So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 451: Heartbroken Zhou Jiajia


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"How much did it cost?" Although Yang Ming wasn't ill, Yang Ming also knew that if he entered such a hospital, the cost won't be little.

"Not much. No need to return it to me..." Zhou Jiajia smiled.

"How can that be? This trip should have cost about a few hundred dollars?" Yang Ming asked.

"Well... more than six hundred, but it's okay. Aren't we good friends?!" Zhou Jiajia laughed.

"Hehe..." Yang Ming laughed too. He no longer insisted on it. At this moment, he even had an illusion. How good would it be if that incident wasn't instigated by Zhou Jiajia? Then the relationship between me and Zhou Jiajia should be closer than it was now. Although we couldn't be a couple, we should still be close friends, right?

After stopping a taxi, Yang Ming took Zhou Jiajia back home. The car stopped at the door of Zhou Jiajia's housing community in New Town Ruixi. Zhou Jiajia looked at Yang Ming with some reluctance. She couldn't help but whisper, "Can you give me a hug…"

The desire of mankind was still the hardest to be satisfied. Although Zhou Jiajia felt that this wasn't appropriate, there was still some hope to progress further with Yang Ming.

Yang Ming was thinking about the 360-degree wide-angle ability while he was beating the little punk so he didn't hear what Zhou Jiajia said.

"En? What did you say?" Yang Ming asked.

"No… nothing. I said I'll see you the day after tomorrow..." Zhou Jiajia didn't have the courage to say it again...

"Okay, see you the day after tomorrow." Yang Ming nodded. "Once you're back, drop me a text message, just to let me know you're fine."

Although the sky was now turning bright, the people in the community were still very few. Zhou Jiajia came home so late because of Yang Ming, so he felt it was necessary to look after her.

"Okay!" Zhou Jiajia replied with excitement. Yang Ming, are you caring about me? Zhou Jiajia felt so happy!

"Be careful on your journey." Yang Ming nodded to Zhou Jiajia.

Zhou Jiajia wasn't sleepy at all. She returned to her home happily and picked up her cell phone. She was about to send a text message to Yang Ming, but someone tapped on her back. "Jiajia, where have you been? How come you're only back now?"

Zhou Jiajia was shocked and quickly put down the phone and turned around. "Mom, I went out to eat with my classmates..."

"I know that you and your classmates went out to eat, but how can you eat until five in the morning?" Mother Zhou asked with a solemn face, "Jiajia, have you done anything you shouldn't have?"

"Mom, what could I have done?" Zhou Jiajia frowned as if she was wronged. "My classmate drank too much, and we went to the hospital..."

"Male or female?" Mother Zhou asked seriously.

"Male… It's male..." Zhou Jiajia didn't dare to hide from her mother.

"Male? Just you and him?" Zhou's expression became serious.

"Yes... It was..." Zhou Jiajia nodded.

"Jiajia, are you in a relationship now?" Mother Zhou asked Zhou Jiajia as she glared at her daughter.

"I... I... Mom, please stop asking... I don't want to talk about it..." Zhou Jiajia was nervous.

"Jiajia, you tell your mother the truth. Yes or no?" Mother Zhou asked forcefully.

"Ai ya... Mom, what do you want? So what if I am? So what if I'm not?" Zhou Jiajia stood there with a bitter face.

"Who was that boy? What does his family do?" Mother Zhou asked.

"I don't know... What are you asking these for?" Zhou Jiajia's initial good mood began to fall.

"Why am I asking these? Isn't it for you? Jiajia, have you thought about your identity? If you want to get a boyfriend, of course, you have to find someone who complements your status! I must investigate the boy's family background!" Mother Zhou said.

"Mom, what's the point of investigating all these?" Zhou Jiajia frowned and said carefully, "In addition, I have not yet established a relationship with him..."

"No?" Mother Zhou sighed with relief. "That's good. Tell your mom who the boy is. I'll look for someone to investigate it. If he compliments you, mom won't go against it. But if he doesn't deserve you, then you can stop speaking to him!"

Zhou Jiajia's naturally knew about Yang Ming's family background. When she heard her mother's words, she couldn't help but look gloomy. She reluctantly said, "Mom, can you not care about this? I will handle it myself."

"No! My son-in-law must be the right person who has the right status, or you bring shame to your father too!" Mother Zhou said firmly up front.

"Mom, I'm tired. I have to rest..." Zhou Jiajia was helpless, but there was no other way.

At this time, Zhou Jiajia's cell phone rang. Zhou Jiajia glanced at the caller ID on the cell phone. It was actually Yang Ming's call. Her heart was excited. She just wanted to answer, but before she realized, her mother had already snatched the cell phone...

Not long after, Yang Ming arrived home and rushed for a hot bath. He washed away the smell of disinfectants and was ready to sleep. He suddenly remembered that Zhou Jiajia hadn't sent a text message to him yet!

Yang Ming frowned, Could this little girl have gotten into any trouble? If it was in the past, Yang Ming would be too lazy to care about her, but now it was different. Yang Ming wouldn't choose not to care about her.

He quickly got Zhou Jiajia's number and dialed it. After the call was connected, Yang Ming quickly asked, "Zhou Jiajia, have you arrived home? Why didn't you send me a text message?"

Mother Zhou just saw the caller ID on the phone. At this moment, she heard Yang Ming's tone of speech and it immediately became clear to her. It turned out that the boy who went out with her daughter was Yang Ming!

Everything becomes easier knowing the name.

"Oh? Are you Yang Ming?" Mother Zhou asked.

"En?" Yang Ming was shocked. F*ck, could it be that unlucky? Even Jiajia is also kidnapped by others? Thinking of this, Yang Ming immediately asked, "Who are you? Where's Zhou Jiajia?"

"I'm Zhou Jiajia's mother. Zhou Jiajia has already rested. Why are you looking for her?" Mother Zhou said

"This was the case!" Yang Ming sighed. Zhou Jiajia probably was too tired that she fell asleep right after she went home. Yang Ming felt relieved, "I just wanted to confirm that Zhou Jiajia was home. I am relieved."

"Oh? You really care about my family's Jiajia!" Mother Zhou said, "Just now, you and Jiajia went out?"

"Yes, auntie," Yang Ming said.

"I heard that you went to the hospital?" Mother Zhou asked, "Was there such a thing?"

"Yes, I have to thank Zhou Jiajia regarding this matter..." Yang Ming said it, and yet there was a cloud of questions in his heart. Didn't Zhou Jiajia fall asleep? How can her mother know about my hospitalization? What's happening?

"Alright. That's it for now, Classmate Yang Ming." Mother Zhou said as she hung up the phone.

Yang Ming shook his head and threw the phone aside. He went to bed.

Zhou Jiajia looked at her mother furiously, "Mom, how can you pick up my phone casually like that?"

"Why not? Didn't I give birth to you?" Mother Zhou said in disapproval, "I know. Isn't he called Yang Ming? I will investigate him the next day!"

"Mom, I hate you!" Zhou Jiajia snatched back her cell phone. She couldn't help it but tears starting flowing down! Zhou Jiajia felt aggrieved. So sad, the relationship with Yang Ming finally went one step further. Yang Ming called to care for me for the first time, but I didn't receive it...

Regarding Yang Ming's family background, it was impossible to hide it from my mother now. When my mother learns of it, she would definitely stop us. What should I do...

Zhou Jiajia went to bed, covered her head with a quilt, and cried out of grievance...

Mother Zhou sighed and said, "Jiajia, I'm doing this for you! You would understand later..."

"I don't care..." Zhou Jiajia said painfully.

"Forget it. Think about it yourself." After that, Mother Zhou left Zhou Jiajia's room.



Yang Ming was awakened by Yang Li's phone call. Yang Ming picked up the cell phone while complaining. Yang Li was smarter this time. She didn't call the landline at home but harassed Yang Ming directly through his cell phone.

"Hey..." Yang Ming picked up the phone with a sense of powerlessness.

"Yang Ming, why haven't you gotten up yet? Are you still going for the meal?" Yang Li asked.

"How do you know I'm not up yet?" Yang Ming questioned.

"Listening to your voice, I know you haven't woken up! At 1 p.m. in the afternoon, I will come to pick you up at your door." Yang Li said, "I won't call you again as I have an appointed schedule."

"Okay, what time is it?" Yang Ming asked.

"About ten..." Yang Li chuckled.

"F*ck!" Yang Ming almost exploded. He shouted at the phone. "Yang Li! You're saying that you would come in the afternoon at one, and yet you're calling me at ten?"
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