soulmate; life after death Chapter 18: Yunsu,you are a bitch..


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yunsu leaned on the seat and close her eyes.
driver:- miss, where do you want to go now, or I take you back home. .

yunsu:- take me Gong office. .
driver:- yes miss,
some moment later yunsu opened her and unlocked her phone and dial a number.

a guy attends the call..
yunsu:- hello. ..Jack. .
Jack:- yunsu. this you? ????

yunsu did not respond for while...

when jack did not hear any voice from another side he said again:- hello. .hello.. who is this? .

yunsu:- yes,.

yunsu, you bitch. .after all where are you? .you know how much worried we are and when you leave the UK and why don't you tell anyone that you are leaving or where are you going right now...are you in China? ? it has been more than two months. you did not contact us, you did change even your number. .you still think us as your friends. .just tell me where are you.. if I find you I will kill you this time. .Jack said in a breath...

yunsu leaves a deep breath and said jack, come China today. .

Jack:- ''_''... huh. .... what did you just say. .I didn't hear clearly. .
yunsu:- don't make me repeat...
Jack gets annoyed, even more, first she didn't tell anyone that she is leaving and now she is ordering instead of giving explanations. he thought. .
Hey yunsu. .are you crazy.. even I know you are but don't you think this is too much this time. you should give an explanation instead giving order..Jack said with a frenzied tone. .

yunsu calmly said jack, you have a flight tonight...

Jack:- you. ...I'm not coming. not only this time I will never come to China in my whole life

yunsu:- okay then, I'm coming back to the UK and you know if I come back, then what will happen to your 206 bone...

he immediately remembered the last fight of both of them. she broke his 6 bone and now she is saying that she is aiming my 206 bone ..
Jack hurriedly said:- are you threatening me huh. ..I am telling yunsu I'm not afraid of you.
yunsu again calmly said and your computer data. .

Hey. . what my computer data, are kidding me I mean are serious? Jack said cursorily ..

pack your luggage and catch the tonight flight and if you miss the flight. then all of your girlfriends are going to gets a gift from me and in the return what all they will do to you I don't know and what will happen to you I also do not care. after saying that yunsu cut the phone call ..and again she leaned on the seat. .

yunsu you are a bitch...jack shouted loudly...
is she really see me as her friend, how can she threaten me..he thought
after some, they reached Gong office. ..
drive:- miss we have arrived. .
yunsu:- Hmm...

yunsu gets off from the car and walks towards the office. .
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