soulmate; life after death Chapter 11: yunsu, Is this you?


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two receptionist was standing at the reception. .yunsu led towards them.

I'm yunsu and I want to meet president Gong. yunsu said to a receptionist.

with a humble smile, A receptionist asked; mem, do have an appointment.

yunsu:- no...I don't have.

wait a minute mem, let me ask secretary Chen first. the receptionist made a call. later she told:- mem please wait president is in a meeting.

it's has been 2 hours but the receptionist did not give any response. yunsu again moved near of them and asked was president free now?

receptionist scanned her up to down and gets annoyed. she twists her mouth; why do poor people think that everyone is free as they are? her dress is seemed very casual and manageable, she looks sober then why she is pretending to be a lady. try to show that she is busy.

mem, when you are so busy then please leave. first, you did not have an appointment second you did not wish for wait. even though the receptionist replied in a polite way but she can still feel a neglection in her tone.

without effected her vowel she calmly explained:- no, I just want to know if he was free now. but it's fine I will wait. .

suddenly a voice echoes. yunsu is this you?

yunsu turned her head, A middle-aged man was leading towards of them...

su, is this really you?? what are you doing here and why don't you informed me before come..?

yunsu named, president Gong....

president Gong? silly girl, just when did I become president for you. so what if your father is not here I'm still your uncle. he asked in a tender way?

Actually, I come to talk to you, uncle. yunsu told the reason she visits him.

the receptionist went chaotic, why she is too close to the president, but wait, if she told the president that I mistreated her, what will happen with my job today then.

president Gong looked at both receptionist desperately and asked; why anyone did not inform me that she has come ..

president, we notified the secretary, a receptionist answered with a trembling voice. ...

he looked at chen lee, who is currently standing is side. he is not too busy then why don't chen lee informed him, president gong about to question him.

yunsu see the drama but right now she did not have time for office play. she opposed in the middle; uncle, lets discuss first.

receptionist enhances calm it's good that she did not tell anything, more then she stopped president then she saw secretary chan face. he about to back his breath.




in office they both sat on the sofa, then president Gong asked:- why you want to meet and here not at home.

uncle, it about the company so I think this is the best place to talk about.

what you like to drink, president Gong offered.

I'm not here for drinking uncle please tell me about company yunsu said with a straight voice.

president Gong become silent of a minute then leaves a deep breath and said:- if you here for the company then I'm sure you already heard the news, well they are all true, company is not doing well.

before tries to not talk about the company but since she is so straight forward then he tells what the truth is.

she did not come here to hear it, everyone knows they we are not doing well. she thought in her mind.

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