soulmate; life after death Chapter 16: we should support her.


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little one:- But sister. ...
of course, he was scared. after all that all children's said was true. .his sister did not talk to him almost two months.. he just wanted his sister to be cured and then they leave here as soon as possible ....

ynnsu:- I know champ, I was wrong, I did not talk to you for months but I promise, it will never happen again. a good boy OK.. we can not leave. ..
yunsu knew how stubborn little one is ,and if he once held insistence than it would be hard to convince him...and she did not want anything like that because she can not leave the country right now. ..
little one; sister, are you telling the truth, you will no do that again. ?? than promise me ..

little one has doubt on her. .it is true that
she never lied to him but he could not take a chance in this matter....

yunsu heard him and become a little relaxed, knowing that her younger brother will not insist. ..
she patted his head and said:-
I promise, , now let go to have breakfast. .
today I going to drop you school today..

little one:- really sitter. .
his heart filled with joy, after all he will show them all who said his sister will leave him..

yunsu :- nodded. .
yunsu looked at grandma and old man and was about to ask them to have breakfast with them but grandma in middle said:- su, you two go we already have breakfast. .

yunsu :- yes grandma. .

after leave those two, old man looked at grandma and said :- fan, you have a good
granddaughter. .

grandma :- yes she is. ...but. .

old man :- but what. ..

grandma:- I'm just worried about her. ..she wants to go to college. . it's good but she gets disgusted to touched by the other. ..and in college.

old man:- do not worry. that child is quite brave...if she gets recovered in such a short time then she can Handle herself too. .

are you saying she recovered?? grandma said with a doubtful tone..

I'm not saying that she is fully recovered but listening to her conversation with siyu. .I can say she is able to handle her own life and her college life ..

I don't know why my heart is not ready to let her go college or anywhere. ..I already lost song. .and I don't want to lose her too. grandma thought.

old man put his hand on her shoulder said. it's not us who told her to go anywhere. .this is her own choice, , she is building herself again so we should support her. ..

grandma said nothing only nodded. .
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