So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 452: The Sun Family’s Young Master


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Yang Li smiled and hung up the phone. Yang Ming was so pissed off that he directly turned off his phone to prevent Yang Li from harassing him again.

However, he activated the alarm clock on the phone in the switched off mode [1]. After all, he still couldn't ditch the appointment, since he really needed something from Sun Jie.

In a small-scale hotel in Xinjiang City, the two hooligans who harassed Yang Ming and got beaten by him yesterday were being scorned by a young master.

"You two pussies were pig heads? You stirred up trouble when you've just arrived? Don't you know that I, the young master, needed you all for important matters?" The young master scolded angrily.

"Ugh... Sorry, Young Master Sun, we didn't expect this to happen..." The face of the hooligan was still swollen and it was coated with medicinal liquor. Yesterday, Yang Ming's slap was apparently a heavy one.

"Hmph, you're ruining the beauty of the city. I feel annoyed when I see you!" The young master scolded.

This young master was the young master of the Sun family, Sun Zhiwei. Yesterday, he hired two thugs from Donghai to teach Yang Ming a lesson. Why?

Originally, Sun Zhiwei didn't like to involve the underworld. His character was still relatively childish. Therefore, his methods for harassing Yang Ming had always been limited to methods in the university - using the identity of the class monitor to stir up trouble for Yang Ming or reporting him to the university lecturer.

The reason why Sun Zhiwei had also involved the underworld was, of course, due to the misdirection of others. Who was this person? Who was the sly person who likes to use this method to harass people?

The answer was apparent. Our first antagonist, Wang Zhitao, was the master of playing this kind of trick.

Last time, after Wang Zhitao learned about Sun Zhiwei's background from his father, Wang Xifan, he began to approach Sun Zhiwei with an ulterior motive. Although the two people had some friction before, Wang Zhitao was a sociable person. His sociability was exceptionally outstanding. With a few compliments, he could flatter Sun Zhiwei to cloud nine. It was also the reason Wang Zhitao was able to enter Yang Ming's class recently without being blocked by Sun Zhiwei.

Under the deliberate plotting of Wang Zhitao, the two people soon became good friends. Sun Zhiwei as a child born with a silver spoon, naturally liked to befriend a trust fund baby like Wang Zhitao. The two of them had similar tastes. Birds of a feather flocked together. After drinking a few times, they became friends who didn't hold anything back from one another.

Once after a few drinks, Wang Zhitao pretended to be drunk and began to complain, "Elder Brother Sun, do you think that I'm aggrieved?"

"What's wrong? Little Brother Wang?" Sun Zhiwei squinted his eyes since he was tipsy. "On the grounds of Song Jiang, your Wang family was more ruthless than our Sun family. Who dares to provoke Little Brother Wang?"

"Hmph, isn't it just Yang Ming, this kid? He is against me everywhere!" Wang Zhitao said coldly.

"En? That can't be right, Little Brother Wang. Isn't your connection with Yang Ming quite good? Aren't you two high school classmates?" Sun Zhiwei glanced at him. He remembered that Wang Zhitao seemed to stand up for Yang Ming.

"Good? Well, what's good about it? It was only superficial. In fact, we have already reached the point where we can't stand one another!" Wang Zhitao said coldly, "He was a motherf*cker. I'm really a good for nothing. I was actually bullied by Yang Ming intensely!"

"Little Brother Wang, what do you mean?" Sun Zhiwei slammed on the table heroically. "Tell your brother. Let me see if there's anything I can help with!"

"Ai, there's no point mentioning it!" Wang Zhitao shook his head with a bitter smile. "Yang Ming did well in the underworld of Song Jiang. I looked for trouble for him several times before and guess what happened?"

"What's wrong? Is he so good at fighting?" Sun Zhiwei was disdained.

"I don't know if he is good in fighting, but the punks I brought along ran away in fear after they saw that the person they needed to teach a lesson to was Yang Ming!" Wang Zhitao said exaggeratedly, "Yang Ming, during junior high school, mingled around in the underworld. He has great connections!"

"Underworld?" Sun Zhiwei sneered disdainfully, "When it comes to the underworld, then he is nothing! He is just a little punk. He has nothing worthy to put on the table!"

"Oh?" Wang Zhitao pretended to be shocked, then he slapped his thighs. "Great! How can I forget it? Brother Sun, your family is from the underworld! Talk about getting into the underworld. Who can mess with your Sun family?"

"Hehe, you can't say that. Our Sun family is only bad*ss in Donghai!" Sun Zhiwei couldn't help but say proudly.

"Ha, the underworld is boundless. Whoever is more ruthless will be the bad*ss!" Wang Zhitao said exaggeratedly.

"Haha, that's true also!" Sun Zhiwei nodded like a dumb*ss.

"Ai, I had bad luck. Yang Ming already has a girlfriend, and he still flirts with Zhou Jiajia!" Wang Zhitao sighed, "How come I can be so unlucky? It's not easy to have a crush on a girl and yet Yang Ming obstructed it!"

"Damn! Little Brother Wang, do you like Zhou Jiajia?!" Sun Zhiwei said in surprised. Sun Zhiwei wasn't very concerned about the relationship between men and women. This side of him was underdeveloped. In fact, Sun Zhiwei was like a child who hadn't grown up.

"Yes, didn't you notice it?" Wang Zhitao also had a bitter smile, Isn't the emotional intelligence of Sun Zhiwei too low?

"So, it seems! Motherf*cker, this Yang Ming is so annoying! He is always against me, challenging my authority. I can't wait to beat him until his teeth scatter on the floor!" Sun Zhiwei also said angrily.

"That's right. During the time of high school, when I was the class monitor, Yang Ming was also against me everywhere. Motherf*cker, he made me mad as though my lungs were about to explode!" Wang Zhitao went along.

Therefore, the two people had a common topic. They criticized the crimes of Yang Ming together, for example disrespecting the class committee, being self-righteous, disobedient...

Finally, Sun Zhiwei slammed the table. "Little Brother Wang, you can rest assured. I will handle this! I will teach him a lesson!"

"Brother Sun, you have to be careful. Yang Ming is a gangster!" Wang Zhitao pretended to remind him kindly, but in fact, Wang Zhitao was goading him.

"F*ck, do I need to be afraid of him? There's no use for him to be bad*ss in Song Jiang. I will transfer several airborne troops from Donghai. He shall die from the beating!" Sun Zhiwei said disdainfully, "Let me see what other tricks he has!"

"Brother Sun, you're brilliant! How can you think of such a bad*ss idea? You're a giant among men. You will be a ruthless person in the future!" Wang Zhitao complimented.

"Haha, most probably..." Sun Zhiwei nodded and smiled in enjoyment.

Hence, Sun Zhiwei transferred a few men from his family in Donghai over here. Of course, it was definitely not approved by his uncle, so he only looked for people privately.

However, the young master of the Sun family spoke up, and the underlings below the hierarchy had to respond with respect. So, they sent two hired thugs to Song Jiang. They were the two little gangsters who had a conflict with Yang Ming yesterday.

Unfortunately, they were beaten to the ground before they even saw Yang Ming's face clearly. However, this incident made Sun Zhiwei mad. You came to Song Jiang to deal with my matters. It hasn't been resolved and yet you ran around and looked for others for a fight?

These two people didn't dare to tell the truth of the matter, or they would lose their honor in front of the young master. So, they compiled a reason saying that they were provoked by a group of punks in Song Jiang. They fought out of anger. Due to the enemy's overwhelming manpower, they were hurt.

"We were also fighting for the reputation of Donghai's gangsters. We couldn't be looked down by the gangs of Song Jiang!" Little Bunk B said, "We didn't want to bother with them. But, we gave them an inch and they took a mile and said that the gangsters of Donghai were spineless cowards... We thought deep in our hearts that the underworld of Donghai is represented by your family, so fought them out of anger..."

"Motherf*cker, you beat them up real good! You two are honorable even in defeat!" Sun Zhiwei listened to their explanations, and his anger dissipated. After all, they fought out of my own family in Donghai. Hence, he forgave them. "Well, since that's the case, in the evening, I will treat you to a feast in a hotel! Let's forget about what happened yesterday!"

"Thank you, Young Master Sun!" The two men breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

"You work for me. I won't treat you badly!" Sun Zhiwei said, "Don't worry. I will remember you after the matter is settled with. There won't be any shortage of benefits for you both in the future!"

"Thank you!" The two of them said excitedly at the same time.

Wang Zhitao was very proud of himself. I succeeded in transferring the conflict to Sun Zhiwei. According to my father, Sun Zhiwei's family background is much more powerful than my own family. If that's the case, then let him fight with Yang Ming and I will reap the benefits like the third dog who runs away with the bone while two other dogs fight for it!

Isn't there a saying? The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Wang Zhitao thought that he was the oriole! In the novel, I'm like the criminal behind the scenes, the most ruthless and the most bad*ss existence...

Thinking of this, Wang Zhitao couldn't help but be proud of himself. Haha, Wang Zhitao, you really are a knife that kills people without bloodshed!
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