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"Ai, I say, buddy, have you heard about the haunted incidents recently?" The taxi driver passed a relatively remote alley. He was a little frightened, and he couldn't help but chat with Chen Afu sitting behind.

Recently, Song Jiang had a rumor about a haunted legend, saying that it was easy to meet ghosts when driving at night! The legend was so mystical that it was the most sinister rumor among the taxi drivers who worked the night shift.

They drove on the road every day, so they naturally paid close attention to these things. When they ate together, the taxi driver also heard others talk about haunted things.

When he was at the restaurant, there were many people, so they naturally had no fear. Now that there was no one in this alley, how could he not be afraid?

"Haunted?" Chen Afu's mouth sneaked through a sinister sneer. He asked while staying calm, "What kind of ghost?"

"Ai, I have never seen it, but I heard people talking about it. Don't mention how scary it is. There is only half of the head, and it is bloody!" As the driver said this, he couldn't help but get a cold chill.

"Oh? That's quite interesting." Chen Afu smiled and said.

"Interesting? I say, little brother, you didn't see it. You will be scared to death after seeing it!" The taxi driver curled his lips.

"Really?" Chen Afu said faintly, "Stop the car."

"Stop the car? Aren't you going to West Star Mountain?" The taxi driver asked, confused, "We're still far from West Star Mountain!"

"I suddenly remembered that I have something to do here." Chen Afu grinned.

"Oh, well." The taxi driver stopped for him to get off. Since the customer was going to get off here, what could he say?

Chen Afu paid the taxi fee and then said to himself, "Ai, I forgot to bring hell money."

"What? What did you say?" The taxi driver was stunned. His face was a little nervous. Then he looked at Chen Afu and said, "Little brother, it is so late at night. Don't make such a joke… It is quite scary."

"I'm not kidding." Chen Afu opened the door and got out, but didn't close the door.

"What else is there?" The taxi driver was a little baffled.

"Oh, I just wanted to ask you. Did that ghost look like this?" Chen Afu asked suddenly.

"What the hell?" The driver looked up inexplicably, but he suddenly found that Chen Afu's normal face suddenly turned into a bloody, half brain with fluid flowing out...

"Ah!" The driver screamed. He instinctively wanted to escape quickly. He stepped on the accelerator hard, and the car quickly raced out. But he didn't pay attention ahead, and bang, he hit a large garbage pile. The front of the taxi immediately sagged into it.

"Tze tze..." Chen Afu shook his head and cursed, "Stupid. You can't even distinguish from an illusion?" After he cursed, he was a little complacent. The illusion that this voodoo brings to others is really real. It is more effective than hypnosis.

This low-level voodoo, although it wasn't lethal, was enough to scare people. After Chen Afu learned it, he utilized it to its full potential.

Chen Afu took out his cell phone and dialed Elder You's phone.

"Hello, Master, this is Afu. I'm on Hanshi Ancient Path. I just killed a person. Are you coming now?"


Xia Xue looked at the messy crime scene, and she was clueless. In this kind of remote alley, it was tough to find witnesses.

If it was changed to a normal time, it might be treated as an ordinary traffic accident. It wouldn't be directed to the criminal police department, but now was the sensitive period. When the traffic police who came to the scene noticed something suspicious, they immediately called Xia Xue.

Because of these few times, Elder You took some of the blood from the deceased's body to train his Sinister Voodoo, but he didn't take all the blood. This way the body didn't mutate like Su Dazhi's body at the West Star Mountain.

Elder You did this in order not to attract excessive attention from the police. Although it wasn't as effective as before, it was a long-term plan! If he caused the bodies everywhere to mutate, they might send some secret department to participate in the investigation. At that time, there might be some situation.

After Xia Xue took a photo of the scene, the rest of the matter was handed over to the forensic doctor to find the cause of death before making the next decision.


When eating, Yang Ming received a call from Wang Guifen.

"Xiao Yang, it's me, Yingying's mother." Wang Guifen said with a smile.

"Oh, aunty, hello. Is there anything the matter?" Yang Ming was displeased with Wang Guifen's character, but because of Zhao Ying's relationship, he was still polite to her.

"It is like this. I'm thinking that since the house is bought, isn't it necessary to decorate it and add something to the house?" Wang Guifen said righteously.

"I'm sorry, aunty. I almost forgot about it!" Yang Ming's own house was also renovated for a long time. He just bought a bunch of daily supplies today. After the house was bought, they couldn't move in directly, so Yang Ming didn't think much. He said directly, "How much do you need?"

"This... I haven't counted it..." Wang Guifen wanted to ask for two hundred thousand yuan, but she couldn't speak out.

"How about this? I will ask people to send you a million yuan. If you don't have enough, you can call me." Yang Ming set the price according to the standard of his villa.

"Ah!" Wang Guifen was happy. This was far greater than her budget. As for the rest of the money, isn't it... I think Yang Ming won't want it back, right? "That is great. I will wait..."

"I will ask people to contact you now. Are you using this number?" Yang Ming glanced at the caller ID on the phone and asked.

"Yes, yes." Wang Guifen said quickly.

"Alright, you wait a little while." As Yang Ming said this, he called Bao Sanli to find someone to do something.

Originally, Wang Guifen also had some doubts about whether Yang Ming could be good to her daughter in the future. Now that she saw Yang Ming giving her a million yuan without hesitation, she no longer thought about it. She just waited for the phone call happily.

It didn't take long for someone who addressed himself as Mr. Yang's underling to call and ask for Wang Guifen's location. He said that he would send the bank card to her immediately.

Sure enough, in less than twenty minutes, someone knocked at the door. A young man in a black shirt respectfully handed a bank card to Wang Guifen.

Wang Guifen was so thrilled that her hands were shaking a little. After she sent the person away, she picked up the phone excitingly and checked the balance on the card. There was actually one million and two hundred thousand yuan!

At night, the bank was closed. Bao Sanli couldn't register a new bank card, so he just found a bank card with a similar amount and sent it to Wang Guifen. Anyway, he didn't care about that extra money.

Wang Guifen really wanted to scream loudly. While she was excited, Zhao Ying came over and looked at her mother suspiciously. She asked, "Mom, what happened to you?"

"Ah... no, nothing..." Wang Guifen said quickly.

"What is in your hand? Bank card?" When Zhao Ying saw the bank card in her mother's hand, she couldn't help but frown. "What happened?"

"Ah… This is the case. Xiao Yang gave me a million and… two hundred thousand yuan. He let me decorate the house..." Wang Guifen knew that even if she hid it, her daughter would find out from Yang Ming. So, she simply just said it.

"Renovation needs more than one million yuan?" Zhao Ying looked at her mother while being astounded, but she immediately understood something. She couldn't help but say, "Mom, how can you do this? How many things have you asked from Yang Ming today? Now you even asked for money?"

"I even gave him my daughter. What is wrong in asking something from him?" Wang Guifen disapproved.

When Zhao Ying looked at her mother's face, she knew that it was useless to say anything. She couldn't help but sigh. The relationship between Yang Ming and myself is becoming more and more unclear. How do I face it in the future?

Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun still had to go home at night. Chen Fei's injury was fine, so Mother Chen didn't have to stay overnight. In the VIP ward [1], there was special nursing staff to look after him twenty-four hours a day, so there should be no problem.

Therefore, Chen Mengyan had to go home, and she couldn't bring Yang Ming home together with her. As for Lin Zhiyun, when she saw Chen Mengyan return home, it was inappropriate for her to stay with Yang Ming alone. Especially after she made the "do or not do" joke, Lin Zhiyun didn't want to be ridiculed by Chen Mengyan.

After sending the two women back home, Yang Ming drove alone to his house. When passing through the Hanshi Ancient Path, he saw a lot of police cars with warning lights parked on the side of the road. A taxi that was crushed until it was unrecognizable had been pulled onto the tow truck.

In the crowd, Xia Xue's figure was there.

"Xia Xue!" Yang Ming lowered the window and shouted at Xia Xue.

Xia Xue heard the shout and looked back. When she saw Yang Ming, she smiled bitterly and walked over. "What's up? Are you passing by?"

"En, I'm going home. When I passed by here, I saw you by coincidence." Yang Ming explained, "So I said hello to you. I noticed you are frowning. Why? What's wrong?"

"Isn't it about the investigation of the haunted cases?" Xia Xue said while lowering her voice. For Yang Ming, she had nothing to hide. The relationship between Chen Fei and Yang Ming was clearly stated, so Yang Ming was clear about Chen Fei's matter. Besides, Yang Ming was there as well. "Song Jiang City has public opinion and rumors recently. If it isn't resolved as soon as possible, there will be big problems..."

"Haunted again?" Yang Ming frowned as if be had thought of something, but there were too many things lately. His mind was somewhat blurred. He could only comfort her. "Don't be too tired. Take a rest. How old are you? Don't get tired until you get wrinkles. Later, you won't be able to find a husband."

"If I can't find one, I will find you!" Xia Xue clenched her teeth and said evilly.

Yang Ming made an "ah." He found out that what he had just said was a bit ambiguous. Last time, he almost did something to Xia Xue, so the relationship between them was somewhat unnatural.

Xia Xue was just making a joke, but when she saw Yang Ming's awkward appearance, she couldn't help but recall some past events. Her face turned red, and she explained, "I mean, I will find you if I have no food in the future! You had promised to be my..."

It would have been fine if she didn't explain. Once she explained, it became even more flirtatious...
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