So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 761: The Astonishing Truth


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"Yang Ming is a very good person..." Zhao Ying hesitated and said that even though she also sided with her mother's point of view. This was speculation after all. Even then, what could she do? Yang Ming's girlfriend was Chen Mengyan. This was a fact that couldn't be changed!

"No matter how good a person is, I have never heard that someone would buy a house and a car to give to a beggar!" Wang Guifen looked thoroughly. "Mom is telling you that Xiao Yang is definitely interested in you!"

"If yes, then what?" Zhao Ying simply didn't argue with her mother about this problem, but said, "Yang Ming now has a girlfriend."

"Yeah, just like you said. So what if he has a girlfriend?" Wang Guifen said with some disdain, "A girlfriend isn't a wife! As long as he isn't married yet, you have a chance to compete!"

"Mom, what did you say!?" Zhao Ying was stunned. She immediately said sternly, "Are you asking me to ruin the relationship of others? How can this be done!?"

"What can't be done? Let's say that Xiao Yang doesn't like you, and you shamelessly stick to him directly. That is ruining the relationship of others. However, both of you like each other. How is that ruining a relationship?" said Wang Guifen.

"Mom, can you not give me these bad ideas?" Zhao Ying frowned. "Yang Ming isn't the kind of person who likes the new and abandons the old. Let's not say whether I can succeed or not. If I succeed, then how do you guarantee that there won't be another girl in the future to take Yang Ming away from me?"

"Ah!" Wang Guifen apparently didn't think of the far-reaching significance of this layer. She just considered the immediate benefits in front of her. Since Zhao Ying analyzed as such, it should be considered carefully.

Indeed, what Zhao Ying said make sense. If her daughter's intervention could make Yang Ming abandon the girl surnamed, Chen, then Yang Ming might abandon Zhao Ying in the future.

However, if this wasn't done, what could Zhao Ying do? Wang Guifen really couldn't bear to lose the glory and wealth that was in her hands within a single night! Wang Guifen could finally see a glimmer of dawn and hope now. How would she be willing to give up so easily?

"Yingying, you don't have to worry so much. For a woman's happiness, sometimes you have to fight for it for yourself! If you miss this opportunity, there is no more!" Wang Guifen clenched her teeth and spoke. She really didn't want her daughter to be snobbish, greedy and stingy like her. But there was no other way. For a little bit of money, living her life like a dog, Wang Guifen didn't want her own present self to become the future of her daughter.

Although on the one hand, Wang Guifen couldn't abandon the temptation of wealth in front of her, it was more about making plans for her daughter's future.

In fact, this worry was also produced under some kind of abnormal psychology. With Zhao Ying's current conditions, never mind finding a rich man. At least, it was more than enough to find a white-collar worker or civil servant with a stable income. Wang Guifen was just a bit too worried.

"Mom, I, myself... In fact, I have plans. Can you not mess it up?" Zhao Ying hesitated and confessed. Since her mother didn't object to Yang Ming's and her affairs and even contributed to it, Zhao Ying no longer concealed her own thoughts.

"Oh?" Wang Guifen was a little surprised after listening to her daughter's words. "You already have a plan? What is your plan? How about telling it to your mother?"

"Mom..." Zhao Ying thought for a moment and said, "If I don't marry for a lifetime, would you scold me?"

"You don't marry for a lifetime?" Wang Guifen was first stunned, and then faintly understood Zhao Ying's meaning. "You mean, you want to be Xiao Yang's..."

"Mom, in fact, Yang Ming has other women besides Chen Mengyan..." Zhao Ying simply told everything she knew. Although her mother's relationship with Zhao Ying wasn't very harmonious, if it really goes to that step in the future, she needed to face her parents in the end. She can't just not go home for a lifetime, right? So, before that, she wanted to get her mother's support.

"And?" Wang Guifen frowned after listening. To tell the truth, Wang Guifen didn't object to her daughter's practice, but she was quite displeased about the fact that Yang Ming had other women outside. "With that, will he still treat you well?"

"Yang Ming, he isn't that kind of person." Zhao Ying was very familiar with Yang Ming's character, so she said so in certainty.

"Well, since you have your own ideas, Mom won't say anything more." Although Wang Guifen was somewhat unwilling, this result was acceptable. Besides, she wasn't a fool. She could see that Yang Ming was really good to Zhao Ying. He wasn't just fooling around.

Wang Guifen also knew a lot about these rich kids. She knew that if they only wanted to play with women, they wouldn't spend so much money. It was even less likely when they hadn't reached their goal in so long, and they were still so patient.

"Mom, so, are you supporting me?" Zhao Ying was happy. She had passed the most important test of her parents.

"Of course, I'm supportive, but Yingying, Mom still wants to remind you." Wang Guifen emphasized, "Although Xiao Yang is really good to you now, you must also remember that the things you should take must be obtained. Just in case of a future breakup, you might not have a place to settle down."

"Oh..." Zhao Ying said so, but she didn't put it in her heart at all.

How could Wang Guifen not notice it? But she also knew that it wasn't helpful to speak too much. She just decided not to say anything. She planned to nag about it in the future.

"Then mother will leave first. You can think about it." Wang Guifen stood up and pushed the door open, leaving Zhao Ying in a daze quietly in the room.


Initially, Yang Ming thought that at this time, the restaurants near the university would be desolate, and even closed early. But after Yang Ming drove past, he only found that each restaurant was crowded.

Many rural students had returned to the university before Chinese New Year. They came here to be welcoming staff as a part-time job, earning some money for tuition fees and so forth.

"Customers, please come in..."

"Customers, what do you want to eat?"

"This shop's featured dish is the roast leg of lamb..."

Such sounds came and went. Yang Ming didn't know what to eat. Facing a group of enthusiastic little girls, Yang Ming found it hard to refuse. He could only look at Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun.

"Which restaurant do we dine in?" Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

"Hmm, how about eating hot pot?" Chen Mengyan was also a bit troubled. Each welcoming staff member threw an eager gaze to them. The closest one to them was a hot pot restaurant.

"Okay." Lin Zhiyun didn't care much. She wasn't picky.

Yang Ming knew that these bosses offered a commission for these welcoming staff members to pull in customers. Hence, every time the welcoming staff got a customer, the welcoming staff would get some decent income.

Seeing that the three people had already made a decision, the other welcoming staff showed disappointed expressions on their faces, but there was no way to go about it. Every industry had its own rules. You can't just grab customers from the others, right?

The welcoming staff of the hot pot restaurant was delighted. After all, Yang Ming and they all would dine in here. The welcoming staff member would get her hands on a ten-dollar commission.

As Yang Ming was about to enter, he heard a loud commotion coming from the side.

"Who are you? Don't bother me."

The other voice said, "Son, I'm your father. Why don't you recognize your dad?"

Both voices were very familiar, and Yang Ming couldn't help but turn his head around. He showed a surprised expression.

The two people who argued over there were actually Chen Afu and Chen Dazhuang!

(Chen Dazhuang, refer to the previous chapter, Chen Mengyan's Second Uncle.)

Chen Afu wore a waiter's uniform at the moment, while Chen Dazhuang grabbed Chen Afu's hand and refused to let go.

Most probably Chen Mengyan heard the conversation between the two since she also looked at Chen Afu and Chen Dazhuang in shock.

Chen Afu and Chen Dazhuang are father and son? This was what Yang Ming couldn't imagine anyway.

The two men pulled and quarreled. Chen Afu shook off Chen Dazhuang's hand impatiently, then took a taxi parked by the side of the road and quickly left.

Chen Dazhuang had a face filled with grief and sorrow. He looked at Chen Afu's car leaving, and then he walked away slowly.

"Your Second Uncle is Chen Afu's father?" Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan, baffled.

"How would I know?" Chen Mengyan shook her head with a face full of doubt. "Second Uncle was sentenced when I was very young. My Second Auntie ran away with another man along with the child. We have lost contact since then. Besides, this kind of cousin isn't that close. I don't really know them very well... Otherwise, I have been in high school for so long. How come I didn't know I was related to Chen Afu?"

Yang Ming nodded. What Chen Mengyan said was also true. This kind of cousin was completely distant; they weren't familiar with each other. Besides, her Second Auntie ran away with another man. After that, they had lost contact, so it was normal not to know each other.

However, it was magical that Chen Afu and Chen Dazhuang had connected with each other.

Yang Ming shrugged and didn't put this matter in his heart. It was the private affairs of other people, and he couldn't control it. Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun walked into the hot pot restaurant side by side, and they left this matter at the back of their heads.


Chen Afu was really inexplicable today. All of a sudden, a person appeared out of nowhere and proclaimed himself as his father. The person kept bothering Chen Afu while he still had something to do!

His own master, Elder You, was anxiously looking for Chen Afu. Hence, Chen Afu wanted to rush there as soon as possible. He could only get rid of this inexplicable man first.

Chen Afu didn't know why there were always police cars on the road patrolling recently with flashing police lights on the roadside. It caused difficulty for Chen Afu to make a move on the road.

Probably Elder You was looking for him because of this reason. Although Chen Afu didn't know what Sinister Voodoo Elder You was cultivating, Chen Afu was pleased to be able to do such a thing which provided mutual benefit.

Chen Afu felt that he was just like the Yama King who dictated the life and death of others. As soon as he appeared, someone would die.
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