So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 453: There Is a Problem


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Wang Zhitao was now used to communicating with his father. Wang Xifan, when he saw that his son was so sensible, was very pleased and began to teach the operation of the business group slowly to his son.

"Dad, I have successfully diverted the conflict of Yang Ming to Sun Zhiwei according to your meaning. Now, I will watch them battle!" Wang Zhitao said as if he was taking credit for it.

"En, it's done well. Did Sun Zhiwei have any doubts about it?" Wang Xifan nodded and asked.

"That kid was like a stupid X. It's fine!" Wang Zhitao smiled and said, "There was also a conflict between him and Yang Ming. Even without me, he would definitely fight Yang Ming!"

"That's good. Don't get into trouble." Wang Xifan nodded. "You also know that the Sun family isn't easy to deal with."

"Hehe, Dad, you can rest assured that the young master of the Sun family is like a fool. Based on my relationship with him now, he won't doubt anything." Wang Zhitao laughed.

"I didn't notice that you, kid, are actually capable, and can make it so clear with the young master of the Sun family!" Wang Xifan said with a smile, "Great! I'm very optimistic about your people skills. I will rest easy in passing my business to you."

Wang Zhitao smiled happily as he got his father's affirmation which meant that he could grasp the company's affairs as soon as possible. Then he will become rich soon.

Although Wang Xifan had now begun to cultivate Wang Zhitao intentionally, he still didn't want to tell him about the smuggling business at home. It wasn't time yet. These kinds of things had to be done slowly.


At 12:30 p.m., Yang Ming's cellphone's alarm clock rang. Yang Ming stretched out and pressed the phone's alarm and then turned on the phone.

He got up and washed his face while his head was still dizzy. Probably there were some stimulants in the hangover medicine. Yang Ming didn't fall asleep immediately after going to bed. He had suffered a long time before he could fall asleep.

"Big Ming, remember what I said yesterday?" Yang Ming just came out of the bathroom, and he met Yang Dahai all of a sudden.

"Dad, are you talking about Sun Jie?" Yang Ming smiled bitterly. "I remember. You can rest assured!"

"En, I'll tell you this. I will call your older sister to verify it." Yang Dahai said.

"Okay..." Yang Ming said helplessly. His dad's thoughts were more conservative, so there were more interventions in these matters. Yang Ming had no other way.

Yang Li was punctual. At 12:50 p.m., Yang Ming received her call. "Yang Ming, I'm here. You come downstairs!"

"Okay, I'm going down." As Yang Ming hung up the phone, he picked up the gift he bought in Hong Kong for Sun Jie and went downstairs.

Today, Yang Li was driving Sun Jie's Audi R. Yang Ming was a little surprised, "Doesn't this car belong to Sun Jie? Why are you driving it?"

"Hehe, I have been driving her car recently. When she returned to Donghai, she was taking her family's car. Then she passed me this car." Yang Li said proudly, "The performance of this car is so good!"

"Bullsh*t, look at how expensive it is!" Yang Ming rolled his eyes and got in the car.

Yang Li closed the car door and started the car. "Pick up Sun Jie with me at her company."

"She's back?" Yang Ming asked.

"En, she said that she will reach the company at 1:30 p.m. We will reach there about that time." Yang Li said.

Yang Ming nodded and didn't say anything. He was a bit worried now. He didn't feel confident about Yang Li's driving skills.

However, Yang Li's technique was obviously good, and the Audi R was very well controlled in her hands.

When they were approaching Sun Jie's company, Yang Ming's phone rang. He took it out and it was actually Sun Jie's call! Yang Ming didn't think much. He picked up the phone and said, "Hello, we will be there soon. Wait a bit!"

"What?" Sun Jie was somewhat inexplicable. "Are you mistaken? I'm Sun Jie!"

"En?" Yang Ming was also somewhat inexplicable. "Yeah, you are Sun Jie!"

"Yeah, why did you say you're coming soon?" Sun Jie asked, puzzled. "I'm back in Song Jiang. Weren't you looking for me? When are you coming?"

"In a moment!" Yang Ming said, "I'm coming soon!"

"Now? It seems that it isn't possible today. Today, Yang Li wanted to catch up with me. Can you change to another day?" Sun Jie said.

"Sweat! Yang Li and I are on the way to your company!" Yang Ming said, "Do you want me to jump out of the car now?"

"What? You and Yang Li are coming together?" Sun Jie was surprised. "So you already knew that I was back today?"

"Yeah, do you still want to give me a surprise so I could be excited for you?" Yang Ming joked.

"En, I had this plan. But since you are here, never mind then. I have already arrived at the company. You and Yang Li can go to the office and look for me. I won't call her. You tell her for me." Sun Jie said.

"Okay, I know." Having hung up the phone, Yang Ming looked at Yang Li in confusion. "You didn't tell Sun Jie that I was coming?"

"It was Sun Jie's call to you just now?" Yang Li didn't answer to Yang Ming's question, but instead, she asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, Sun Jie said that she has reached the company. She won't call you and asked me to tell you that we should go to her office to find her soon." Yang Ming said.

"Problem! There is a problem!" Yang Li suddenly sighed. "Yang Ming, did the pretending turn into reality with Sun Jie?"

"What pretending turn into reality?" Yang Ming was stunned. He was feeling anxious. Can Yang Li's vision be so sharp? She can notice anything?

"With Sun Jie!" Yang Li said, "I feel that your relationship isn't as simple as ordinary friends."

"Of course, we weren't ordinary friends. We are good friends!" Yang Ming acted stupid.

"I'm not discussing this with you. I'm going to pick up Sun Jie from her company. You said that after she arrived at the company, the person she called wasn't me, but you. Isn't this a problem?" Yang Li pouted her mouth and spoke.

"Ah?" Yang Ming listened to Yang Li's analysis. He was stunned. He had never thought about this before. Now he had a slight touch in his heart. It seems that Sun Jie still takes my own things seriously!

However, Yang Li's analysis... hehe. Only Yang Ming knew that although he and Sun Jie had had something, Sun Jie's current attitude toward him was just a good friend. They didn't have similar intimate contact.

"What's wrong? Why did you stop talking? Did I get guess it right?" Yang Li's mouth tilted slightly.

"Forget it. Don't think of such useless things. It's just that my matter is more urgent!" Yang Ming shook his head and explained, "Besides, I already have a girlfriend. Don't you know?"

"Men are promiscuous... Don't think I don't know. My boyfriend sometimes looks for a mistress too!" Yang Li snorted.

"..." Yang Ming smiled bitterly, "Don't guess blindly. If you don't believe me, you can ask Sun Jie later."

"I intend to!" Yang Li nodded.

Yang Ming wasn't afraid of letting her ask. Yang Ming knew Sun Jie's character. She wouldn't say anything. Moreover, there were some things that really couldn't be said!

Yang Li had observed Yang Ming for a long time. Only when the traffic signal turned green that she turned back her head and drove. "It seems that there is really nothing. Did I guess it wrong?"

"You guessed it wrong from the beginning!" Yang Ming said, "How long have I known Sun Jie and would Sun Jie accept me?"

"This is also true!" Yang Li immediately nodded after listening to Yang Ming's words. "Sun Jie's background is much better than yours!"

"Are you degrading your family?" Yang Ming said helplessly.

Although Yang Li was grateful to Yang Ming in her heart, she still couldn't help but bicker with him. However, Yang Ming didn't mind. Brothers and sisters should be like this. At least Yang Li had changed her arrogant attitude.

It was because they were driving Sun Jie's car that they were able to go directly to the underground parking lot under Sun Jie's company. The security guards there knew this car and didn't stop it.

Together with Yang Li, Yang Ming went to the elevator and came to the floor where Sun Jie's company was located. Yang Li was very familiar with this place. Because of Yang Li's misunderstanding, Yang Ming pretended to be not familiar with the place and followed behind Yang Li.

Otherwise, Yang Li might think I have been here a few times!

Walking into Sun Jie's office, Yang Ming saw Sun Jie without makeup and couldn't help but shine his eyes. The original Sun Jie was wearing a mature and sexy dress. Today she was wearing a cute outfit. She was wearing a small cotton suit with a beige belt and gold buttons. She was wearing dark brown woolen trousers, plus a pair of cute little cotton shoes. It was literally a youthful girl's costume.
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