soulmate; life after death Chapter 12: we going to launch it ..


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he knows her when she was a little child. she is a practical girl and now she came here with this serious mood than how is it possible that she will do anything other instead of talk.

president Gong thought and then he began speaking again.

four years ago when your father started working with his new project. that time it's not really demanded because his current company is doing well. but maybe he assumes that it will be needed in the future.

it's has been 6 months since the company did not produce any profit rather than its unable to manage image in marketing. value of software is also going down. hence the circumstances have become such that some users use it or else the rest of others not.

the one who caused the prominent damage to the company is sun group. they developed similar software like us but better than us. your father already gets the situation of this problem but before that happened.

president Gong stood up from his sofa and walked to the table.

yunsu, assume that the solution what he is talking about is new project of her father. therefore, she envies to listen from his mouth, later she spoke:- what solution you two get?

president Gong turns back and saw her. she resembled calm and rational. it feels like he saw his friend sitting in front of him. but the aura around her is different from before, like a quiet volcano which is waiting for the explosion.

yunsu looked at him and spoke up again, uncle.

president Gong hurriedly turns his face and sat on his chair and answered:- his new project.

he has already finished it. in the upcoming competition, he was going to lunch it. once he told me that his new project is better than the prior project and hundred times best then sun software.

this month. yunsu muttered.

president Gong; Huh...what are you muttering su?

competition is going in this month so we going to launched software on the time which my father wants to.

he worked at his home, not in the office, perhaps all the information and materials were burned in the fire, president Gong said in a heavy tone.

don't worry uncle, we going to launched it and launched it this month after saying that Yunsu stood up. she asked him, to take her leave.

little worrying is growing in his mind, but to disregard them he allowed her to go.

Gong pang and yun song were friends when they are in middle school. they shear their happiness and sadness together. when yun song father throws out him form his properties and his house, then he was the only friend who supports him and give him shelter and then he develops his own software. they both start the business together, he is the closest friend of him.

why I'm so helpless not able to save my friend, Yun song we saw a lot of ups and downs In our life but this one .... gong pang leave a deep breath and stood up from his chair and walked towards the window.

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