So What If Its an RPG World Chapter 80: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 26 End, Begin


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Chapter 80: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 26 End, Begin
On the second day it was sunny outside. Perfect weather for killing people…… that’s not right. Perfect weather for hiking.
While we waited for the guards to relax we had an early lunch, and infiltrated the station a half-hour early while the guards were changing shifts.

Actually we just entered normally. It’s unthinkable that we would leave on a train after what had happened yesterday.

More important is that they are looking for the two members of the Marshall family. People like us with black, purple or red hair are being overlooked as they go past the guards.

Sitting in the train’s compartment I gave a sigh of relief and finally relaxed.

The train quickly left Daydream City. I looked back at the city that I had entered and left several times and I could only sigh towards the senseless struggle between aristocrats.

If you want to fight don’t be so quick to kidnap other people’s family. What high quality.

But after this there should be a lot more guards around those two members of the Marshall family. It’ll probably stop once we get to the school.

Looking at the three in the compartment, Aliyah and Oyado were sleeping together. They probably spent too much time last night talking to Longji.


In contrast to those two, Longji seems to be full of energy. From time to time she will glance to the side before quickly refocusing.

It also happens when someone passes by.

After some thought I quickly asked her.

“What color was the clothes the second woman who just passed by wearing?”


Longji replied with no hesitation.

I froze. To be honest I didn’t remember the color of their clothes at all. Only that they were female.

It seems that Longji has trained very hard to become an assassin. It’s very important for an assassin to have good observational skills.

Longji has already achieved this. I have to say that her abilities are very good.

Well, I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing,

My instincts tell me that she didn’t become a killer by choice. It was because of her training that she became a killer, not because she wanted to.

Oyado was the same. She had been implanted with the memories of a murderer. If she had undergone the training then there would be no way that she would be able to laugh with us now.

That’s just my own judgment though. It’s possible that the truth may be more complicated than that.

Naturally it is impossible for me to learn now.

I don’t know why I offered to help Longji to find the person in the photo. But now that I have offered to I had better follow it through.

And think about what we need to when we finally meet the person in the photo.

If I can stop Longji from becoming a murderous woman, I might be able to stop her from continuing down this path even if it isn’t possible for her to become a normal person.

I’m not a god of course. But that is something I’ll have to think about later, right now I need to think about my work after I get to the college.

Although I was hired as a substitute teacher, if I am being honest, I have no experience with teaching. All I can do is repeat the contents of books.

I really don’t know what I am going to do……

Well, I can only take it one step at a time. Besides, Longji is looking for a person to kill. When that happens it wan’t be a simple thing for me to keep teaching. So it’s best that I look for a solution to that problem right now.

Although the train isn’t faster than a maglev train, it is pretty fast compared to normal trains.

After quickly passing through a large forest and a canyon we could see a large wall ahead through the windows.

And in the blue flag above it the mighty water dragon appeared to be dancing.

It seems that the train really isn’t slow. It took us only three hours to get to the imperial capitol.

Witt Empire’s capitol —— Rolling Storm City. The first city of the Witt Empire. It is also the origin of the Witt Empire’s royalty, the Claudia family.

Even though I have stayed in several different imperial capitols, but I still had to exclaim in shock at this city.

Let’s not mention the wall of rippling water, the water spheres hanging above the UN-like Imperial City was enough to be amazed at this country.

How many magic crystals did they waste on this strange decoration? Really. You should pay me more. Why waste it like this?

While I ridiculed Anne’s father in my heart we passed through a gateway above a channel and entered into the Imperial City’s rail station.


Somehow I feel like the station isn’t busy? While I can see people they are standing far away.

This is too orderly, right? Is it a measure to avoid accidents?

The train settled down and all of us stood up and got ready to leave.

Just then, the door to my compartment was flung open. I turned and saw the Snow Princess, Irlin, Purewhite and a smiling Pryn standing outside my door.


We were silent for a moment before I scratched my head and said.

“Yo. You’re so clever, you came here too.”

“Yes~ Thanks to someone’s good luck I am able to go to classes again. You could say it’s a coincidence, Tea~cher~Lin~”


“That’s to say, Tea~ cher~Lin~ We are here to bring you to the class~ Isn’t it touching~?”

“Hey, hey, wait a second! We are classmates, not student and teacher……”

“It’s alright. Didn’t you become a substitute teacher~?

The Snow Princess said smiling as she grabbed onto my hand.

This strength…… How many skills are you using to increase your attack stat?

Dragging me out of the room, I quickly noticed that there were other people I knew outside in front of a carriage. Bai Yueguang, Ms. Mari……it’s a large welcoming party.

“Good morning……everyone……”

“Indeed. Let’s go and report to the college Mr. Lin.”

After that I was dragged into the carriage under everyone’s gazes and to the Imperial College.

Ten million FMLs surged in my heart but there was no way that I could stop the carriage.

This is bad……

I feel like my life from now on is going to be anything but good……
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