soulmate; life after death Chapter 22: like parents like daughter.


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will sister came? she promised, she will definitely come on the time. little one puzzled in his thoughts .

he step out from school and saw his sister,

watching his sister standing there his eye's shone, he quickly run towards of her..

yunsu noticed him, coming near to her, he is running heedlessily, she raised her hand a bit and worryingly said "slowly! you will fell".

little one hugged her knees gladly. yunsu placed her hand on his head and questioned., why are you running rapidly, what if will you fall?..

sister, you come. little one raised his head speak with a big smile on his face..

why? you think I will not come? yunsu added.

no, you promised than how could it be possible that you will not come? little one replied...

yunsu chuckled and asked; so, how was your day? did anyone bully you?

little one shook his head and answered, it was great, after all at the last you came. and the next second, he mumbled.."I want to packed you in a box".

yunsu:- huh..what? what are you mumbled, you want me what?

I want you packed in a box, so you will never able to leave me? he said strictly without blanking his eye's.

really..and what if I die in that box? yunsu questioned him.

little one delighted from her word.. he hurriedly change his track and not in box! in a room, a big room.

yunsu enjoying his argument plus his cutness she asked, in a room..umm but why you want me to lock and?

because you....before he could complete his line, some women's come near of them.

yun su? right... a one of women from the group points at yunsu and asked.

yunsu never like a social person. she gladly makes some new friends but in women's gossiping. for her it's like idiotsm,

a branch of fools. why they all are here, however who cares why they are here just answer them and leave. she thought, yeah !! I'm yunsu. why?..

hello, I am hong min, you reamber we were meet in a party,

hello Mrs. Hong,. yunsu answered casually.

how have you been these days and where are you. I didn't see you from a long time. Hong min asked interestingly.

I'm fine Mrs. Hong, yunsu.

that's going interested hong min smirk then in a playing tone:- aiyaa yunsu your are alright I'm so worried about you, thank god nothing bad happen to you but why don't you attend your parents funeral? where had you been that day?

so, she trying to play, isn't she? just leave here yunsu thought and then she hold little one hand and said:- Mrs. Hong I'm quite in hurry, I'm sorry but I have to leave.

without waiting her reply she turn back and moved forward,

huh so you're wishing to leave again, but this time it won't be that simple, hong thought and spoke up:- like parents like daughter, just because of her mother, her father was the reason behind her grandfather's death and now she is repeating the same like she didn't even attend her own parents funeral.

karma revealed itself.

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