soulmate; life after death Chapter 2: Never give up on her. ..


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yunsu raised her hand and made up the promise with him. ...

little one, smile happily.

yunsu hugged him tightly again. if he didn't come for her maybe she is going to give up on her life.

he is always loved by her. he is for her cute adorable, little brother. this is the first time she avoids him, not look at him.

sometimes when he came but she didn't open the door and he only obligately standing at front of it. sometimes yell at him and he began crying and run away but he never gives up on her. he comes for her daily to make her realize that he is still here for her, her little brother. in the past two months it was her first time when she felt pain, otherwise, in the whole time, she consider herself as a dead body, who never felt any emotions, sufferings or anything. ..

even when she heard her mom dad died, she hasn't sensed anything. she similar as a soulless doll and the reason she become like this, is that black dark night..

in that night, everything was destroyed, her mom dad was dead and she being raped..

that night swallowed her parents and pride as a girl,..

even God craves her to in hell. what was her fault, what was her family fault and why...

little one:- sister, sister. ..

yunsu :-huh..

little one; do not cry you look ugly when you cried,

yunsu keep watching him,

little one, sister I made a drawing. ...

yunsu,"_? drawing. ...

little one, without waiting her answer, one minute I will show you and runs towards of door...

when he reached boor he turns around and said sister don't lock the door Okay. .

he was afraid if he was gone than his sister again lock the door. then maybe he not able

close with her again. ..

yunsu - yes I don't lock it, answered him blandly....

after some moment later he back from his room and showing her drawing with his tiny hand's ..

sister look I draw everyone. ..

mom, dad, grandma me and you...

yunsu saw drawing she felt like her breath stopped. her eyes fill up again and tears start filling like rain. ..

little one put his hand's around her neck and hug her tightly, after some time she make herself calm..

little one released her and asked: "are you, ok sister "..

yunsu :- yes I'm OK champ ...

little one extremely happy but he also not like his sister crying face as well, he did not understand what's going on but he knows something bad happen to his sister, that why she is not coming out from her room, so he will ready to do anything which makes his sister happy.

yunsu spoiled him more than her parents. ..

she raised him like her own child. he can live without his parents but not her. when she has gone to study in the UK .little one, not slept he stopped eating anything. he continues crying.. he became sick and admitted in the hospital for two days.

after that, her parents did not get any solution for that sutation, so they send them two together to the UK for study. .

it was only one week when they returned and that happened...

little one asked her hesitately; sister can I,...

yunsu looking him without winking her eyes. .

little one collect all his courage then said; "can I sleep in your room with you".

yunsu not said anything. ..

little one, sister please only for tonight.....huh

she also want to him stay with her more so she not said anything and simply nodded. .



it already dinner time. ..

little one, sister let go for dinner, he grabbed her hand and bring her down.

on dining table

old man sits on the main seat and grandma sits beside him....

when they saw coming yunsu with little one their face like they saw a ghost.

yunsu, never come to had dinner with everyone. while both of them were in shock yunsu pulled her chair and sit on it, little one sit beside her. .

old man and grandma staring to them. .

little one saw both of them and innocently asked what happened, grandma? ?

grandma looked at him and moment later no ..nothing. ..

grandma pleased and happy to saw her here with everyone...what happened to her it's really hard to her move on...hope that child move on soon.

But she is happy to think that her grandson finally able to bring her out of her room ..

grandma not really close to them. in some family events she meets with them. when she is a child she visits her but because of her mom dad, grandma not really close to her..

what happened to her, grandma did not want that even in her wildest matter what she is eldest her granddaughter. .. grandma leaves a deep breath and with a soft voice:- su "you come"

yunsu answered:- yes grandma. ...

old man:-how are you, child. ...

yunsu:- I'm OK Mr. Feng. .

old man:- Mr. Feng?? called me grandpa

yunsu, looked at him flabbergasted...

old man :- with a smile, child I'm a old a

Friend of your grandpa and called me grandpa, you like my own granddaughter. .

not think much she simply agreed, yes.

old man sigh with stratification:- Hmm.

why feng you not come yet. grandpa thought not even ling come.

he is about to say servant to called Feng you. suddenly, Feng you an ling appear.

feng you sit beside grandpa and ling site besides of him. servants serve food to everyone one. ...

everyone start eating. yunsu not even touch chopsticks yet.

little one saw that she is not eating.

he picked a meat piece from his plate and raised his tiny hand to yunsu direction. .

yunsu saw his hand and again look at his face. his eyes were shining .

sister you always feed, let me feed you today.

yunsu never like her spilled her dirty laundry in public, however right now she wants cry and cry, but she can't even do it.

yunsu reached his chopsticks gulped meat piece. ..

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