soulmate; life after death Chapter 17: you are a orphan..


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After breakfast, yunsu prepared little one for school and then they leave to the school.
.. in 30 minutes they reached school. .

they both descended from the car and go towards of school gate. . .

little one grabbed her hand tightly. he did not want her to leave him. he looked at her with teary eyes...

yunsu saw his face he about to cry. she put her hand on his head and said:-when you come back you will see me standing here.
little one nodded. .
A little girl comes near of them and said:-
yun siyu, you come. .let's go inside together than.
little one did not say anything to her.

yunsu looked at the girl and said:- hello,
I'm siyu big sister and you. .
girl:- hello, I'm ying yu, yun siyu classmate

are you his classmate or his friend yunsu said.
ying yu:- I want to be his friend but he..
little one turned his face. .
ying yu looked down sadly...yunsu sat on her knees and held her hand and placed it in his hand. .
look, you are both friends from now on..
little one looked at yunsu and said:- but, sister. .
champ,do not make any cute girl sad, it's not like a gentleman .yunsu said with a sweet voice.
little one did not want to make his sister angry because of her so he simply nodded. .
let's go. .ying yu said with a happy tone..
there was a group of women's talking with each other. one of them said..look
that girl is beautiful. all of them looked at yunsu direction then another one of them said, yes she is beautiful but wait, is she yunsu, yun song daughter?
all the women's of the group starting looking at that woman in shock. .

one woman said: Hong min, are serious yun song daughter who not seen after her parent's death.

Hong min:- yes, she is defiantly yun su, I was meet her in a party..
Hong min finds something interesting to play then how is it possible that she is let it go. .she smiled evilly and said:- let's talk to her. .
everyone agreed but before they could be reached at her she already left. .

Hong min gritting her teeth and thought,
this time you left but another time I will see you, yunsu. .

in the school, little one and ying yu go towards of classroom. .
Hong ru saw both of them coming. he quickly goes near of them and said:
ying yu why did you come with him. .
he is a poor orphan.
I'm not an orphan ..little one said with an angry tone.
Hong ru:- yes, you are, your mom dad was dead and your sister also left you. .

my sister never leave me..little one said and go towards to his seat. .

Hong ru:- yu, don't be friends with this orphan, he is poor. .
he is not an orphan ying yu said with an angry tone and left him.
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