So What If Its an RPG World Chapter 79: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 25 Hitting a Pedestrian


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Chapter 79: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 25 Hitting a Pedestrian

The Day Before
Ice Empire – Royal Capitol

It was early in the afternoon. Princess Snow and Irlin were sitting in a room, watching the bustling crowds outside with boredom while they sipped tea.

After some time Princess Snow sighed and put her cup back down on the table.

“Eh? Princess Snow, is something wrong? Is the tea not good?

“No no. I have to say Irlin, your tea making technique has improved considerably these days. If you continue like this then I won’t need to find another maid.”

“No, you’re flattering me ma’am.”


Princess Snow began to pout.

“Didn’t I tell you to not use honorifics. When you use ‘Ma’am’ it makes me feel like an old woman.”

“I’m very sorry. Then why are you sighing, Princess Snow?”

“It should be obvious! I’m bored!”

Princess Snow said while beating the table.

“Lately I’ve been bored to death! There hasn’t been any of Fir’s foolishness and it’s really boring! Where the hell is Fir! Could it be that he actually died?”

“That’s……I don’t know.”

There was a look of loneliness on Irlin’s face.

“But it isn’t a simple thing for that guy to die.”

“Ha ha ha, that’s what I was saying……”

Princess Snow smiled happily and picked the teacup back up.

“Come back to us if you are still alive. Seriously, do you even think of people as friends?!”

“Yes. If it were anyone else, wouldn’t they have come right back? If it were what the Princess wanted.”

“Not only I can’t go to school. But I really also don’t know what to do.”

The two of them gave complaint after complaint. Soon, they gradually went quiet.

“Well. I don’t know what is going to happen. But it isn’t good to be idle like this. What do you think? Should I stay in the palace to study or go to the Imperial College? No matter which one it is, I feel like it’s going to be boring.”

“Hahaha. Princess Snow still doesn’t like to study~”

“You’re no different~”

The two of them laughed happily after that.

Just then, the door suddenly slammed open. The two of them looked towards it in astonishment as Pryn rushed in.

“What’s wrong, Pryn? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost?”

Princess Snow asked in confusion as it was rare to see Pryn flustred.

“Oh my god. Today’s express delivery……”

Just as she finished talking someone else appeared in the doorway. That’s right. The person carrying several boxes and dressed in Blue Moon’s company uniform was Purewhite.

Speaking of which, Purewhite had helped Dale pilot the airships back to Blue Moon’s headquaters. Surprised by her talent as a pilot, Lanya immediately added her as a temporary member and an express industry courier. That was because, compared to a normal person, Purewhite had a greater understanding of machinery. There was none of the fear that an ordinary person would feel when they would begin to operate it so she was able to become a skilled operator within an hour.

Then, with a brisk wave of her hand, Lanya said that as long as she did several days of express delivery it would be fine to give Purewhite a combat airship.

Pure white was naturally very happy to be given this job. And as a matter of fact, it was Purewhite was a good hire because she hadn’t even been hired for a day before she managed to ship a large amount of the bulk that had been accumulating in the warehouse.

This caused Lanya to become somewhat regretful that she didn’t teach Purewhite how to operate a large-scale cargo transport.

But this scene was only able to happen because of that, with Purewhite appearing in Princess Snow’s room with a large number of packages.

“Purewhite! Where have you been all this time?”

The first person to react was the Snow Princess. She put down her cup and rushed over looking all over Purewhite.

“Um, right now I am a courier. Please sign for the packages.”

Purewhite smiled as she put the goods on the ground and handed a board to the Snow Princess.


Princess Snow immediately signed it.

“That’s not what’s important! Purewhite! Hurry up and tell us where Fir is right now.”

Pryn quickly said in anxiety.

“Eh? Master is currently in the Witt Empire. He is doing strange things again, I don’t know what is going on with their prince. He’s become an Ice Empire Imperial college substitute teacher. After that I don’t know. But right now Oyado, Aliyah, Ms. Mari, Dale and Bai Yueguang are all with him so I guess I don’t need to stay with master? In addition, I should be able to get an airship afterwords which would allow me to help master out more.”

“Wait a minute! Fir has gone to the Witt Empire Imperial College? And even became a substitute teacher! Why didn’t he come and become a teacher at the Ice Empire Imperial College! He is obviously a national magician of our empire! What the hell is he thinking!”

After Princess Snow signed her name she began to pace around the room. After some though she turned to Irlin and Pryn.

“Can……we apply to the Imperial Colleges in other empires?”

“Generally we can, but not many people have done it. But, since we are allied with the Witt Empire they should more than want you to come to their school.”

Irlin replied quickly.

Pryn nodded to that.

“And based on the relationship between the two countries, neither they nor His Majesty would have a reason to refuse it. The only problem is that I don’t know how long Fir is going to stay there because of his strange personality.”

“Right, let’s leave immediately then! Thanks Purewhite! Now take us straight to the school and Fir!”

“That’s……I still have packages……”

“I’ll give you money for the airship! You’re not going to be a corrier!”

“Then it’s fine!”

Purewhite responded immediately.

However, Irlin kindly reminded them of reason.

“Princess, at the very least……don’t you need to pack up first? Won’t it be difficult for us to run back and forth between the Ice and Witt Empire every day?”

“Oh right. Pryn, get your luggage ready. You too Irlin. I’ll report to my father! We’ll leave in the afternoon.”


“No problem!”

Pryn quickly left the room and Irlin and Princess Snow looked to Purewhite.

“Take the cargo airship back to Blue Moon, Purewhite. My airship is undergoing maintenance in their facilities, you should take my keys and fly back.”

“Got it.”

“Ha ha ha!”

The Snow Princess laughed wildly.

“Sure enough, it is better to find fulfilling things to do!”
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