had also gone,

yunsu touched her tammy, it's nothing here,

feng you come downstairs to drink, when he was coming, he Saw her going towards kitchen, he come after her and stood a little far from kitchen.

"I don't want to cook now, what to do I do. cook something or not?? forgot it!!" yunsu thought and picked a water bottle, she drink and about to leave.

what are you doing here at this time? a voice echoed from her back.

yunsu turn and saw that young man again,

oh...grandpa, grandson?? she mumbled.

feng you heared her voice, he directly answered, I'm feng you,

yunsu:- oh..

with a small smile feng you noted, you know it's a weird reaction miss su, you easily forget people, so I hope after this time you don't forget me,

in the future, I have to work with you president feng so how could it possible that I forget you and without any obestion yunsu agreed and nodded,

you still not answer my question, why are you here, feng you asked

no.. nothing. yunsu mumbled again.

are you hungry? ? you, asked.

no I'm not, yunsu just answered and her stomach speak up:- grrr. ..

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