Soul Fragments Chapter 2: Escaping bullies


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He walked across the graveyard to the southern exit, in the direction of the light pillar.
When he was heading there he saw that at the entrance of the factory, quite a few people were crowding, obviously alarmed by the light pillar. Although he couldn't look clearly, but there were guards present at the entrance seemingly blocking the crowd.
Considering that he won't be able to check out, and the news will be published in the paper tomorrow, he turned around to go back to the orphanage. Although it wasn't a nice place but still it was a place.
Just as he turned he saw that across the road a few kids were coming in this direction. By closer inspection he found them to be those who he was running from previously. They hadn't noticed him yet so he decided to sneak quietly into a nearby alley.
As he was trying to sneak away one of the kids suddenly spotted him, it was timid looking kid. The kid pointed in his direction and started shouting. Getting startled he quickly ran across to the next alley in order to confuse them.
- - - -
Jerry was very much terrified. They had searched the graveyard but were still unable to find Ryan. Jack was fuming with anger. Fortunately they saw a beam of light shot into the sky, which caused them to stop searching for a little while and head in the direction of light. But he knew that afterwards, if they are still unable to find him, he is going to be beaten brutally.
When they reached the source they saw a dense crowd around the entrance of the old and abandoned factory. Just as they were about to leave and search again, he spotted a familiar figure. After carefully looking he realized it was Ryan.
"He is over there!"
He turned around and started shouting to Jack and others.
But just as they turned around they saw nothing. Ryan was not there. They walked closer and looked but couldn't find him.
Meanwhile Jerry was sweating profusely. 'D*mn it! Where did he go.' As he was pondering over this he felt a hand on his shoulder. As he turned around to look he saw Jack grinning evilly.
"You made us waste so much time today. And we all are a bit hungry from running around. So what do you say. It's your treat." Jack said cracking his knuckles.
- - - -
After going through the crowd he turned around to the nearest alley and ran to it's end. He saw a door to the nearby factory and tried opening it. To his surprise the door was open. He quickly went in and closed the door from behind.
He sat on the ground and gasped for air.
'Why don't they ever give up?!' he complained mentally.
He checked his surroundings to make sure no one was present. There was a bulb lit up on the ceiling. He looked around to see that it was a very small room. There were all types of boxes present in the room. There was a door present on the other side which had cracks. He decided to stay there and rest for the time being.
Thud! Thud! Thud!
Just as he relaxed, he heard sound of footsteps approaching. His body tensed up. ' This is supposed to be an abandoned factory.' he shouted mentally.
Before he could figure out what he should do, the door flung open and a guard walked in.
- - - -
" Silly me! I forgot to switch off the ligh..." he abruptly stopped as he spotted a figure of a kid about 15 with a lean body.
His body reacted subconsciously and he leaped to get hold of the kid.
The kid was terrified and wanted to run away but the guard had a strong hold. He swiftly executed a chop and knocked the kid unconscious.
" How did this kid got in? Well anyways, I think those professors in lab were conducting some experiments on human kids. I will give this kid to them. Anyways by his appearance he should be a beggar or orphan. No one will come for him." the guard talked to himself with a cruel smile.
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