So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 760: Talk and Analysis


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"Really good?" Wang Guifen asked suspiciously.

"It's really good." Zhao Ying didn't know what her mother was doing, so she nodded and said.

"Yingying, then tell your mother about your relationship with Xiao Yang. Which step have you guys progressed to?" Wang Guifen suppressed her tone and whispered.

"What which step?" Zhao Ying's face was red. Obviously, she was not willing to answer this question, so she deliberately acted like she didn't know.

"What other step is there? What is the most intimate relationship that happened between you two?" Wang Guifen didn't pay much attention to her daughter's expression and thought that her daughter really didn't understand, so she explained.

"Mom, why are you asking this?" Zhao Ying couldn't pretend that she couldn't understand it. Her mother explained it in such detail that if she couldn't understand it, she would be a fool.

"Of course, I must ask!" Wang Guifen said, "Mom must understand your current situation. Since you're not saying it, then can I ask? Have the both of you held hands?"

Zhao Ying thought about it. Yang Ming really held her hand before. However, it seemed to be the relationship between the younger brother and older sister. In high school, when they were robbed, Yang Ming did hold her hand.

To placate her mother, Zhao Ying nodded.

"Oh, have you guys kissed?" Wang Guifen continued to ask.

"Ah!" Zhao Ying was stunned, remembering the accident when she went to the temple with Yang Ming a few days ago. Although this kiss came as a shock, no one could say clearly later on whether or not there were feelings involved in it. Only the two of them would know. After hesitating, Zhao Ying nodded. If this wasn't a kiss, what was it really? Kissing? It seemed to be the same.

Wang Guifen nodded secretly. Fortunately, this silly daughter also knows how to kiss. So she continued to ask, "Then did the both of you have sex?"

"What?" Zhao Ying's eyes widened, and she looked at her mother incredulously. She said, "Mom, how can you ask this?"

"What can't be asked!" Wang Guifen said, "I am asking you. You can tell the truth!"

"No..." Zhao Ying shook her head.

"Not yet?" Wang Guifen was also shocked and frowned. "How come?"

Wang Guifen finally thought that she had found the key to the problem! However, as long as the key to the problem was discovered, there was always a solution to the problem.

"What do you mean not yet..." Zhao Ying didn't understand her mother's meaning. Logically, premarital sex should be a thing that every parent resisted. But seeing her mother's expression and tone, she seemed to be complaining why Zhao Ying hadn't done it with Yang Ming.

"Ai!" Wang Guifen sighed. "Mom also was your age. Especially someone as young and vigorous as Yang Ming, it's inevitable that he would have such thoughts and needs. If you don't give it to him, then aren't you forcing him to find another woman?"

Wang Guifen's speculation cannot be said to be totally unreasonable. She was still very confident about her daughter's appearance and body. She couldn't be said to be an outstanding beauty, but at least, she was one of the best. If she participated in a beauty pageant, it wasn't surprising if she won first place.

Therefore, Wang Guifen would think that the reason why Yang Ming went to find another woman was that her daughter refused to go one step further with him. Which man would endure it?

"Mom, what are you trying to say?" Zhao Ying noticed her mom's words were getting more and more outrageous. She couldn't help but stop her mom.

"What am I saying? You still don't understand?" Wang Guifen shook her head. "Did you know, when I was buying the house today, what I heard others say?"

"What did they say?" Zhao Ying was inexplicable.

"They said, at the place where I bought the house, that Yang Ming already has a villa there! And he bought it with his girlfriend!" Wang Guifen hurriedly said, "And that girlfriend is not you, but a girl surnamed, Chen!"

"Ah..." Zhao Ying was stunned, saying, "You know already?"

"What I know already? What do I know?" Wang Guifen listened to Zhao Ying's words and was stunned as well. She immediately understood and said, "So, you knew this?"

"I..." Zhao Ying didn't know how to explain it. Her mother suddenly mentioned this incident, and Zhao Ying was shocked. She unintentionally said the wrong thing and revealed something.

"Yingying, why are you so stupid? Yang Ming is hooking up with another woman behind your back. That's fine. How can you know, and yet still not care?" Wang Guifen resentfully said, "What the hell are you thinking?"

"Mom… I..." Zhao Ying said nothing because Chen Mengyan was Yang Ming's girlfriend. It wasn't herself! What rights did she have to control other people? But how could she tell this to her mother?

"What you ah, me ah. Since you know this, you can't just forget about it!" Wang Guifen said, "Even if you acquiesce to this matter, at least you have to talk to Xiao Yang! You have to protect your image as his official girlfriend always. What has it become now? Look. He bought the villa for the little fox, and he hasn't bought one for you yet. How can this be okay? Call him now. Call him over! If you're embarrassed to talk, I will talk for you!"

Wang Guifen's plan was that to take advantage of this, she must get some benefits from Yang Ming! The reason was simple. If he bought a villa for another woman, then he has to buy a manor for Zhao Ying, right?

"Mom, can you not cause trouble?" When she heard that her mother wanted to call Yang Ming, Zhao Ying was anxious. "It's my own business. I will handle it well. Can you not meddle?"

"How can I not meddle? I'm your mother!" How could Wang Guifen forget about this? Since she found something against Yang Ming, she must use it to gain greater benefits for her and her daughter. How could she give up? "If you're not going to call him, I will!"

Seeing that her mom really wanted to make a phone call, Zhao Ying simply lost it, saying, "Mom, don't call! Chen Mengyan is Yang Ming's real girlfriend!"

"What? Chen Mengyan? Who is she?" Wang Guifen was stunned. She didn't expect for things to escalate.

"Mom, that is the girl you said is surnamed, Chen. She is Yang Ming's girlfriend!" Zhao Ying didn't care anymore since she had already confessed.

"She? What about you? What is with you?" Wang Guifen asked awkwardly.

"I, I temporarily called Yang Ming to pretend to be my boyfriend. I wanted to mislead you and Dad." Zhao Ying lowered her head and whispered.

"You... what you're saying is true?" asked Wang Guifen.

"Yes..." Zhao Ying nodded.

"It is just pretending?" Wang Guifen suddenly felt as if she were struck by lightning. She held her chest, and her face paled. "How could this be?"

Wang Guifen had never expected that the truth of the matter would be like this! Although Wang Guifen thought about it before, maybe Yang Ming wouldn't give up the girl named Chen. However, this was nothing. Even though Zhao Ying was somewhat wronged, as long as Yang Ming's feelings for Zhao Ying were not false, then it was fine.

However, the current situation was that the girl surnamed, Chen was Yang Ming's girlfriend. He and her daughter was just a pretend couple! How could Wang Guifen accept it?

I just enjoyed the benefits brought by the rich and powerful. I figured that the rest of my life had been set in stone. I can be in the upper class. Why is it now over?

How can this make Wang Guifen willing to give up? The taste of losing it after this possession was the most uncomfortable.

"Yingying, you didn't lie to Mom?" Wang Guifen looked at her daughter in disappointment.

"Mom... I didn't lie to you..." Zhao Ying looked at her mother's appearance. How could she not understand the loss in her heart? Sometimes, Zhao Ying could understand her Mom's greed and snobbery. After all, she had suffered for most of her life. Then said, "Mom, don't do this. I will make a lot of money for you in the future..."

"Yingying... You don't understand. No matter how much money you can make, can you buy a villa? Can you buy a BMW?" Wang Guifen shook her head, "This kind of rich and powerful feeling, you won't know....."

"Mom, let's return the car and the house tomorrow, or return it to Yang Ming..." Zhao Ying sighed. "This is my fault..."

"No!" After Wang Guifen listened to Zhao Ying's words, she suddenly thought of something. "Since he is pretending to be your boyfriend, why would he give money to buy a car and a house for you?"

"I... I don't know. Maybe he has money?" Zhao Ying wasn't clear either. Otherwise, she wouldn't have to worry.

"He has money? If you have money, would you just simply buy something for others?" Wang Guifen shook her head. "Who is willing to be a fool? Buy a house for someone for no reason? Even if you have money, you won't do this kind of thing, right?"

"That... I don't know." Zhao Ying shook her head.

"Right, Yingying. Previously you said that both of you held hands and kissed before. What were those?" Wang Guifen was snobbish, but she was still a little clever.

"Those... were accidents..." Zhao Ying stuttered.

"Accidents? I don't think it's that simple." As if she grabbed the life-saving straw, Wang Guifen quickly asked, "You tell me in detail what the hell is going on!"

"I... Actually..." Wang Guifen and Zhao Ying were mother and daughter. Zhao Ying was also annoyed these two days because she couldn't figure out Yang Ming and her own affairs. At this moment, there was someone with whom she could talk about it, so Zhao Ying didn't conceal it anymore. She talked about what happened the last few times with her and Yang Ming.

The more Wang Guifen listened, the more relaxed her frowning brows were. After she listened to the end, she showed a faint smile. "Yingying, tell your mother the truth. Do you like Xiao Yang?"

Zhao Ying bit her lip and whispered, "En."

"If I guessed it well, Xiao Yang likes you too, right?" Wang Guifen asked with a smile.

"I... I don't know..." Zhao Ying shook her head.

"Stupid daughter!" Wang Guifen shook her head and sighed, "Isn't this obvious? If he didn't like you, why would he invite you to visit the temple? If he didn't like you, why did he want to be involved in these things? What's so good about pretending to be someone's boyfriend? Moreover, he was willing to pay a lot of money. If he had no feelings for you, would he do this?"
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