soulmate; life after death Chapter 2: It was not our fault. ..


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when Feng you was heading to his room, he saw a girl. that girl has long waves, black hair, clean white skin. her face looked pale.. her hair flying on the air...she was standing near the window and there light of moon over on face...she's look like a moon goddess..

feng you stood in front of the door and continue watching her. the girl was looking outside of the window...

it's the first time he doesn't know what was going on. his mind stops working. his feet refused to Woking, he stood at the door like a statue..after some time girl turn around..

their eye meet. feng you heart skipped the beat when he saw her eyes. .

both of their eyes contact with each other and they were in the depth of their eyes without saying a single word.

suddenly little one crossed feng you, he did not look even at him and hurriedly enter in her room..

feng you go back his sense, left in hurry and girl continues looking outside of window again.

little one (yun siyu ) finally gets the chance to talk her, today she opened her room's door, he went to close to her and picked her hand; sister,sister..with a crying tone. .sister why don't want you to talk with me?. was I did anything wrong.

yun su not responding and continue's looking outside. .

little one, not give up here; sister I become a good boy so plz don't angry with me....

yunsu turn around and look at him anxiously, she simply not want anyone, to irritate her more.

seeing her empty face..little one start crying....

"sister why don't want me"
and crying even more..

yunsu saw his face her heart melt, she try to pat his head but her hand stopped on the way..

sister, am I really that bad even mom dad left me and you also not wants me. .

yunsu heared him, her heart felt dad leave you because you bad?, she felt confused why her little brother saying something like that..his fault,nooo,that's not true, you are not bad, why are you blaming yourself... it was not your fault mom dad left us...

yunsu felt like all of her pain float away, her suffering and accurst memories, as they were live up again, who was dead a long ago..

she hugged little one and start crying.

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