So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1327: The Liu Family’s Enterprise


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The Liu Family's business in the north was booming; it involved various industries. Among them were bank escorts business and security companies. Therefore, Chief Yan thought Liu Jifei wanted to cooperate with the Ming Yang Security Company.

Although the Ming Yang Security Company wasn't bad, it had not yet been involved in the escort business. Now Song Jiang's escort business was entirely done by a company in Donghai. If a powerful force such as the Liu Family joins, it was possible to monopolize the local escort market together with the cooperation of the Ming Yang Security Company. After all, the escort company from Donghai was a foreign company.

Liu Jifei saw that Chief Yan misunderstood, but he didn't explain too much. He just went along with Chief Yan's words. "Yes, we want to see if there is any possibility of cooperation!"

"The legal representative of the Ming Yang Security Company is Bao Sanli. You don't need to check for this. I can tell you that he is a big shot in Song Jiang." Chief Yan heard that Liu Jifei was only looking for the other party's information before cooperation, so he didn't take it seriously. Therefore, he started to introduce, "Bao Sanli used to be a little punk. He went to the detention center because of his fighting, but he suddenly did very well after coming out. He instantly became a big shot in Song Jiang's society, and he even formed the Ming Yang Security Company..."

"A little punk?" Liu Jifei's face suddenly showed a disdainful expression. In his opinion, Bao Sanli's level was too low; Bao Sanli was actually a little punk. In his view, Bao Sanli just had good luck; he wasn't capable at all. Liu Jifei could simply make a move on such a person who had no background. He didn't believe that a punk could stir up trouble.

In Liu Jifei's view, no matter how powerful this Bao Sanli was, his relationship was only built on interests. How could he compare with the Liu Family's decades of foundation? Even without him, Bao Sanli, there would still be another person. He didn't amount to anything. As for that Yang Ming, since he wasn't even the legal person of the security company, he should be a minor character. He was probably only using Bao Sanli's name to mix around, so Liu Jifei did not take Yang Ming seriously as he thought of this.

"Don't look down on him. I dare say that there must be someone behind him!" Chief Yan was not stupid, and he waved his hand. "He is just a little punk; how could he make his career so big? Where did the money come from? If he really has such great strength, he would not enter the detention center from beating several people from the health bureau!"

"Someone behind him?" Liu Jifei was astounded. Thinking carefully, Chief Yan's words were really reasonable. Indeed, no matter how powerful a little punk was, it was impossible to suddenly form a security company and a connection with the police. He was careless just now to not think of that.

"I think he should have met someone who has helped him or considered him as just a pawn. He is just a spokesperson on the surface." Chief Yan analyzed.

Liu Jifei was not the kind of prodigal young master who knew nothing. As an ancillary relative of the family, he was more aware of intrigue. Otherwise, he wouldn't waste the effort to investigate Yang Ming's background. He would have found people to beat up Yang Ming directly to vent his anger.

Just because he was afraid that the forces behind Yang Ming could not be offended, Liu Jifei ran to several places early in the morning to check on Yang Ming. Although his Liu Family had huge power, there were still forces that could compete with it. Even if the other party were weak, he couldn't just use the Liu Family's name to do anything to them because the owner of the Liu Family didn't want to provoke such a strong opponent.

Liu Jifei must trouble Yang Ming because he couldn't let it go! He was scammed by Jing Xiaolu to go to the hotel, then ate Viagra, and went to bathe. He wanted to go all out after he came out but found that Jing Xiaolu had already run away with his money. Even the money in his wallet was taken!

Liu Jifei was dumbfounded at the time. To create a good mood, he brought Jing Xiaolu to a resort, but then he couldn't find a prostitute at all. Even if he called one now from the city, the prostitute wouldn't make it in time. He was already in lust.

Liu Jifei, who had almost exploded, had no choice but to masturbate for the entire night. By the next morning, his right arm nearly fell off!

How could he tolerate this kind of shame? A real man couldn't stand it. He vowed to retaliate against Jing Xiaolu; he would trample on her ruthlessly, making her ecstatic.

However, the school information Jing Xiaolu gave him was false. Even her name was fake. Later, with Jing Xiaolu's photo, he finally learned Jing Xiaolu's real name and found out where she was. While he was trying to give her an unforgettable lesson, he was unexpectedly stopped by Yang Ming in the middle!

This was fine. What let Liu Jifei couldn't bear was that Yang Ming was not only nosy but also actually hit his face! Although Liu Jifei was only an ancillary relative in the Liu Family, with the name of the Liu Family, no one dared to hit him even if he was a bully since childhood. However, Yang Ming just slapped him!

As a child of the Liu Family, he was bullied. If Liu Jifei didn't get back his face, he wouldn't be able to lift his head in the family if this matter was made known.

So, he didn't delay. After returning that night, he found the Liu Family member who was in charge of Song Jiang. He asked him to look for the contacts of some people from various industries in Song Jiang. He was going to inquire about Yang Ming's background early the next morning.

Hearing Chief Yan say that there was a backer behind Bao Sanli, Liu Jifei was shocked. Could it be that this backer was Yang Ming? The reason why he thought so was that he remembered Yang Ming's license plate!

Not anyone could get this Song B88B88 license plate. This license plate could at least auction for tens of thousands of yuan. He did not see it clearly yesterday; he thought it was Song B88888, but when he checked at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the car with B88888 was not a BMW X5. Liu Jifei still thought it was a fake-licensed car. Luckily, Chief Wang was informed; he asked if the license plate was Song B88B88.

Liu Jifei did not see it clearly. It seemed that there was such a possibility. So he asked Wang Chief to help inquire about the car with the B88B88 license plate. It was really a lake blue BMW X5 which was the same model as the car he saw yesterday. It was confirmed once it matched.

If this car were driven by Bao Sanli personally, it was nothing. It was reasonable for the security company president to drive this car, but the strange thing was that Yang Ming was driving this car!

Moreover, he was not borrowing it from the security company. It was registered under Yang Ming's name. It was just that the registered address was that of the security company. This explained that Yang Ming was a senior character in the security company. Otherwise, this car wouldn't be registered under his name.

Is it possible that Yang Ming is Bao Sanli's backer like Chief Yan mentioned? Liu Jifei felt it was very likely as he thought of this! Because if Yang Ming had nothing to do with the Ming Yang Security Company, then his car wouldn't be registered under this address. Still, it was under a private name, indicating that Yang Ming's economic strength was very strong.

In addition, one thing was very important. Although it was only speculation, it still seemed somewhat reliable! Yang Ming, Ming Yang? Was there be any relationship between the two?

Coupled with Yang Ming's arrogant manner last night, and his slapping of Liu Jifei unscrupulously, this made Liu Jifei feel that Yang Ming was the backer of this person named Bao Sanli. He was just a pawn.

Thinking of this, Liu Jifei decided to start from Bao Sanli. He could use the excuse of cooperation to fake it and clarify Yang Ming's situation and background.

"Uncle Yan, can you help me make an appointment with this Bao Sanli? I want to ask him to have a meal to talk about cooperation." Liu Jifei decided to follow the flow. Since Chief Yan misunderstood, then he could only let this misunderstanding continue. "I am not familiar with him. If I suddenly meet him, he might not believe me. I want to ask Uncle Yan to be a middleman."

"Oh, it turns out to be like this. No problem. Let me try. I don't know if President Bao is willing to give this face." Chief Yan nodded. However, although he said this, he was quite confident.

He was the chief of the industrial and commercial bureau. A normal company would not easily offend him. They would give face when they had to, not to mention that he just wanted to invite him to a meal to talk about cooperation. He wasn't asking for any requests.

"Thank you, Uncle Yan." Liu Jifei quickly thanked him.

Liu Jifei himself also ran a small investment company and earned some money relying on the Liu Family's connections. To put it bluntly, in fact, many companies respected the Liu Family's reputation, so they merely gave him some small business to let him make a living.

It wasn't that Liu Jifei didn't want to make his company grow. Instead, he didn't have this opportunity. His family gave him a million in venture capital funds to let him put in his own effort, but then they didn't give him any more money.

Every year, if not for a few partners of the Liu Family who gave face by throwing him some money, Liu Jifei couldn't even run a small company. To put it simply, he could participate in a big business, too. There was just no place in the family company to show his talent.

Although, the Liu Family's rules were very clear that regardless if he were a direct descendant or a sideline descendant, as long as he had the ability, he would be entrusted with important tasks. However, how could they show this ability?

The direct descendants were arranged in various important positions within the Liu Group. The ancillary relatives either held one million in venture capital funds to start their own businesses, or they were placed in idle positions in the Liu Group.

Even if they could do it, they didn't have the opportunity to stretch their talents! If they couldn't work in any big business at all, how could they think about showing their abilities?

Liu Jifei was keenly aware of this opportunity after Chief Yan's reminder! It was a chance not only to let him get revenge but also could promote his place in the Liu Family Group!

Although a million yuan was an astronomical number in the eyes of many ordinary people, in the eyes of the Liu Family's descendants, it was just brushing them off! He had to be treated like this because he was an ancillary relative? A few generations ago, his great-grandfather founded the Liu Group with his few brothers. Why was he excluded from the core of the power of the Liu Group?

One should know that for those children who were entrusted with important tasks in the Liu Group, never mind their annual salary and commission; the dividends they received from their shares would amount to a few million yuan per year. How could one million yuan compare to that?

Of course, if he wanted to join the core, then he had to rely on his ability. Only when he showed outstanding ability, he would be entrusted with a heavy responsibility and even rewarded with shares!

The group's chairman, who was his second grandfather, was still a more open-minded person, but his children and grandchildren were running the company. Naturally, there was a tendency to exclude the ancillary relatives.

However, Liu Jifei felt that this was an excellent opportunity. Maybe he could use this opportunity to allow the family's security escort business to set foot in Song Jiang. Security escort had always been an important business of the Liu Group!

Even the group's chairman also valued this business deeply! The profit of this business might be far lower than other business projects of the Liu Group, such as the real estate industry, hotel industry... Even the agency sales industry was better than that.

However, this business had been expanded as a key business of the group! The old man didn't even spare his money to get the escort business of a city; he would do this business even if he lost money.

Liu Jifei, of course, knew the reason! No matter how rich the Liu Family was, and how strong their assets were, their liquidity was limited! The more brilliant it seemed, the fewer funds could be mobilized as various projects occupied it.

As a result, a seemingly huge economic empire would collapse once the capital chain breaks! Therefore, establishing a good cooperative relationship with the bank was a top priority. As long as the loans could keep up, he wouldn't be afraid of any danger that couldn't be solved.

The bank escort business was the bond established with the banks. Although it couldn't be considered as their ally, as long as it had a relationship, they wouldn't be afraid of public relations issues in the future. The scariest part was that there was no back door; that would be incredibly pathetic.

As for the bank escort business, the bond was unbreakable no matter who the bank manager was. As long as the cooperation was still there, everything was easy to handle.

Liu Jifei was now thinking of the Song Jiang Ming Yang Security Company. This was a security company with an official background. He believed that it was not very difficult to enter the bank escort business if he took possession of the security company.

As for the so-called official background, Liu Jifei did not care at all. No matter who managed this security company, he must be linked to the city police station. The management fee must be paid, so in his opinion, the final management fee paid to the city police station would not be affected. As a result, this official background became less important.

The main problem now was to find out about Yang Ming's identity as soon as possible. As long as he knew Yang Ming's identity and his true relationship with the Ming Yang Security Company, he could make further plans.

Liu Jifei was very excited. He didn't expect to find such a great opportunity by troubling a woman. If he really got this done, he believed that the old man would be pleased. It was not a problem to assign him as the spokesperson in charge of Song Jiang. At that time, his right to speak in the group would increase, and a wealthy life would become readily available.

Chief Yan naturally didn't know what Liu Jifei was thinking in his mind; he really thought Liu Feiji really wanted to cooperate with the Ming Yang Security Company sincerely! So, he planned to be a middleman for him.

He believed that if this matter were successful, either side would not treat him badly. He was also bored in this position anyway. Maybe this matter would let the city leaders pay more attention to him, and they might allow him to be a small leader in the China Merchants Bureau!

He picked up the phone and dialed Bao Sanli's number. This information could be found on the computer.

"Hello." Bao Sanli saw that it was an unfamiliar phone number, but he picked up the phone.

"Hello, is this Mr. Bao Sanli?" Chief Yan asked. He must first confirm the identity of Bao Sanli. Although Bao Sanli's phone number was shown on the industrial and commercial bureau's computer, no one could guarantee that he would give this number to others.

"I am Bao Sanli. Who are you?" Bao Sanli was baffled.

"Hello, Mr. Bao, I am from the industrial and commercial bureau," said Chief Yan. "My surname is Yan."

"Mr. Yan? Is there anything the matter?" Bao Sanli was puzzled. Why did the industrial and commercial bureau people call him?

"This is the case, Mr. Bao. I have a foreign investor who wants to cooperate with you. He wants to treat you to a meal, but it is inappropriate to trouble you suddenly. It just happens that he has a relationship with me. Do you want to accept the treat and come out together?" said Chief Yan very politely.

"Oh?" Bao Sanli frowned. A foreign investor wants to cooperate with me? Come out together? Can it be that a cousin of a big shot's family wants to sponge [1] off of us by becoming a shareholder? Bao Sanli couldn't help but frown as he thought of this. However, he also understood that some people couldn't be offended. Although he had good connections in Song Jiang, the person in charge was more powerful than the executive. At least, he couldn't offend this person from the industry and commercial bureau.

Thinking of this, Bao Sanli said, "Alright, since that's the case, let's meet at noon today or tomorrow then. I will be free at that time."

"That's good. Then it's better to meet today rather than choosing another day. Today at noon then. I will contact you again after I choose the location," said Chief Yan.

"Okay, I'll wait for your call." Bao Sanli hung up on the phone inexplicably. He didn't know what this Mr. Yan was plotting, but he didn't take it seriously. After all, he didn't do anything illegal at the moment, so he didn't have anything that could be used to harm him.

Chief Yan hung up the phone and said to Liu Jifei, who was waiting by the side, "Bao Sanli has already agreed. At noon today, where do you want to book?"

"Which hotel is upscale here?" Liu Jifei thought about it.

He was not a Song Jiang native. He was here mainly to get revenge against Jing Xiaolu. He met Jing Xiaolu when he came here for a tour last time.[1] to obtain or accept money or food from other people without doing or intending to do anything in return.